Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why the bailout is bad

I do not want the bailout.  I want the companies that made bad decisions to fail. I want the shareholders to take the risk that they signed up for.  I want the boards of the failing companies held responsible for the lack of oversight. The bailout is a life line from one group of rich white guys to another group or rich white guys on the backs of average Americans.  Bailouts to the airlines, banks, or any company are wrong.  These companies fail for a reason.  The bailout of Wall Street marks the impending failure of the market economy.  The simultaneous privatization of gains and socialization of losses is not a fundamentally sound model and it will lead to acceptance of ridiculous levels of risk that at some point can't be bailed out.

Here is the poker equivalent of privatization of gains and socialization of losses.  Its called a freeroll in a rebuy.  A player gets a backer with the following arrangement - backer pays all entry fees and rebuys, player keeps all gross winnings i.e. doesn't pay the backer at all.  That's what the bailout is and it is not a sustainable model for our economy.  Bad decision makers have to be allowed to bust just as good decision makers should be rewarded.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

The guys over at U4P are getting all sentimental and reliving the glory days.  I really liked the concept of the listing/describing the most memorable hands play against/with other WPBT'ers. 

So here are mine.

1. This is actually a hand I didn't play, just on I financed. I am playing 1/2 NL at the the MGM.  It is a Friday and and per tradition there is a mixed game going on.  I have a deal with Maigrey.  I'll play RAZZ and she'll play my NL stack.  I piddle away about $20 in a round of 2/4 LHORSE. When the game moves past RAZZ I return to see pile of redbirds in my stack.  Apparently Daddy fell victim to underestimating a chick in a poker game.  Daddy flopped two pair and Maigrey flopped 15 outs twice and got all my money in. Daddy got stacked and proceeded to bitch about it for the next hour.  When I sat back down the dealer freaked because he had just pushed a huge pot to Maigrey and I was now playing the stack.  Much to STB's chagrin I had to tell the dealer we were married so that he would shut up. The dealer actually called the floor over. Me and Maigrey married, not me and STB, btw. 

2. Playing $25 NL on Party I used the finder to see if G-Rob was playing.  Back in the day I used to give G-Rob a lot of shit.  But that was because my bald head was jealous of his luxurious locks. I find G-Rob at a table and within the first few hands I find AK.  This is how I remember the action.  He opens, I raise and we see a flop of AKx. He bets, I raise, he calls and the turn is a J and we get it all in.  I bust G-Rob and he doesn't rebuy.  The best part of this hand is me imagining him cursing and throwing things and wishing that I lived closer so that he could seek me out and nut punch me.

3. Playing 1/3 NL at Caesar's waiting for the  Saturday tournament to start.  At the table were me Drizz, Otis, Dr. Jeff and a bunch of really awful players.  This hand is memorable because it occurred at what I consider to be the pinnacle of my skill.  I was in a groove and playing a lot.  I cleaned up on cash games that weekend, as I remember.  I look down and KK and raise it up.  Drizz is to my left and smooth calls.  Flop comes down and I bet and Drizz raised. I call and the turn is a blank.  I check fold to an uncoordinated board that included a J.  Drizz shows JJ. 

4. Otis stacked me at the Excal during Marty's bachelor party.  He smooth called my PFR with J9 or J8.  Flop came J8/9x and I led out.  He flopped two pair and I made his all-in raise for a bluff to move me off the pot.  I had flopped TP with JT and could really only beat a bluff.  Otis was trying to be a nice guy and let me know to get the fuck out of his pot.  I was a dumb ass.

5. Sitting at NL table at the Excal with Soxluver and Donkeypuncher I am card dead as a mofo.  The UFC is later that weekend and the testosterone charged frosted tipped fruits at the other end of the table are pissing me off.  I am in full fold mode.  I pick up 43, my very favorite hand and raise and jam the whole way, getting the tuckfard UFC'er to fold on the river.  SHowing my bluff and raking his chips was pleasing.  Playing the hammer and cracking his AA later in the session still makes me giddy.

6. I limp reraised with 33 playing 3/6 at Caesar's.  In a three way pot we cap pre-flop and flop.  I flop a set and crack the AA and KK (sorries to Marty and his KK).  I get all of my money in less $1 and no one will raise the river to try and take my last $1. It was rather early on Saturday and the guy with AA was in for his first trip to Vegas due to a bachelor party.  That hand left him bitter.

Monday, September 01, 2008


So I am working on the bathroom and one of the final steps is is to caulk various joints. I have seen tools like this on TV for $19.99.  I thought to myself, self, that looks a lot like this that you already own.  Sure enough the Pampered Chef Nylon Scraper makes the perfect caulking tool.  At 3 for $2.25 it kicks the crap out of $19.99.  Also I cut one of the corners to make it a triangle.  The smallest rounded edge worked best.

Also, why don't I get invited to Pampered Chef parties?  My wife always gets invited and I do 95% of the cooking.  Also the stand mixer is mine and nobody else is allowed to touch it.