Monday, February 02, 2009

When Tony Comes to Town: Saint Louis

I just asked Otis a question and thought that I'd attack it myself here as well. If Anthony Bourdain came to your town and you were his host for the day, where would you take him? What would you eat, drink, see experience, but mostly eat and drink.

I assume that he'd arrive in the morning and swing by my house in some sort of elegant conveyance such as a limo or a '69 Charger. We'd speed off through the alley and head straight for a jolt to get us through the next 20 hours. We'd go get a coffee at The Coffee Cartel.

We'd then swing south looking for breakfast. While torn up about not going to Uncle Bill's I have to defer and head to the Courtesy. Breakfast is served and it will be a Slinger. Not a stretch, a Slinger.

With a good base applied I think we head to Maplewood for a tour of the Schlafly Bottleworks and samples of some actual Missouri Beer. Not that imported Belgium/Brazil crap.

We should have had several beers at this point and the Slinger will be wearing thin. We will need lunch pronto. If its Wednesday, we'll head to Saint Raymonds, where the power is brokered and the local glitterati hold court.

If its another day of the week then we'll head to the BBQ place I drive by everyday during the summer and always want to stop but never do. The guys are outside with the Q everyday. Or We'll hit Crown Candy for the cliched touristy visit to the Saint Louis staple.

After lunch, we'll need an activity. Its on the beaten path, but its still the best, we will head to The City Museum. We will see all there is to see and end up thirsty.

For an afternoon refresher we would head to The Stable for some house brewed beer and house distilled spirits. After we were refreshed we may need a few more activities. Or we may just need more booze. We could cover both as we make our way to:

BB's Jazz Blues and Soups and The Broadway Oyster Bar. Live Jazz, Blues, good cooking - the classic Saint Louis.

For the night cap: we can head to anyone of many 3:00 bars but my preference would be for the Cheshire. Word on the street is that the Cheshire is closed for the time being so we'll have to find another spot. I don't have another 3am spot outside of the casino, so I'll let someone else find one for us.