Monday, April 30, 2007

More from Vegas.

What happens when you mix cosmetics, Amway and 16,500 chicas? You get Arbonne. That's right, 16,500 women all trying to convince you to buy their product or become a consultant.

Its 3:00 am on the monorail. Arbonne sales pitch from boozy broads.

At the poker table, Arbonne player in the three seat to the new dealer "so where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

Mention Arbonne to any dealer and you get eyes rolled at you.

It was horrible. They are like a cult and should be destroyed. I detest multi-level marketing schemes, unless of course I am at the top of the pyramid, then they rawk. Nothing says run more than bored housewives trying to sell make-up to gamblers in Vegas.

The bar next to the MGM poker room doesn't belt out the tunes like it used to. They only thing I remember was "I Love Rock and Roll" about once an hour.

Did you know that the MGM maxes your poker comps at $10 per day at a rate of $1/hour? What BS. I have @ $40 in comps.
Oh the people you will see.

Played poker with this guy on Friday at the MGM.

Also made call to a special month and her friend to rub it in that Kimmy was dealing that night.

Bally's runs a 3/6 full kill game that really rocks if you like limit. Pretty much low limit newbies who are scared to death to play a 6/12 hand. The Bally's room is pretty nice. Its situated in amongst all the action so you do get a little smoke from the rail. But the bar is right there and the wait staff was lightning fast.

My traveling companion hit a couple of sick runs where he won 6-7 pots in a row. I floated up and down all day and finished up a couple of stacks.

Sick thing about this trip. I one outed a Royal Flush, but never was dealt AA. I flopped only 3 sets, flopped one straight, turned a gutshot broadway. I did about everything you could do but start with AA.

1/2 NL is killing poker. Someone make it stop.

One of us is getting a new job today.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Playing at the MGM last night. Flopped gutshot Royal Flush Draw. Turn paired the board. Hit the Royal Flush on the river.

It was a 1 outer.

Lucky is better than good.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Overheard in the office

"I'm bringing back sexy!"
-200 lb. pregnant manger talking on a cell phone with her hand in her pants
When I was in college the Bi-Gay-Lesbian club, group, committee - what ever they were had a not very well promoted day to show support for their cause. It was "wear denim to show your support of BGLAD!" day.

Denim, on a college campus, in the late fall, in the midwest. There must of been thousands of supporters for the "cause" all over town. The truly bigoted wore chinos and oxfords that day.

As I pulled into the parking lot at work this morning I discovered that I was again supporting a cause by my apparel. The nice man on the top of the hour news informed me that today was Hokie Day and that by wearing orange or maroon I was showing support for the victims and families at VA Tech. Out of my closet today I selected a 3 button polo provided by the St. John's company. That's a J.C. Penney brand. Its orange. I am wearing jeans too.

Its not that I don't support alternative lifestyles or that my heart doesn't hurt for the families of impacted by the murders in Blacksburg. I am just not one that likes to wear my views or opinions on my sleeve. I don't do bumper stickers. The slogans on my tshirts have more to do with humor than politics.

I don't have a "Still not my President" sticker or a yellow ribbon on my car. I don't wear my " I Voted" or "I donated blood" stickers. I don't even wear a little hammer lapel pin. (GASP!)

Go forth and bugger whom ever you choose. I don't care. What ever you do behind a closed door is fine with me. Mourn in any way you see fit. Kick, scream, cry, yell or hold your breath.

Pulling me into the fray tangentially by failing to notify me of the meaning behind my wardrobe choices seems silly to me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Some of the deadliest days in Iraq
_Nov. 23, 2006: Mortar rounds and five car bombs kill 215 people in Baghdad's Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City.

_March 27, 2007: Truck bombs hit markets in the northwestern city of Tal Afar, killing at least 152 people and wounding more than 150. At least 46 other Iraqis are also killed or found dead, for a total of 198.

_March 6, 2007: Officials report 194 deaths, including 120 by two suicide bombers in a crowd of Shiite pilgrims in Hillah, about 60 miles south of Baghdad.

_March 29, 2007: At least 179 people are killed, including 104 by multiple suicide bombers in the town of Khalis and in predominantly Shiite markets in Baghdad.

_Feb. 3, 2007: Officials report 167 deaths, including 137 by a suicide truck bomber at a market in a predominantly Shiite area of Baghdad.

_April 18, 2007: At least 164 people are killed when four large bombs explode in mostly Shiite locations of Baghdad.

_Nov. 12, 2006: Sectarian violence across the country claims at least 159 lives, including 35 men blown apart while waiting to join Iraq's police force.

_Jan. 16, 2007: Violence throughout Iraq kills 142 people, including 70 in bombings at a university in Baghdad.

_Jan. 22, 2007: Officials report 138 deaths, including 88 by a parked car bomb followed immediately by a suicide car bomber in a predominantly Shiite area in Baghdad.

_Feb. 1, 2007: Officials say 138 people are killed nationwide, including 73 who die in two suicide bombers in a crowded market in Hillah.

_Jan. 5, 2006: Suicide bombers infiltrate a line of police recruits and a crowd of Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad as insurgents kill 125 civilians and five U.S. soldiers.

_Dec. 12, 2006: A suicide bomber strikes a crowd of mostly poor Shiites in Baghdad, killing at least 63 people and wounding more than 200. At least 59 other Iraqis are killed or found dead.

_Dec. 2, 2006: A triple car bombing strikes a food market in a predominantly Shiite area in central Baghdad, killing at least 51 and wounding 90.


Also, using this page as a reference, approximately 46 people per day are dying violently in Iraq since March 20th, 2003. That includes 3200+ US military.

One more in a series.

Last night I was eating dinner and looked up at the ceiling.

The drywall was hanging a little low. The drywall tape had bubbles in it.

I found where the rest of my water from the broken valve went.

I had to tear down a 8'x16' section of my kitchen ceiling. Most of the water had absorbed into some insulation and was leaking slowly into the drywall.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My freshman year in college this happened. Several of my friends were at U of I, though none smart enough to be in the physics department. It was damn scary thinking that my friends were under attack. Read this if you are trying to wrap your head around the VA Tech thing.

The similarities don't seem to be many. One I noticed is that both carried a .22 and a different gun (9mm in VA and .38 in IA). I don't understand why criminals carry multiple caliber weapons. You would think that the implicit efficiency from one caliber would out weigh any advantage of multiples. Of course I am trying to apply rational thought to a deranged criminal. I guess it has more to do with access than efficiency.

I am very much a supporter of the 2nd amendment, but I also believe that the populous shouldn't have unlimited fire power at their disposal. I hope they trace these illegal weapons. At least I think they were sold illegally based on the reports of serial number tampering. I would actually prefer that handgun training was mandatory in high school and that each adult was issued a weapon upon graduation. If you "know" that someone has a gun.....I dunno, just spit balling here.

I don't have any answers. I don't really know the questions to ask. I do know that things like this numb me a little more these days. I think being a parent forces you to face your mortality. It makes you much more aware of how precious life really is.

Remember when your mother told you "some day you'll have kids, and then you'll understand."??
She was right.
Building on a theme.

Last night around 8:00 I decided to adjust the flow of the water from the shut off valve to the sink. The cold side had too much pressure and the hot had not enough. I reached down and adjusted the cold no problem.

Then I reached down and fiddled with the hot.

I was greeted with a face full of hot water. The valve handle fell off in my hand.

I sat there stunned for about 3 seconds. I tried vainly to put the valve handle back into the valve. My wife was in the next room and heard the water and asked if I needed help.

"Run to the basement!!!! Turn off the water!!!!"

After what seemed like an eternity, but was really 60 seconds from start to finish, the water came to a halt. Have you ever tried to hold back 150 psi of 120 degree water? It was the longest 60 seconds of my life.

Once the water was off I could still hear water running. I noticed that there was very little water on the floor. The water had found its way through the floor and was running out a light fixture in the ceiling below.

Okay. Deep breath. I can do this. I have changed out shut off valves before. I just needed to get the valve apart and to the hardware store befor it closed. I headed to the basement for my tools. Back up to the bathroom, clamped onto the valve and it twisted. The pipe twisted, not the valve. Now I had a copper candy cane with a broken valve on the end.

So I looked at the valve carefully. Decided that I would have to break into the wall to cut the pipe off past the twist, couple on a new section of pipe and apply a new male thread assembly. Then thread on a new valve and TA DAAA!!!

Off to Home Depot. Purchased $50 of supplies and back home.

Once home I find an old matching tile from some demolition. I removed the backing (old drywall and mastic) before I broke into the wall. I made sure I had a replacement tile ready to go.

I broke into the wall, cleaned the drywall and tile out of the hole. I had to hacksaw the pipe as I didn't have enough room for my pipe cutter to make a full revolution. Once the twisted pipe was off and cut square I was ready to solder. Sand, flux and I fired up the torch.

Hmmmm. "Honey I need the fire extinguisher."

No I didn't set the house on fire, but I did see that as a possibility. as I applied the flame to the pipe I no choice but to char the adjacent stud, drywall and insulation. A I soldered I watched parts of my house, forest product parts of my house, glow orange with heat.

I cannot be the guy that burns his house down with a propane torch.

I finished the first joint, prophylacticly applied the fire extinguisher and moved on to apply the male threaded fitting. Fired up the torch with much less wall charring and was done. I grabbed one of the three valves I purchased and proceeded to try to thread it on.

Hmmm. I bought compression fitting valves, not threaded fitting valves.

Fired up the torch again, pulled off the male threaded adapter cut of length of 1/2" copper, soldered it on and I was in business. The compression sitting went on with relative ease. The wife returned to the basement and while in constant communication via cell phone to house phone, turned on the water.


I connected the faucet line and tested the sink. It works, with more pressure!!.

Then I went and tried to watch "Thank God you're here!"on the TIVO but was greated with VA Tech massacre news instead. I returned to the bathroom with my trusty Beam Central Vac and cleaned up the mess.

2:00 am. I finally walk into the bedroom. Not a bad way to spend 6 hours on a Monday night.

I left the tile off so make sure the joint wasn't going to leak. I'll have to take the valve off to replace the tile and drywall but that should take at least half the time of the original project. Really it should take about an hour, but I'll probably put a drywall screw through a pipe.

So dear, dear home owners....

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. But in all honesty, the valve that broke had a cheap plastic handle and was likely 15 years old. So it was going to break sooner or later. I am glad it was sooner, and that I was home when it did.

Oh, and the wife self diagnosed with strep or mono this morning.

At least the carpenter showed up this morning, but without an air compressor. They asked to borrow mine.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Just a reminder I will be in Vegas April 26-29.
In response to an email asking "are you still alive?"


I am barely alive.

Son had pink eye in both eyes and ear infections in both ears last week.

He now has a diaper rash that looks like someone took an orbital sander to his ass.

Daughter went to the ER yesterday because she now has pink eye.

Wife has a cold.

The carpenter didn't show up today.

The plumber fucked some stuff up that can't get fixed until the carpenter shows up.

The electrician hasn't been on site since Thursday.

The General Contractor is home in bed sick and apparently is too weak to answer the phone.

The roof started leaking last weak during the heavy rain.

I am at work.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Daddy's Getting a New Suit

Daddy probably already has his share of bacon scented clothing. But I doubt it looks like this.

H/T to Paul Harris.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A busy week.

The baby.

The boy has conjunctivitis in both eyes and infection in both ears. He hasn't slept for two nights.

A guy from my alma mater won the Masters. I found out about it on Sunday around 11 pm.

I have to go back to work tomorrow.

There are currently 3 electricians and a plumber at the house. Bankroll? What bankroll?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

8# 13 oz

Clara Marielle joined us at 11:41 am yesterday.

Photos soon.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Face of Demonacracy

Originally uploaded by good43.

We are at T+3 on baby watch 2007. The wife was officially overdue on Saturday. She goes to the doc today around 1:00. Someday this week our little girl will make an appearance. Probably around 6 am if she's anything like her mother.

Saturday was an Easter Egg hunt at the YMCA. The boy was able to search for eggs and keep track of them in his "Mater" basket. If you haven't seen "Cars" you won't understand.