Friday, June 30, 2006

Poker has left the ramp

and is waving to the shark on its way to a wipeout landing. I just ran across this comment on Paul Phillip's blog.


They jimmied the passenger side door lock, popped the ignition, stole the stereo. I expected all of that. I even figured there would be cig burns and liqour bottles. But then the had to go and run into shit with it.

The adjuster said normal theft damage is usually $1000. Add in a new bumber, a couple of quarter panels and a tail light and I think we can see it busting throught the $4000 mark. Thats about where it blue books.

The real pain is that it was paid for and running well. It had 95,xxx miles but ran like a top. The wife and I have never car shopped together before. We were married when I bought this one but I just called her and told her. The other car I bought off my dad and the truck we inherited.

So last night I am tilting at .25/.50 LHE on FTP. I am playing my normal game, up a few BB"s after an orbit or two . Then I see a guy go off on tilt. He bluffs and gets called by 6th pair. His flopped top two get rivered.

I pick him out and decide to play with him. Practice my tilting for Vegas. He is on the button and I am two off. It limps x1 to me and I limp. Tilter limps, SB completes and BB checks.

I have QJo. Flop is AQx. checks to tilty who bets. Bets around. Turn is a 7. Checks to tilty, one call two folds and I pop him. I am figuring him for a weak Ace. He smooth calls. River is a J. I bet, he calls. And then goes all whiney bad beat. He was a man, admitted the bad beat whiney cranky babiness. But I couldn't resist.

"Bad Beat stories don't start with A3o"

Thats right. I am playing .25/.50. This level of play most closely mirrors what I encounter at the 2-6 SLHE and 2-4 and 3-6 LHE games in Vegas.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

No way to leave

Its a little after 7:00 AM and I have been up for about 30 minutes. I am showered, shaved and dressed. I usually don't even wake up for at least another 30 minutes. Today the wife left and came back in to wake me.

"Uh, my car is gone."

So here I sit waiting on STL's finest to come and complete a report. It wasn't a new car, or a particularly nice car. Hell is has 95,xxx miles on it. I'm sure it has 100 more now. Easy target and good enough looking for a joy ride I guess. Doesn't stand out, yet isn't a piece.

I'm not really even all that mad. Almost sad. Sad for the 15 year old kid who has what a 10% chance of getting caught and sent up for a $2500 car.

Before my STL friends tell me that is what we get for moving to that neighborhood I am forced to preemptively point out that my neighbors at our old house had their car stolen twice in the 6 years we lived there.

So here I sit waiting for the 5/0. The last time I spoke to the STL police this same car was broken into at a Cards game. That was May of 2000. Of course that time it was worse, my computer and new set of kicks were in the trunk, Funny that they left my golf clubs.

I love living in the city. I am proud that we have chosen to remain in the city vs moving to the suburbs. The economist in me says that, like having to pay for private school, this is a tax for living here. I knew that. One of the things on my to do list that I never got accomplished was to buy Clubs for all the cars. Guess I'll be buying two today.

For those of you who wonder why I love the city so much, go read this blog. The city is vibrant and new everyday. It is getting better.

They stole my 2008 stickers off the plates of my other car too. Now I'm pissed because I have to deal with Missouri bureaucracy to get those replaced.

The chick at the DMV fat fingered my plates when she entered them ack when I titled my car. So the tags on file with the state do not match the ones on my car. So I have more crap to deal with. This is on the car with the stolen stickers, not on the stolen car. Is it happy hour yet?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Oh yeah

I just read a post from my favorite cheesehead, STB. And for some reason his post about getting drunk and playing Razz got me jazzed for Vegas. You see last time in Vegas I stayed up playing 2-6 SLHE at the Excal with STB (who was cut off), Tool of the Man and Iggy.

By stayed up I mean I got there around 9 or 10 and didn't leave until the brush asked us to play in their 9 am tourney. We then excused ourselves to the bar where I got to watch Tool randomly walk away (later to tell the tale of narrowly avoiding death via flying escalator), watch Iggy make fun of every pink shirted cowboy and braless overweight cowgirl that walked by (spirited little guy that made me ask the question, "Iggy how often do you get punched in the face?) STB was able to start boozing again, F-Train was there too I just remembered (he's skinny and easy to miss) and Joaquin showed up at the end after a good nights sleep (don't believe that rooster and crack of dawn crap).

Anyway I was drunk and tired and hungry. STB and me ended up together at the IP. He busted out some sweet buffet comps and treated me to a meal. A meal that makes me cramp just thinking about it.

Finally, I am ready to go to vegas.

I have almost been on dread for Vegas. With all the shit going down around the house(s) lately. We bought a house, the boy was sick, we sold a house, we went on vacation, we're moving. I have to carry boxes up 39 freaking stairs. Then another family member is having a biopsy today. Then my best friend wrecked my father-in-laws truck. it goes on and on.


So last night I played about 30 hands of .25/.50 LHE befor bed. The first online poker in weeks. I crushed the gamed for 10BB is 30 hands. wOOt!. (yes that is proper punctuation. wOOt! is spelled with the !) I havn't been that lit about online poker in quite sometime.

Such a weak game. Most of the pots I won were with air and a re-raise. wimps.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

1700 Miles

Yep, thats right. 1700 miles round trip from my humble abode to the great northern wilderness of Cass County Minnesota. I am home. We are home. The boy is healed from his infection and now only has to endure two tests to make sure all is anatomically okay.

Father's Day was nice. Breakfast was had at my buddy Troy's place. I had the breakfast burritos, the wife had biscuits and gravy and the boy chowed on blueberry pancakes. The I took the boy to the park for some climbing, sliding fountain jumping into action fun.

After the park the boy took a nap and the wife set me free to go play poker. wOOt! is all I can say about that. I have a real problem lately playing live. I lead at pots with nut flush draws from EP, get the field to fold (less 1) and continue to bet out against a calling station. I have no odds and am not getting the best of it by putting in more money. I have 9 outs, one opponent who is not folding, yet I can't lay not bet out. This happened twice on Sunday. It led me to a small $18 loss. I had two tier 1 hands all day. AKcc (aforementioned nut lfush draw) and QQ on the last hand UTG. The other nut flush draw was a KJ from the blind that flopped an A.

I won 4 pots.

K6dd in the big blind flopped a flush and I got called all the way down.
AQo flopped a Q and got called all the way by a worse Q.
KJo flopped a J for 2nd pair and checked down with 4 others in the hand. That is a touchy hand. With an Ace on board I can check call, but if I lead I am only getting called by a hand that beats me, right? A bad Ace.
QQ on the last hand UTG. I pop it and the table LAG raises me. It folds around and I re-raises. Flop is JJX and I bet. He calls. Turn is a X and I lead, he folds.

I stole blinds a couple of times, but mostly limped with connectors and small pairs from LP in multiway pots and didn't catch a flop. Not sets or OESD.

I packed it in and went to dinner with the family. Tasty BBQ was had.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thank you sir and no I don't want another

I haven't had a week like the past seven days since I was a first semester college sophomore.

Last Thursday at Noon I received a call that the boy was cranky and heading towards sick. I made plans to cut my day short and pick him up early. 10 minutes later I received another call that he had spiked a fever of 103. Okay, I'm on my way.

Friday was spent at home with a sick kid. While he slept I packed. When he was awake my attention had to be 100% focused on him. Up late Friday night packing to move.

Saturday morning, time to call the doctor. But what's this? The furnace that was my little boy has a normal temp and seems to be on then mend. Fast forward to Saturday afternoon and a fever that is now reaching 105. Yes one hundred and five degrees of temperature. And packing. And packing. And more packing. A very late night Saturday night spent loading boxes and carrying boxes to the garage. Once again the child seems to be on the mend. Then late Saturday he has a setback with fever and chills.

Sunday was a moving day. The child is still sick but seems once to be on the mend. Mid afternoon he has a temp of 103. Child sleeps for hours. Much moving gets done with a lot of help from some friends. The night is very late with the moving of the boxes and driving between houses and such.

Monday we get in to see the doctor. I call and get an appointment for 11:30. Around 10:30 he shows his first symptom. He vomits all over me. Luckily the only thing in his stomach was water. A new shirt and a few tears (mine and his) later we are at the doctor's office. Fever with no other symptoms. Hmmmm. Child receives CBC, chest x-ray and gives a urine sample. Actually 2 urine samples. These tests involved a trip to Childrens Hospital. Nothing make a parent stand up and take notice quite like the phrase "We need to send your child to Childrens Hospital for tests" .

The first urine sample they tape a ziplock bag to his junk, the second one we avoid the catheter by getting a "clean catch". This involves taking off his diaper, feeding him a popcicle and as much water as he'll take. I even let him play in a glass of warm water. Mom was the aimer and I was the catcher. That was a poor choice as this was her first aiming experience and I have 33 years worth. In other words, half the sample went in the cup and the other half on my leg.

Diagnosis. Urinary Tract Infection. Yikes!

Monday evening was more moving and a late night again.

Tuesday the wife stayed home and I went to work. Then we all met back up at Childrens Hospital at 1:00 so that the boy could have an ultrasound to make sure he had no acute cause for infection such as a blockage.

Tuesday we finish enough of the moving that we stayed at the new house, yea! Last night we were at the house trying to unpack and pack at the same time. We leave for vacation tomorrow. I will be spending a week in the land of bad beats and lost coin flips. They boy decided that the antibiotics were working so he would stay awake until at least 1:15. Thats when we decided to turn of the monitor and go to sleep.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that on Sunday we borrowed my father-in-law's pick-up to help move. My best friend ran that truck into a brick wall. No I am not kidding. He ran it into a brick wall. So today I was at the body shop getting estimates. Not too bad $933.

In six weeks the kid get to have an elimination angiogram. They fill the bladder with a dye and watch radiographically as he pees to make sure everything flows south. No avoiding the catheter this time.

Exactly how many days until Vegas?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Iggy's Bounty

BG won the quiz and since he can't be in Vegas in July he designated Iggy for the bounty. There will be a bit more, but this is going in the package.