Friday, September 29, 2006

FTP emails me proof that their shit is rigged

Hi Good43,

If you want to watch some of the world's best poker pros playing at the top of their games, you don't have to do anything more than log on to Full Tilt Poker and open one of the tables highlighted in red. To see what we mean, take a look at this recent hand between Phil Ivey and John D'Agostino.

In a $300/$600 heads-up No-Limit Hold 'em game, Dags raised to $1,800 from the button before the flop. Ivey re-raised to $5,400 and John called the extra $3,600. Following a flop of A-J-K rainbow, Ivey bet $7,800.

Dags re-raised to $20,000 and Ivey pushed back, making it $43,200 to go. John came back over the top, pushing all in for nearly $63,600. Ivey called the additional $20,400 and the cards revealed that each man had flopped a set, with Dags holding Kings and Ivey holding Aces.

At this point in the hand, Ivey was a 95 percent favorite to win and had Dags drawing nearly dead. Guess what happened?

On the turn, D'Agostino caught the case King, giving him quads to Ivey's full house. When the river brought a harmless 10, Dags took down a pot of nearly $138,000.

I think Phil Ivey or FTP owes me at least $1 for this bad beat story.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I spent Thursday thru Sunday last week in Mass-a-chew-sits. Out on Cape Cod, in Chatam, specifically. First - Holy Chrap is the Cape expensive. Burger and Fries is $10. Jack and Coke $7. Second, it very pretty, so pretty they don't want to muck up the view with blights like STREET SIGNS!. Idiots. You can't bitch about the tourists turing around in your driveway and not have street signs for both of the streets at an intersection. And now I am afraid that I caught a case of the RedSox September Choke virus and brought it back to St. Louis. I swear to gawd if the Astros win the NL Central I am going to start pulling for the Twins.

I missed the bash but I was able to hang out with some friends and some people that I hadn't seen in a while. I also met a cool guy who is an STL native and now a Hollyweird type making documentaries. In addition this guy was at the wedding. No Shit. The Hollywood guy recognized him from this movie because his friend directed it. Yes it was confirmed. We talked to him. It really was him. I don't think I could go out in public if that were me.

The wife was a bridesmaid which left me with a lot of free time. To bad I couldn't find a poker room. This should have been a Vegas wedding with all the free time I had. Too bad I had to spend Friday walking around downtown Chatam looking for a tie since I left mine at home. The locals were much friendlier than I would have guessed. I suppose they know that dipshits like me from the midwest fund their way of life.

Saturday was the day after the wedding. We went whale watching. We saw this whale named Apostrophe and her calf. Since it was a rough day (8ft -10ft seas) the pair were breaching. We must have seen 30-40 breaches in about an hour. It was unreal. Then we saw some human breaching. The type where 30-40 land lubbers take a 3 hour boat tour and proceed to spew all over the boat. I can't feel sympathy for these victims of motion sickness as I have never been motion sick and consider it a weakness of the mind that could be overcome if you weren't such a big pussy.

Sunday morning sucked as we had to get up at 4:00 am to catch our flight out of Providence. I was still drunk, but functional. The wife drove and I navigated. We made it with plenty of time to spare.
This is my favorite Bash pic. I don't know why, but it makes me laugh out loud.

bash 073
Originally uploaded by peacecorn.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh Really!!!??!!??!?!

A few oh really moments from the last few days.

Watching and listening as Slowhand ripped off the opening of Layla. Oh really, did I just mess my shorts? Watching Derek Trucks blow Slowhand and Robert Cray off the stage. Oh Really, I'll never miss the opprotunity to see him play ever. Realizing that Derek Trucks uses a slide and no pick and plays guitar better than I breathe. Oh really, glad I never thought about even picking up the guitar.

Let me put this concert into poker parlance for you, the uninitiated. You go to railbird a cash game. You know that Doyle Brunson (Clapton) will be playing. You get there and you See Doyle lay on moves and pull in pots. Maybe the moves are fewer and further between than 30 years ago, but you are in awe. Then you notice the guy in the 10 seat. You ask around and find out that his name is Phil Ivey (Trucks). He is unreal. You watch as he makes the best laydowns and moves at pots just at the right time. You think to yourself that this Ivey kid is really good. Then you look over and see this older guy sit down. You recognize him as Chip Reece (Robert Cray). He and Doyle battle over a pot (Crossroads) and you wet yourself a little. There is this really talented guy hanging on in the 3 seat. His name you find out later is John Juanda (Doyle Bramhall II). He seems to have the respect of all the other guys at the table, but just doesn't play as many hands.
The final OH REALLY moment came this morning. Remember back when I was bitching about my second car getting stolen? The car couldn't move, therefore it had to be lifted by the wheels instead of put onto the flatbed. It looked like this. When the tow truck driver was putting the car on the lot of the left front tire slipped out of the wheel lift and the car was being held up in the air by the left front bumper and the right front tire. This caused the left side of the bumper cover to pull loose and scratched the paint.

I have been wrangling with the owner of the tow company to get my car looked at for a while now. The tow company is located in an out of the way place from my usual routine so getting there to get the car looked at and fixed took sometime. In fact it took waiting until the wife was on vacation to get it done. Today I went to pick up the car and the guy starts pointing out all the repaired damage from previous accidents and from the car getting stolen. I am standing there going "uh-huh, yeah, okay". Then finally I ask "What does that have to do with the left side of the bumper that we're talking about?"

"Well, um, uh. The driver said it didn't happen."

Now we're talking about very minor damage. I don't have time in my life to go around committing fraud to get scratches on a bumper repaired. I went ballistic. I have just been called a liar. My wife has been called a liar. I let the guy have it, in what I'd consider to be a very retrained way. I am getting pissed all over again writting about it now. I basically tell the guy that he needs to look into who he has working for him. I make the point that I am not saying that all the other damage he is pointing out is something that I thought they were responsible for.

I am a lot of things. But I am not a liar. I am not a cheat. And if I were I would do it to a tune of more than a few hundred dollars. Mother fucker I am pissed off. (better than being pissed on, I guess) The wife didn't know what was going on, she just knew that I was pissed off. I told her what the guy said. She opened the door to her car and told the guy the same story (since she was there and witnessed the car get damaged. I told the guy I wasn't trying to get over on him I just wanted him to take care of what he was responsible for. I wish I were a better writer so the I could adequatly described just how pissed I am.

I am Phil Helmuth holding pocket QQ losing heads up to a hammer bluff turned hammer quads pissed.

I am someone replacing Badblood's metal playlist with Kevin Federline's greatest hits pissed.

I am IM tounging Pauly in front of MeanGene and Otis pissed.

I am BG being forced to drink Night Train with a filet pissed.


Monday, September 18, 2006

What do these people all have in common?

They are sucking my tailpipe. I finally broke down and played a WPBT POY Tourney. Thanks to Biggestron for putting it together. I had a blast and played fairly well. I was much less weak than I usually am, but still managed to be shortstacked for the last half of the final table. I finished 4th out of 19 and moved into #100 on the Leaderboard. Must suck to be Falstaff and have played 6 events and still be 2 points behind me. Loser. I only wish the leader had the balls to come out and fight like a man. Must have been nauseous from all that skunk he drinks.

100good43 87 1
101sportingimag 86 1
102Jhartness 85 6
103Budohorseman 84 1
104bjtylerx 83 1
105Greg P 83 1
106April98 83 3
107HighOnPokr 80 3
108HCR33 78 4
109Slimeface 75 2
110bayne_s 75 1
111Mourn 74 2
112penner42 73 6
113ZowieZ 69 1
114brdweb 69 2
115Lady_Falcon 68 1
116bdr1968 68 1
117DeadMeek 67 2
118The_Venetian 66 2
119WiredPaint 66 4
120yosoyveneno 65 4
121LaParKa76 65 1
122hdouble 64 1
123CawtBluffin 63 5
124Longshot1999 62 1
125Jestocost 62 1
126sloejack 60 1
127TheFilmGeek 60 1
128Poker-Babe 59 1
129Mungo36 56 3
Other participants (events played):
23skidoo (3), AlCantHang (1), BrainMc (2), CarmenSinCty (1), DontKnow (2), GRobman (2), GamblingBlues (1), Gambooool (1), Maudie (4), MtSmalls (1), PokerWorks (1), RandomSam (1), S. Nickerson (1), Slithey (1), Wil Wheaton (1), YouzaViper (1), billrini (1), drewspop (2), drewspop30 (1), ecbarn (1), ezekielw (1), glyphic (1), grupper (1), joaquinochoa (3), presidentdave (1), snakewicked (1).

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blood from a Stone

I received this email from Party Poker. You have got to be kidding me. Epecially since I just logged in and withdrew all my funds last month. So feel free to charge me $5. See if I ever play your shitty site ever again. I guess you really are a Dikshit if you think draconian customer service will make me come running home.

I forgot to mention that when I logged in I tried several times to get on a table and was unsuccesful. The new lobby is designed to maximize the Party rake and minimize your control over the games you choose to play.

So go ahead Party, collect your $5 from a zero balance and kiss my ass. I am gone forever and never coming back.

Bonus Code: Party Poker Can Kiss My Ass

Our records show that that you have not logged in to your account for 180 days.

A $$5 administration fee* has been charged to your inactive account. The next charge will be deducted from you account balance on: 16-Oct-2006.

However, this fee will NOT be charged if your account, or any related account, is reactivated on or before 15-Oct-2006.

Reactivating your account is easy: Just log in and place a cash wager, enter a tournament with a cash entry fee, or play a raked hand.

*TERMS & CONDITIONS If you do not access your Account by "logging on" to your Account using your Account name and password for any period of 180 days, then after those 180 days (the "180 day grace period") your Account (and any related account with any ESP) will be deemed "Inactive". If your Account becomes Inactive, then the Company is entitled to charge you an administrative fee (the "Inactive Account Fee"). The Inactive Account Fee shall be deducted from your Account Balance at the end of each calendar month in accordance with the Inactive Account Fee Schedule. We will stop deducting the Inactive Account Fee from your Account Balance if your Account is re-activated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Customer Care team is available 24/7.


Party Team

+1-800-852-4719 (Toll Free from US/CAN)
+44-207-537-8300 (International charges apply)
+350 50509 (International charges apply)
+1-866-232-6004 (Toll Free from US/CAN)
+44-207-537-8301 (International charges apply)
+350 43001

(International charges apply)

Note: Please do not disclose your password to any individual/organization claiming to represent or representing any of our ‘Party’ brands. If you receive an email or telephone call from anyone asking you to provide your password, please report it to us immediately. Our Customer Care team is available 24/7 to assist you via email.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Getting Bracleted (Pt. 2)

I hadn't planned on writing a part two to this post. But then Otis wrote up some legal wranglings going on in South Cackalackly that I felt needed to be revisited. First of all, having nearly stacked someone that is personally involved in this case makes me feel like a celebrity by extension. I wish I knew previously that he had a penchant for over playing AQ.

But back to the point. What if the police break up your game? Will you get fired from your job, lose business, friends and earn the scorn of your mother? Will you be marked with a scarlet P? OR would life carry on as it always had? Would you choose to stand your ground and fight the injustice of arbitrarily enforced laws? Or would you stage a pinochle tournament on the court house steps the next Sunday in protest? Maybe shoot dice in a rousing game of Yahtzee!

Part of the point I tried to make previous was that in blogging someone's going to want to out you and on poker someone is going to want revenge. How do you do either effectively when you fear reprisal? Feelings are going to get hurt especially when you run with the big dogs. Some people suck at poker and some of those that suck are vindictive thus we have the following (it could be a different scenario, like maybe the neighbor was pissed about the parking situation or something, but I doubt it:

"Acting on a tip, Greer police arrived at the clubhouse and cited the defendants for a violation of state code 16-19-40, the filing said."
Don't mess around with outing yourself with what you do and who you do it with. Sure this might be just a G-Vegas Bible Belt Nothing Better to Do Swat Team Training Mission, but still, WTF? Poker is or the police thinks it is illegal in many places. Be careful. Pot Smokers aren't hurting anyone either, but the cops still take them on. I prefer home games where I know everyone, but I have three legal card rooms within spitting distance too.

In conclusion: don't become a mark for the police or some prosecutor with political ambitions. DO fight the power by joining the PPA. DO enjoy playing, just keep your wits about you. Also, never rake your homegame. Don't ever even have people kick in money for drinks or food. BYOB and BYOF or just rotate the hosting and the food. Otherwise you risk being a party to an illegally raked underground gambling operation.

Mark my words, the battle over private and home games has only begun. As congress contemplates legislation and the issue receives more media spotlight, I expect the tone of local law enforcement to increase markedly in hyperbole and action towards "illegal" games. Do yourself a favor and find out you local laws.

Fun Fact You Should Know: I heard that Getting Bracleted is the title of a new song by Huge Junk on MYTGOD Records that is some variation on a ZZTop's song Pearl Necklace.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


One of the below quotes was actually chatted to me via IM last night.

"I have no idea what I am talking about.

"My penis is actually average, but my ass is fantastic."
-Bobby Bracelet

"I have to get up and go to fucking work tomorrow."

"No thanks, I don't party."
-Dr. Pauly

"You're right and I'm wrong."

"Holy Shit! Online poker is rigged!"
-Bill Rini

"I think that science fiction has jumped the shark."

"Phil Gordon is an ugly, ugly man."
-April (TX)

Chilly, you are the man. I mean I bow to your greatness.

I raked the pot and he called me a bitch and I just sat there and didn't say a word.

Don't know? Its the one the shows that the poker blog and blogging playing life is really, truly in decline.

God is Looming

Photo courtesy of Marty Pinker via Flickr.

Monday I will see God in person for the second time in my life.

Backing Eric will be:
Doyle Bramhall II
Derek Trucks
Chris Stainton
Tim Carmon
Willie Weeks
Steve Jordan
Michelle John
Sharon White

A little known band, The Robert Cray Band, will be the opening act. So much for arriving late.

Monday, September 11, 2006

What is the sucking sound?

Besides my -$160 this weekend??

It was this hand.

I'm the SB and this jackass is the BB. 2/4/8 LHE at the President in lovely downtown STL.
I complete for $1 and jackass checks. There are somewhere between 5 and 8 limpers ahead of us.

I hold A7 and he holds A2.



*Suck* (Three Outer Goot!)

I lead out and he smooth calls. I think we get one other caller.



*Resuck* (Not as good as my Three Outer)

I bet out he calls and we are heads up.



*Re-Re-Suck* (I see your three outer and BAM! Lay a 2 outer on you!)

I bet and he raises. What? Mother @#$%^&*.

I call he he says " I have a boat."


This concludes the make up for the 8-2 suckout (see 8:00 pm Saturday) on his KK whilst in Vegas. I should have posed with the beefcake.

That's 6 outs total

Brutal session at the President tonight playing 4-8. I didn't go busto but I did take 3 river beats. All three were 2 outers. Tilt. Oh and one was from this jackass. The other 2 were to the same guy that rivered sets. Ouch.

Then I tilted off 2 stacks of white to compound the problem. Gee, I still only ended up down $53, if that tells you anything about the play at the Pres. 14 pocket pairs and one set. I folded and OESD to one bet because I was tired and not paying attention.

I watched that Dane Cook 90+ minute HBO special last night. Has a less funny person ever been on a HBO special? Apparently they used his 4 best lines during the Tourgasm show. I thought this guy was supposed to be the cracker Chris Rock. Turns oout he's the cracker Jimmy Walker. Dane Cook is a good lesson for all you funny comedians out there. Market yourself better. Connect with your fans. IM and MySpace made Dane Cook, not his writing. Yes I did crack a smile at points, but his stories are Reader's Digest funny not HBO funny. I see better sets on Comedy Centrals 30 minute showcases.

Just received news that I can't go to my grad school reunion. The wife's first cousin decided to get married that night because her brother is going to get a 4 day pass before he ships out for Iraq. So I will be at a Moose Club in cental Illinois instead. I guess I'll put the money towards a nice wedding present. That ruins a mini reunion at my house as well. I was planning to have my friends over before the "Gala" because we live down the street from the local. Oh well, there is always a Turkey Fry to come this fall.

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Retort to "Dispatch From White-Bread County"

A Retort to "Dispatch From White-Bread County"

I read "Dispatch From White-Bread County" by Dave Lowry. I was hopeful that he would point out the differences between the city and county and show that while one wasn't really better than the other, they each have their own sense of self. I was sorely disappointed. The majority of this over puffed piece seemed to say "ME TOOOO!!"

Instead of taking the opportunity to distinguish the points that make the county unique and inhabitable he basically made the case that you can get a taco in St. Ann and the best Indian Restaurant is on I-70 west of 170 (okay I am making that point, he doesn't even know where the best Indian restaurant is located). We in the city are aware that there are immigrants that live in the county. I am happy that you were able to discern 5 or 6 foreign languages on that faithful night in the Parkway ______ Gymcafetoriam.

So who am I to sling arrows? Not a native. I have no "where I went to high school" skin in this game. I have only been in St. Louis since 1999. I have always lived in the city. First I was in St. Louis Hills, then South Hampton and now the Central Wet End. I have the great honor of working in the county. Mr. Lowry' very Maryland Heights no less. I have had lunch a Priyaa several times. I don't mind it but my Indian co-worker finds it dreadful. I have eaten your tacos. They are fine.

But authentic tacos in a strip mall are authentic tacos in a strip mall. Have you been to Arcelia's or Pueblo Solis? Have you enjoyed the tastes and atmosphere that is Pho Grand or Lemon Grass? Have you cruised by White Castle on Vandeventer at 3:00 am or been to the Courtesy for a slinger at sunrise? That my friend is living in the city. Its not that your food is bad per se, it is more that the atmosphere of strip malls and parking lots leaves even the greatest of dining experiences with something lacking. It is a tragedy that there are parking problems at the Hacienda. And no the tragedy is not the evils of tire booting, but in the acceptance that Hacienda is the be all end all to the county's Mexican food.

There were drunk people at Strassenfest? And the puked and peed?? I guess because it was a white guy in a wife beater someone took offense. So much less classy than the Famous Barr model upchucking into the gutter at the Clayton Art Fair.

Why do my cars that get stolen in the city get found in the county?

I see your to La Bonne Bouchee and raise you a ANYPLACE YOU WANT TO PURCHASE ANYTHING EDIBLE ON THE HILL. Yes I have eaten your county French cuisine. Come shove some Lorenzo's in your pie hole.

Enough about food. Yes, you have authentically prepared food byauthenticallyy ethnic people. You also have authentic South County Mullets and West Countytrophyy Wives. I understand that many of you aren't stereotypical WASP's, but most of you are.

Tell me again how you rub elbows with ethnic diversity when you dine out or watch your kids play. Of those people speaking 6 different languages, how many did you speak with? When you were at your last Vinylhood meeting can yourememberr the ethnic breakdown? What did you discuss, the finer points of Hardie Planks and cancer from PVC's?

I must apologize, I did forget about all of the great things I enjoy doing in the county. Lets recount them shall we?
  • Kirkwood Zoo
  • Chesterfield Symphony
  • Ellisville Cardinals
  • Webster Groves Rams
  • The Hazelwood Fox Theater
We have Ted Drewe's, you have Mr. Wizard (or knock off of choice) We have Merb's you have Bissengers. We have Crown Candy and you have......, sorry I stray back to food. See I am a fat guy after all.

See Mr. Lowry you should have taken this opportunityy to show us what we're missing. Instead you chose to say how we are the same. But we are not the same. The county has many attributes that make it a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family and *gasp* enjoy a night on the town, you just didn't happen to mention any of them.


Why do bloggers of medium writting abilities rag on those barely literate?

Why are bloggers of grand abilities so humble?

Why do you care if someone can't write, but blogs 14 times a day?

Why don't you just unsubscribe or remove the link?

Why do you pretend that everyone is the same online as they are in real life?

Why can't you understand that everyones life sucks a little bit?

Why don't you relize that some people only blog the good, some only the bad?

Why don't you relize that you don't know these people you only know what they want you to know?

Why can't you just shut your pie hole once in a while?

Why don't you post more often?

Why are you so damn verbose?

Why don't you ever read my blog?

Why don't you know that I read your blog everyday?

Why do I care?

Why do you care?

Why does nobody relize that Phil Gordon is just a dorky computer guy?

Why isn't Phil Ivey on High Stakes Poker?

Why isn't there a show called High Stakes Prop Betting?

Why is Daniel a douche?

Why is Ted so damn cool?

Why did Gus hit and run?

Why is my boss a biatch?

Why do my co-workers put up with it?

Why do P.C.'s crash?

Why did Mac start that ad campaign?

Why is my son addicted to Elmo?

Why is Elmo so popular?

Why did Seasame Street move Bert and Ernie to seperate beds?

Why isn't Cookie Monster 300 lbs?

Why does Elmo get 20 minutes per show?

Why doesn't Baby Bear see a speach therapist?

Why does Dorothy change size and shape every show?

Why do I suspect I will be watching 4 hours of Meercat Mountin this weekend?

Why does my co-worker have the volume turned up so I hear his annoying IM alerts?

Why does this crazy lady near me insist on hawaiian shirt Friday?

Why did I fall down the stairs this morning?

Why doesn't F-Train link to Dawn?

Why do we have so many lawyers?

Why do we have so few nurses?

Why are teachers in unions?

Why are schools not run by corporations?

Why did I write this post?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Getting Bracleted

I was thinking about our former blogger friend Bobby Bracelet the other day. He had the unfortunate experience of having a co-worker/superior discover his bloggings. The powers that be decided that he should put the halts to it because its inappropriate, I guess.

So I ask you this, how worried are you about getting "Bracleted"? I'm not worried for myself in terms of losing a job. First of all my blog is pretty benign. Unlike this poor schlub who has to put up with a real pain in the ass boss. I do worry about others. For instance a well respected member of the WPBT is also occasionally on TV. He blogs and he plays poker in illegal card rooms. He is also hated by most of his opponents and even more so by some of his friends. I wonder if he is worried that one of his targets will call his boss or Geraldo to out him. Or worse think he's being cheated and call the cops. Does his very public employer know that he moonlights as a popular writer with literally hundreds of fans? Would his employer care?

A very famous former professional online limit holdem player come advertising executive told me that several of his new coworkers are actually readers of his little slice of the blogoshpere. Does that hamper his creativity? It seems to have hampered his quantity. I hope he is enjoying the anonymity of a new nome de plume and url. I fear that he has just crawled inside his own head to see his belly button from the inside.

Is there a difference between censoring yourself because you don't want to be exposed and censoring yourself because you are exposed? I find myself rewriting a lot of entries lately because I know most of my readers. I have toned down some of what I say. I keep some personal stuff personal because I don't want to be asked about it the next time I see you. I really tore off a rant about Survivor: Segregation, but I deleted it because I feared that I wasn't a good enough writer to make my point without coming off like a rabid racist.

So here is the point: The controversy is based on the fact that everyone fears that the groups will live up to their stereotypes, then there will have to be an argument as to if they really lived up to the stereotypes or if the producers edited the footage that way. CBS will be called racists with an anti-(fill in the race) agenda. But I was much more flowery and came up with actual stereotypes that I thought would be featured and stuff.
Back to the point. Do you fear the consequences of what you write on you blog? What are those consequences? Could you lose your job, fail to get a new job, lose a friend or out yourself as a bigot or idiot?

Mostly I fear discovery by my parents. I once wrote a letter to my mother as part of a punishment. That's right my mother made me write a letter as part of a punishment. I don't know how she thought that my take on things would show her in a favorable light, but she did. Lets just say that I received less than stellar reviews that I know I have not yet heard the last of. I also can't always write with teh good grammar and refuse to edit my stream of consciousness style unless I am just deleting the whole thing. The last thing I need is my mother printing off a piece and mailing it to me with corrections.

Anywhooo, how safe do you feel behind your assumed identity? If you didn't assume and identity how safe are you? Do you fear repercussions? Do you realize that writing about poker stuff and large penis'ssss can lead to your undoing? Do you care? I care and I think I am the worse for it. I would rather shrink into the unknown and start a new, but then again I am lazy too.

*editor's note. I broke down and ran spell check. Man I can't spell for shit.*

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hand of the Day response

From the last post I asked a question about play of a hand. So I turned the nuts with a straight. I held JT and turned Broadway. I felt my opponnet had a set.

I check called.

River was a K.

I checked and he bet about a 1/4 of the pot.

The only hands I can beat are two pair. AQ, AJ.
AK is boated
AA is boated
AQ is three pair
AJ is 2 pair
KK is quads
QQ is boated
KQ is boated
KJ is trips
JJ is two pair

So screwed.

I call his 1/4 pot bet that I know is begging for a call. He turns over KK and I feel lucky that I only lost 1/2 my stack with this hand. I should have made a move on the turn. A set has what? 10 outs to my straight? His KK had 3Q's 3A's 3x's and 1K.

THis is the second time in my career that I lost a turned broadway to a boat. The first time was a 2/4 game on Party in a 4 way pot. The K on the river gave the guy AAAKK and left me felted. At least that time I jammed.

Bet your nuts boys and girls. More importantly bet when you think you have the best of it. I paid the minimum to make my hand an when I got there I frittered it away.
Oh well. Last night I had a guy call my all in on the flop with a gutshot and an over to the board. he missed his 4 outer. Same guy also failed to lay down top pair several other times, once when his AQ saw a flop of Q55 with my 54. Yes, I was in position on this guy and tried to see every flop he did, no matter my holdings. I doubled through him once and stacked him once.

I also started 3 tabling $25 NL tables instead of 1 tabling $50. I make as much, the play is worse and the variance is held down.

Home game tonight at TooloftheMan's house. I will likely be the only player to arrive sober.