Monday, February 26, 2007

Poker has almost become a burden at this point. Blogging here as well. The last 2-3 weeks have seen a significant reduction in my poker play and a up swing in sleep and life productivity.

Poker was once my creative and competitive outlet, along with the things that I put on these pages. At the end of this poker/writing experiment I don't like the outcome, life wise. I enjoy the friends and acquaintances. There are other aspects that crept into my being as a result. Having taken a hiatus for the last bit of time I have come to realize that its not that I just don't need it anymore. I don't want it. I love playing poker, but I am not a poker player, not at heart. I know how to play. I play better than most that I play against. I just play against bad players.

I learned a great deal about poker. I learned even more about myself. Some good and some bad. Those of you that I count among my friends, thanks for all your input, encouragement and drinks. I wish you all well. Maybe I'll see you in Vegas in a few years.

I played at the boat yesterday. Not too much going on. I rivered the nuts once, only to get it in against the nuts. We split $7. Lost $15 over all. Play is both good and bad. Isolating the donks is easy. Lots of PF open raises to $12 or $15 with AA or KK, donks are so easy to read.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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I'm on a roll. My buddy stopped blogging and I shoveled 3300 cubic feet of snow last night.

Oh yeah, and work has again blocked my access to blogger.


So I can blog via flickr, so suck it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Blood has a take on the online poker demise. I have another. His basic point is that online poker will fail at this point because as poker players we're not wired to work together. I disagree.

Moving data around is fundamentally different than moving $$$ around. At some point you need to use a traceable instrument/transaction to fund whatever solution is developed. Data can be copied many times over, making it untraceable. A single dollar has its own existence and can't be copied, only transfered. This means that in these times of questionable legality and government intervention "paper" trails could be the final nail.

Think about it. Blood could post his entire Debbie Gibson CD collection anonymously to a server in Russia. Then people from all over the world could come download it. Everyone can hide their identities and the RIAA couldn't do poo about it. This is just theoretical. I have no idea if stuff like this happens.

Complete a similar transaction with money and funding/cashing out of online poker. It can't be done. At some point you need to convert cash to electronic funds, creating a paper trail. The paper trail is what scares everyone with the ability to be the middle man. Short of mailing cash to your favorite online poker site I don't see a viable solution.

The crux of the problem isn't willingness to work together, the crux of the problem is the unwillingness to take the risk. That and the inability to get an operation that is both liquid enough for the fishies to use it and secure enough that we don't have to worry about Uncle Sam clamping down on it.

Online poker is DOA. Only and act of Congress can resuscitate it now.
Those of you looking for quick shot in the arm of your bankroll listen up. I have a way to get $25K in a hurry.

Find this dog.

No the dog isn't special, doesn't poop gold or sire puppies worth thousands. Its just their pet. And they are looking for it to the tune of $25K. I bet the kids that ripped off that car are sorry they let the dog go.

Friday, February 09, 2007

If Tony Blair can fly commercial why does every ranking member of our government have to have a private plane? If airport security is so good for the commoner, why does Pelosi need her own plane? For that matter, why do Bush and Cheney need their own planes?

Does anyone think that giving those two less freedom to fly about the country is a bad thing? I'd like to see Dick on line in group C waiting for a SWA flight. That's an episode of Airline! waiting to happen.

Here's an idea, get them an anywhere pass on Amtrak.
I am locked into a business trip to Vegas. Weekend of April 27, 28, 29. In other words, I have a free room in Vegas so if you need a place to crash that weekend, let me know. Also, word up to my Vegas peeps: I'll have to work some Friday and Saturday but will be getting my party on and my 1/2 NL game into full effect. I might drink a little too.

I will have to work a total of up to 5 hours each day. Pfft. And I get paid to boot.

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A few weeks ago we were at the mall and my boy took a shine to the mannequins at Victoria's Secret. His mother and I were ROTFLOAO.!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

You know when people badmouth medicine and say things like "cure cancer? they can't even cure a cold!" Well, medicine did something right that will impact people more than just getting old guys like Bob Dole laid. Gardasil is the new vaccine that prevents most forms of cervical cancer by immunizing women against HPV.

This is one time that I am on board with mass inoculations paid for by the US government. We can eliminate cervical cancer. Chalk one up for the good guys. Texas is on board, now the insurace companies need to realize that $500 bucks for this now is more than made up for by not having to treat anyone for cervical cancer ever again.

Get on the fucking ball.
My online bankroll is up for grabs. Who wants it? I am going to have to give it up. I don't have the time to dedicate nor the patience for resolution. With increasing needs to fix up the house and the impending birth of #2 I just can't do it anymore. Not like grinding the small max NL tables was the most exciting hobby, but it still got the blood pumping once in a while. Oh online poker, I will miss you, you stupid whore.

Will the last one to leave please turn out the lights? Thanks.

If I can get my money out I plan to buy a Mac-mini with the proceeds. Help a man buy a computer. On the up side, I have a business trip to sin city at the end of April, so I will be donating to the tables at Caesar's and the MGM.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Monday, February 05, 2007

And you think you have problems. BetonSports is getting hit with a $5000/day fine for giving the US Federal Court the good ol' Iowa wave. Here is a link to the story.
Every non-Bear football fan and every person living within 500 miles of 312 let out a sigh of relief as the final whistle blew bringing and end to the 2006 Chicago Bears Team of Destiny's journey. Why were we all relieved? Mostly because we've not yet grown immune to the verbose descriptions of the Fridge, Dent, and Payton. We know that 1985 was your year (save one Monday night versus the Dolphins). We have since given up the fight as your windiness has prevailed. We can no longer debate with you. The 1985 Bears were a great team. They had great defense. I still can't believe that they pulled the publicity stunt (Dikta's fault) and handed off to Perry as opposed to getting Sweetness his much deserved Superbowl Touchdown. But that is their legacy, a 400 pound fat man dancing and jiggling, its so apropos.

The smile of contentment that crossed my face as Kelvin Hayden crossed the goal line more than washed away the pain in my gut caused by Devin Hester three hours prior. I would not be subjected to 22 years of insufferable depictions of Hester's run or historical reassessment of Grossman's arm. The overrating of Urlacher would not become part of Superbowl legends.

Most importantly, Bears' fans, the most underrated for being the worst fans in sports, would be unable to subject me to the pain of regaling me with these tails. At the mention of 1985, The Fridge and their half blind quaterback I can now simply invoke the image of Peyton hoisting the Lombardi, of Hayden intercepting the laughable Grossman. I can ask them about 5 turnovers and a mere 265 total yards.

So it is with great joy that I welcome our latest champions, for they not only defeated the Bear's of today, but exorcised the Bear's of yore.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

MyWebAtm, anyone? Anyone?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I was thinking about Spaceman's vacation, Pauly's reference to it and how we will ever officially know the story. Some of you already know, other like me, might someday find out the smallest of details, but will never get the whole story. Gary Carson's initial reaction to it is here.

Here's what we know: Danny boy did/said something, Spaceman reported/editorialized on it, someone got pissed, the piece that Spaceman wrote was yanked and Spaceman received a "vacation". So no one out there has this Bluff Mag piece in their cache? Google cache yielded zip for me. No one has a digital ghost of what was said? I guess that shows how much stock we put in Bluff even if a great guy like Spaceman is on the other end of the tube. I'd rather read about Spaceman getting drunk and crushing a 1/2 game in a side game after the tourney.

Well of course Spaceman knows what he wrote and who was pissed, most likely. Pauly seems to know, most likely because Spaceman told him or another industry type did. Jason isn't ready to hari kiri and quit, Pauly won't tell with out Spaceman's okay. So who does that leave us?

Wicked Chops? I doubt it. Spaceman's boobs are too small.
Amy Calistri? She would be a candidate, but she does take assignments from Bluff, so not likely.
UpForPoker? Nope, not their thing, besides Spaceman is a friend and this could only be detrimental to him.
Me? I tried but I don't read Bluff 'cause its blocked at work and they only have an RSS feed for their forums.

Who else???? Or, out of respect to Spaceman, do we let sleeping dogs lay?