Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Merry Christmas.....already

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The children went to see Santa on black Friday. The boy was much happier about old St. Nick this year than in his two previous trips. The girl was pretty neutral.

"Lightning McQueen and Mater the Tow Truck." were asked for as Christmas presents. He also volunteered that his sister would like a dragon, since she can't yet speak for herself. Just what our house needs a 10th Lightning McQueen and a 8th Mater. And a second Dragon for that matter.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I woke from a dream this morning. My wife's alarm was buzzing and I exited the bed to hit snooze. My dream had been about Las Vegas and bloggers. In the dream I was crushing 1/2 NL at the MGM and simultaneously keeping up with the ACHE in the Sports Book.

I had a seat in a newly opened 10/20 LHE table. I just took a Furious pot off of a not quite as skinny LHE specialist. It was a major suckout as I four flushed my middle pair to victory.

I was involved in a game at a third table. I was the hired RAZZ gun for the royalty of HORSE. Every fifth orbit I would arrive and crush the Razz and her Highness would stack a fat hippy at my NL game, thus the previous mentioned crushing of the NL.

Later in the evening John came on shift. His voiced cracked across the din of pop-rock and Brian Johnson with a shattering "RRRRRRAAAAIIISSSSEEE" as my drunken chip slinging was recognized by the finest card slinger in all of LV.

Later as I stumbled to relieve my self of excess fluids caused by imbibing too many Spicy Caesars I knocked a hippy dwarf entrepreneur into a busty broad from Austin. It was quite a scene as the little one tried to pry himself from the valley of the girls.

As I made my way to the bathroom I noticed a street performer bumming cigs of my favorite prosecutor. Stacked a rack and a half at 2-4 LHE my judicious friend had retired to the outer ring to smoke and reflect.

Upon my return to one of my tables I found myself in enviable straddle. I obliged only to have my straddle out done by a blind raise from some heathen of the southern heat and written word. If you need to know, when the elevator doors close just wait for the next one.

The sun drew above the horizon and the ugly lights were in full effect. As I stumbled to my room to reflect on the exactly 2.25 hours I had to recuperate and make it to the starting gate I smiled. It was only Saturday morning and I had at least 24 more to survive.

I will not be making a journey to the desert this December. I am somehow torn by this decision. I have been to Vegas twice this year. There are many reasons for not being able to go. Have fun and good luck.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I know something - or do I?

I was reading Slate today, and the article made me think/remember of something a favorite blogger wrote around the end of October.

I think I now know something and all I can say is "Damn the Strike". Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think so.

Anyway - if I am right, good luck, if I am wrong - that's what I get for reading to damn much.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat

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A $14 rain suit $4 hat and $2 can of spray paint and voila, I am the man with the yellow hat. Thanks BassPro!!

Yes that is my son trick or treating with an Easter bucket. I found that ironic. So did the 700 clubbers.