Friday, March 30, 2007

Someone is getting married this fall. We will do it up right in August.
As I was pursuing the blog roll, something struck me as a bit odd. Why is it I read IHO and Clareified but not Alarming News? I enjoy Karol on IHO and I am a fairly conservative fellow. In fact I disagree with Dawn on many political issues and can't stand the liberal whining.

So I sat and thought about it for a few minutes.

One day I am going to open Clareified and there will be the story of how Dawn snapped and committed a felony. Likely Assault with a deadly weapon (read: road rage). No doubt she'll regale us for months with the tales of her pro se (or, in pro per, if thats how you roll) defense.

When Karol kills people they just disappear and she never speaks of it, much less fun. If you ask too many questions, you disappear, even less fun.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

For those ladies with an alternative lifestyle. I give you a new badge.

Diet Coke doesn't flow like water in Europe.

Fortunately for us state bound addicts, brown salt water (my wife's name for diet cola) is flowing, albeit not freely.

The photos below represent $137.75 worth of Diet Coke. 109 20 ounce bottles and 3 12 ounce cans.

I call this Mt. Otis, in homage to one who shows proper respect to my sweet brown mistress.

Diet Coke


Monday, March 26, 2007

Some bitching.

First, I ordered some t-shirts from Threadless on March 12th, my first with them. As of today my order is still open and has not been packaged. WTF is up with that? That's 14 friggen days. I could have picked cotton, refined it, spun it into thread, weaved cloth, dyed it, came up with my own artwork and had it printed on a shirt in two weeks. The real pisser is that two of the shirts were for my son. At this point he will be too big for them by the time they arrive.

The due date is this Friday. Here is a pic of the nursery from this weekend.

Yes, that really is it.

Co-workers and IM. The two should never meet. Take that as a warning and advice.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007

Who do you think of when you think of your friends?

I recently happened across an electronic list of people with whom I graduated high school. There are exactly 6 people that I really care about where they are and if they are okay. Out of a class of 448. I have been in contact with all of them in the past 2 years and I know if I had to or wanted to I could get in touch with any of them within 15 minutes, and I have not one of their phone numbers programmed into my cell phone.

My college friends put together a March Madness pool every year. I participate and relive college age smack talk for the duration of the play. But again out of this pool of guys I really only care about 3 or 4. The rest I wish well, but I don't really care day to day.

Here where I live there are about 10 people that I hang out with from time to time. A mix of college friends and people that I have happened to befriend or be introduced to over the past (jesus, I been here a while) 8 years. I am in weekly contact with them at a minimum and I see most of them at least monthly. Part of that is due to proximity.

Then there is this group of degenerate gamblers that I hang out with from time to time. I wish you lived here.

As my free time becomes more scarce I find myself being judicious as to whom I am willing to spend my time. Asshats and douchebags are out. I just don't have the time. Not only that, I look back at high school and college, at that list(s) of names and think about the time I wasted trying to "be friends" with bad people, people who I really don't care about now and only cared about then for bad reasons.

Life is precious. Don't waste your time on the undeserving.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Re: Senator Alfonse D'Amato Takes Leadership Position with the Poker Players Alliance

This is an email I sent to the PPA in response to the announcement.

Are you still going to continue to argue that poker has been deemed illegal and needs to get a carve-out or are you gong to take the logical approach that online poker is legal per the 5th circuit and work to educate law enforcement and law makers of this fact?

What role will the WTO rulings play in the PPA's strategy.

As chairman of the board what will Senator D'Amato's actual day to day responsibilities be? How many hours per week or month will he actually be working on behalf of the PPA? Will Senator D'Amato personally lobby congress? Will he be involved with strategy development?

"Yet, the recent government crackdown on Internet gaming has swept poker into its net of prohibition and have made it increasingly difficult for poker players to enjoy this great form of entertainment on the Internet."

This is not an entirely true statement. At a minimum it is misleading and makes the reader believe that online poker has been prohibited by the US government.

Poker Players Alliance wrote:
Dear PPA Member:

You probably have heard that the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has enlisted a key ally to support our cause. Yesterday, we announced that former U.S. Senator Alfonse D'Amato is joining the PPA as Chairman of the Board and to help lead our efforts in Washington D.C. The PPA has been your voice for the past 18 months, now we have elevated our organization and will have even more influence with policy makers.

Senator D'Amato will be a tremendous advocate on your behalf. First of all, he is a passionate and skilled poker player who loves to win in both poker and politics. He has a distinguished 18 year record serving in the United States Senate and worked in a bipartisan fashion to achieve results for the people of New York. Now he is taking his enthusiasm, tenacity and political savvy directly to Congress to produce results for the Poker Players Alliance. We are proud that he has joined our team and we are excited about our prospects to get something done for poker in the near term.

I also want to take this moment to personally thank Linda Johnson, the First Lady of Poker, who was the inspiration behind the Poker Players Alliance and served as the PPA's first Chairwoman. Without her guidance the PPA would not be the great organization it is today.

I encourage you to go to the New York Times Web site ( for more news about Senator D'Amato joining the Poker Players Alliance and to visit our site at


Michael Bolcerek, President
Poker Players Alliance

Senator Alfonse D'Amato Takes Leadership Position with the Poker Players Alliance

Poker Aficionado and former U.S. Senator to Lead Efforts to Protect One of America's Pastimes

Washington D.C.(March 5, 2007) - The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), a grassroots organization of more than 160,000 poker enthusiasts, announced today that former United States Senator Alfonse D'Amato has joined the PPA to serve as Chairman of the Board and help lead efforts in Washington D.C. to protect the game of poker.

"I have had a passion for poker since my childhood, and for politics almost as long. This new position will allow me to fuse these passions and help establish sensible policy that allows Americans to enjoy the great game of poker in the venue of their choosing," said Alfonse D'Amato, the new Chairman of the Poker Players Alliance.

"We are thrilled to have Senator D'Amato take up our cause to promote and protect the game played by millions of Americans. His enthusiasm, tenacity and political astuteness will bolster the influence of the PPA and help earn poker a much deserved exemption from the recent online gaming law," said Michael Bolcerek, president of the PPA. "For the past 18 months Linda Johnson, the First Lady of Poker, skillfully lead our organization as Chairwoman, today the First Senator of Poker will lead the charge."

It is estimated that more than 23 million Americans enjoyed playing poker on the Internet in 2006. Yet, the recent government crackdown on Internet gaming has swept poker into its net of prohibition and have made it increasingly difficult for poker players to enjoy this great form of entertainment on the Internet. The Poker Players Alliance will be working with Congress to provide a skill game exemption for poker and pave the way for eventual regulation and taxation of the industry in the United States.

"Prohibitions don't work, they only create unintended consequences. The American people know this and we are going to make sure Congress knows it too," said Senator D'Amato. "We need common sense regulation of Internet poker. Prohibition will only drive the industry underground and strip away any protections for children and services for problem gamblers."

The Poker Players Alliance was formed in 2005 to protect the right of poker players to enjoy the great American tradition of poker in the venue of their choice, and Linda Johnson was critical in the organization's development. "I would like to personally thank Linda Johnson for her service to the PPA as its first Chairwoman, and in her continued service as a board member as we take the organization to its next level," stated Bolcerek.


The Poker Players Alliance is a non-profit organization advocating on behalf of American poker players.

***Rumors of me quitting are apparently just that*****
***My apologies to both parties, those that were happy by the announcement and those that were saddened.***
***I am a crack whore***

Monday, March 05, 2007

It seems that as I head towards middle aged my feet have started to smell. Smelly feet isn't something that I have dealt with since high school when going sockless in topsiders was all the rage.

At first I thought that my son had spilled milk on my shoes. The milk then predictably soured, leaving a malodorous fog that followed me everywhere. The scent was obviously heavier than air as I could only smell it whilst sitting, never standing.

So I threw those shoes into the washing machine and was rewarded with the spring breezes encompassing my feet. My battle with pedi-odor over, son sufficiently punished for spilled milk and all was right with my toes once again.

Then this morning I awoke early to apply the last coat of polyurethane to the floor that I refinished this weekend. Upon completion of the floor I started my morning ritual, which this morning included a constitutional. Upon taking up residence on the throne I noticed a smell that was very familiar. It smelled just like my other shoes, pre-laundry. But my mind flashed upon the similarity the smell had to, not soured milk, as I had previously thought, but instead to a prized possession from my youth. Catfish bait.

My feet smell like that tub of processed crud that I used to catch catfish in Easter Lake when I was a kid. My self loathing and utter amazement prevent me from honoring the terms of my retirement.