Saturday, June 28, 2008

8.5 inch monster

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't get the red ass

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family truckster

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation is coming

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If we can paddle our way through the flooded plains of Iowa we are headed for a much needed vacation. We'll swim, boat, fish and rest. We'll trek a bit so that the kids can walk across the Mississippi. We might even go for a bike ride.

We'll be there a bit longer than in past years. So I might even be able to break free and hit the casino that is a mere couple of miles up the road.

Turtle races, fishing derby's (picture from last year) and probably fireworks.

The boy will be full on independent explorer this year. I bet he want to take off through the woods. I'll have to watch him like a hawk. The girl wasn't even crawling last year and this year she is running.

Aunt Betty will have a different dessert every night and cookies to pass down time during the day. There will be ducks to feed, frogs to chase and turtles to spot.

No word on how many Loons are on the lake this year.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gp in space

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Friday, June 13, 2008

It was a little less than solo and not quite a rager

Thanks to technology I used my Crackberry and tinytwitter to journal most of what I did this weekend.  I also used LoudTwitter to email the summary of my updates to my personal email account so that I have them easily indexed and available to use as a recap. So here is my twitter time line with the gaps filled in and some stories expanded upon. 

9:00 AM LV - Hit town and cab it to the hotel, Bally's.  No one is even at the front desk, so much for early check-in.
9:30 AM LV - Walk into IP poker room and take a seat at the 2/4 LHE table.  Grind with the leather ass grinders that are all there for the 8 AM to 11 AM $100 Aces $50 Kings cracked. Playing against  leather ass grinders is exactly less than zero fun.
At some point I try to call Easycure.  We eventually connect and walk down to PH for PF Changs. Then we continue on to MGM for LHE donkiness. 
Hands of note.  I took down a very large pot with KK.  Capped 5 ways pre-flop and 3 callers. My KK was good on its own, but the four flush left me wondering what everyone else had.  Easy's QQ was no good. Couple from LA via Birmingham England to my right.  He's a former jockey and looks like F-Train's dental challenged brother, she's a hottie tilting me with her THREE runner/river suckouts.
5:00 LV round up STB and Easy and take train to IP.  I stop at Bally's to check in and we meet group in lobby of IP.
6:00 PM LV Falstaff, April, STB, me, Easycure, Zeem, blinders? and a total of 12 meet up at the Hofbrahaus for beers and sausage and cleavage and Jagergirl ass paddling.
  • 21:32 STB says "stop tweeting" #
  • 21:54 To drunk to teweet? Not in vegas #
  • 22:21 @pbsnotinvegas pffft #
8:30 PM LV Crew leaves via limo to hit MGM.  2/4 Mixed gets set up but I get on list late.  #5 on list has 0% chance of being called. 
11:30 PM LV I am at 2/4 LHE table and my eyes go red bloodshot and eyelids feel like sandpaper.  Dry desert air and casino AC are likely culprits. I walk home put wet wash rag on face and sleep.

6:00 AM LV I am awake.  Screw around watch TV.
8:30 AM LV Back to the IP for Leather Grinding and cracked Aces.  Local at my table gets $250 in AA and KK cracked money.

  • 11:14 Ip poker room #
  • 12:50 Still ip poker room, heading out at 11 #
  • 13:15 Where is every1 watchint the race and where are my picks from BG? #
11:00 AM LV I head to Burger Palace and have a gut bomb. I leave and sit with Zeem and Easycure in the Tea House.
12:00 PM LV Easy and I walk to Venitian. Pick April up at Panda Express.
12:30 PM LV Sit next to Donkey Falstaff at 4/8 LHE table.
  • 17:36 Glad I didn't bet the lock #

Watch the Belmont at the poker table.
Say hi to Miami Don and introduce myself to CK.
Leave and eat dinner with similar crew as the night before.  Makers, Tuna and bread pudding.  No willing to offer me food or eating related prop bets. These guys are smarter than I gave them credit for.
  • 18:57 Plans for tonight rio people? #

We are 8 strong for mixed games at the IP.

F-Train make appearance at IP.  Wins a pot against me in Razz.
1:30 AM LV I leave to hit the MGM for 1/2 NL.
  • 03:27 Headed to mgm for last hurrah of trip #
  • 09:38 Still at MGM #
I have a 6.5 hour session at the MGM.  Courtesy double up in first half hour from guy holding K8 on a KK4 board.  I have KQ.  Guy at my table has $3000 in front of him.  Turns out he is a calling station and the rest of the table keeps trying bluff him. Mouth waters.

Table breaks and Mr. BigStack Calling Station decides to leave.  Bummer.

I hover around $400 for 5 hours. Finally flop a set of deuces. Get it all in on the flop against TP Q with K kicker from a guy from Manchester, England who is drinking Budweiser like he lives in a trailer in Spanish Lake.  K on the turn and I have to sweat 4 outs. Blank river and I move above $500. 
Guy sitting 2 to my left broaches subject of backing me because he thinks I am a local and likes my play.  Flattered, I guess. 
  • 09:51 @Eleven_Teen MGM poker room cracking up over your last tweet #
  • 10:04 Cashed out of 1/2 at. MGM 331 to the good. Vegas trip concluding #
Table breaks and I count up.  $533. $2 to the dealer (Lani, I think) and $1 to the cage (Issac) and I walk out with and extra $330 in my roll.  G-Rob's assessment of the MGM is spot on. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


A friend and former blogger lost someone near to him today. He was supposed to have joined me in Vegas last weekend but had more important things to do. I am not an eloquent writer and I can't capture my feelings, much less his. However below is something he wrote a while ago that I hope he rediscovers here, because memories like this are important.

Shortly thereafter I called my dad. We talked for a bit. He told me he'd been playing all his life and had once hit the pin and left it about three feet off target, but that was as close as he'd been. He was clearly proud of me. I can't say that I didn't like the way it felt. Sometimes it takes something so trivial as dropping a small white ball into a hole to remind us that life is just silly sometimes. My dad gets off on that kind of stuff. He likes to be proud of his kids. Even when it is just for stupid things.

I'll sleep well tonight if for no other reason than I know I'm just lucky sometimes.

Friday, June 06, 2008

A diff kind of blogger table

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Beer, in Vegas

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

I am the anti-BG

I don't really like most Jazz.
I prefer my meat smoked not stewed.
I am married.
I have no clue about horse racing.
I have urinary tract problems, not colon problems.
I don't have a beard.
I think HR is evil.
I don't have a sibling.
I am going to Vegas.
I own.
I think Human Head is on the fringe.
I have never been to Atlantic City.
I no write so well.
I am bald.
I don't wear glasses.
I play poker.
I have never been to Pennsylvania.

to be continued.............

The Birthday Present

For her birthday this year I bought my beloved her very first iPod.  Silly me I bought a 3G 8 Gb Nano.  Silly because I have (had) a 1ghz PowerBook with 256mb Ram running 10.3.x.  3G iPods require 10.4.x.  So I thought, wth I'll upgrade to 10.5 (animal names are dumb). 

10.5 requires at least 512 Mb Ram.  Frick, so I get online and discover that Ram isn't nearly as expensive as I thought it was so I decide to max that bitch out and by a gig stick for less than $100.  Now I have a G4 1GHz PowerBook with 1256 MB Ram.

Short story shorter - Birthday present cost me an additional $200 and about 4 hours of sinking around to make it work.

But my wife now has 7.36 GB of her music at her disposal. That's a whole lot of No Doubt, Van Morrison, U2 and Poison. 

Dumb White People


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Monday, June 02, 2008

Hippos at the zoo

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Went to the zoo last week and the hippos were really active.