Tuesday, January 31, 2006

When Donkeys Chat

J_l0: yeah i am not really good though
King_Of_Ch: did i say u were? lol just said better then lol
J_l0: i am down like a G since i first started playing online
King_Of_Ch: well like they say cost 3k to learn the game lol
King_Of_Ch: been lucky won 5 tourneys
J_l0: i read a book on it and figured i'd be finacially free within aweek
J_l0: it been 2 months and ain't seen a penny
J_l0: discipline this and A K that
J_l0: wins $13.25 from the main pot with two pairs, sixes and threes.
J_l0: wtf
J_l0: how did that work

Monday, January 30, 2006

The 2006 Chilly for best comment on a blog goes too...

Drizz! Yeah, you'd figure with his volume he was bound to win something.

But seriously. His comment on Felicia's Poker Champ's neverbluff blog is classic. Its still January and Drizz locked up the 2006 award.

Nice job!

Btw, that profile photo for Poker Champ is a fake. Its hosted in Helsinki and comes up close to the top in a google image search for badass. And yes I am obsessed with this blog.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Another First Day

Today was yet another first day in the life of my 13 month old son. Today is his first whole day in the toddler room at daycare. After a 2 week transition process in which he spent more and more time each day in the room, today was the day that mom AND dad (should say dad AND mom) dropped him off in his new room. He managed without a fight. He was quite excited to see mom when we got to daycare. He was very excited to see all the kids playing when we got there.
Of course the toddler room, unlike the infant room has a breakfast schedule, unbeknownst to mom and dad, so we arrived at our typical Friday time of when-ever only to discover that breakfast was over. We were given a pass as the boy was stripped and set at the table for a bowl of cream of wheat and a cup of milk. A pass in the unspoken terms of "don't do it again". His own chair at a table his height with a spoon and a bowl and a cup. I did say that they stripped him down. He sat and ate as the other 14 to 24 month old kids cried and played and threw things and sat on each other.

Who knew, my kid is just like me, first we eat and then we play.

I fully expect the next week or two will be stressful. He won't eat as much at school, he won't nap as much, he's not the big kid anymore so he will being doing battle for toys and attention. The teachers and caretakers that have been his in loco parentis for 8 months, watching him learn to sit, stand, crawl and walk aren't there anymore.

We packed up his bottles and took them to the car. Big boys drink from cups, they don't use bottles anymore. We reclaimed a few blankets that the wife was sure had been lost forever. The boy grabbed onto one Linus style and refused to let go. Even big boys need a blanket. I hung his coat on a hook in his locker. I took his binky and put it away too. Big boys still need their binkys once in a while. I'm certain at 5:00 tonight I will find out that big boys still need their dad. They better because Dads still need them.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

If you can't beat them

This blogging thing is drawing more and more of my inner geek to the surface everyday. You know that fat 12 year old kid that had a Tandy Color Computer (CoCo) and knew 10 lines of basic. (I also had Pitfall and Bird vs Magic basketball and a cassette tape drive) Then came the summer of 1986. I dropped 25 pounds, played indoor soccer all summer and broke my collarbone. I also cut my hair. I went from a childhood bowl cut to a flat-top of sorts. Flat on the top and slicked back on the sides. Lots of product. Beastie Boys* were sweeping the nation. I was ready to fight for my right.

8th grade was spent playing soccer and dreading the onset of high school. My friends were all the Com 64 types. We'd stay up all night playing some role playing game on the 64 that was slow as molasses. I was still playing soccer, was in the band etc. I was Mr. Crankmeyer in the 8th grade production of Dont Rock The Boat.

Don't Rock the Boat, by Tim Kelly, is a wacky comedy about a man determined to be the youngest cruise ship captain in history, even if it means sailing on a converted gunboat, with a crew of rejects. The passengers include a fabulous Holleywood star, who loves pets, but is allergic to fur; a non-stop jogger and a gung-ho nurse who practices giving shots by stabbing oranges and anything else that is handy. To top it off, there's a hijacking at sea by a group of misguided pirates.

The most scarring moment of my youth (well, okay, of that week in 8th grade) happend during the pre-production of this play. The teacher announced our script and we ran the lines before part were assigned. Mr. Crankmeyer is the 2nd male lead, btw. It was discovered that there is a KISSING SCENE in the 8th grade play. This one girl Missy said ewwww. "What if I have to kiss him." Thats right, me. She was talking about me. I didn't even try out for the lead.

Did I ever mention that I hold grudges? I do. Like a low-blood-sugar diabetic with a fist full of red vines and a Mr. Pibb, I don't drop them. I can tell you everyone I want to punch in the face from 5th grade to date. I doubt Wil's list includes physical violence.

I was at a crossroads. I ditched my friends. Not all at once, but we started growing apart. I didn't want computers or hamsters or RC cars. I wanted varsity sports and chicks. We were still tight through 9th grade but I started hanging out with new people. I scored my first GF in Sept. of freshman year. By the time graduation rolled around I found myself with an entirely different crowd. You know the drinking after games looking for beautiful babies cruizing the loop crowd. The transition was pretty easy. Get a girlfriend and hang out with the upperclassmen on the soccer team.

Revenge was sweetly mine at the end of my junior year in high school. I was knee deep in varsity letters all-conference awards and such for soccer and football (I also had 3 band letters and 3 academic letters but those aren't nearly as cool, in fact they are negative cool) and ran through all the chicas I cared to.

I was in line at Mustard's, the burger/BBQ joint across the street from my high school. We had open campus for lunch. You had 55 minutes to go anywhere you wanted. Missy walked up and started chatting me up. She was hitting on me. I consider this my very first hammer drop. I don't remember exactly what I said to her, I'm sure it was more abrasive than it needed to be. But fuck her, or not, in this case.

College was more of the same, right up to the end of first semester sophomore year. I was a player for all of 3.5-4 years. I hung it up. But what a ride. My biggest regret? I don't really have any friends from high school any more. I have a few that my parents are actually closer to than I am. Those guys that I dropped around freshman year, they are still tight, as far as I know. I don't know if my ride was worth it.

Look at me. Now I'm 33 and fat and blogging. I think my divergent paths crossed back over and I hopped back onto the first one. I could have arrived here without the letters or high school boozing, maybe.

So what the hell does this all have to do with my inner geek? Last night I registered domain names, 14 of them, for the first time. Granted, 12 of them were for my technically inept friend, you know the one that considers me a computer expert, but two were for me. I wonder how many domain names my 8th grade friends have registered? I guess I am just old enough and wise enought to realize and understand all the different types of cool. Unlike the latter, my domains point to this blog, cause I didn't stick it out long enough (10 lines of basic) to learn how to put together my own sight and leave blogger in the dust. But someday.

*I just bought Licensed to Ill last night on I-tunes. I've got it cranked right now.

Brass Mother Fucking Monkey

Monday, January 23, 2006

The State of the Chilly Address

My birthday has come and gone. I turned 33 on Friday. A few things to note about a birthday on January 20th. First, every so often you get a day off in honor of MLK Jr. (as a Jr. myself I don't like the Jr. being left out. His dad didn't get the Federal Holiday, after all). Every four years a new POTUS is innagurated on my birthday. I have the distinction of being born on the same day that Nixon was innagurated into his second term in office. Joy. These two days collided in 1997 when Clinton was innagurated into his second term. Do the federal staffers that have to work the innaguration get time and a half? Comp time? Hmmm. It won't happen again until 2025 so I guess there is some time to figure that out. Hmmm. 2025 the first Minority POTUS is innagurated? Seems plausible.

So Anyway for my birthday I went with the wife and child to my favorite steak joint and downed a 20 oz. porterhouse. Salad with blue cheese, baked potato with the works, some beer and a bit of cheesecake to finish it off. My only regret was being too mannered to pick up the bone and finish that sucker off properly. The place I enjoy for steaks doesn't have booster seats or high chairs. Its more of a bar with steaks than a steak place with a bar. Knowing this we came armed with the portable booster for the little Chilly. He was not going to be denied a large portion of his mother's 16 oz filet just because they want to deter children.

Here it is in a nutshell. The State of Chilly:


6 handed SNG's

I was chatting with TooloftheMan the other day. He said he was playing on FTP so I decided to check him out. I noticed that he was playing a 6 handed SNG. I had never played one so I asked him about it. He said he thought they were +ev so I decided to give it a shot. So far I have played one $10 and about 6 $5's. I won one with 2 seconds and a bubble. I am about dead even from a buy-in perspective, but my game has thankd me a great deal. The aggression factor has helped as has the lowering of the hand selections. In short the 6 handed sng's are like poker crack. I am hooked.

PLH is a game that I don't know how to play.

The most frustrating thing in online poker.....

Going Pro

I was able to secure a copy of this software. I challenge Otis, Hank, Iggy, G-Rob and Absinthe to a game. There is no way I can lose. Its a lock. Just like CJ calling an all in with bottom pair and a gutshot, I'm good.

Hey, wait a minute, maybe this is CJ's secret? But how does he do it live?


Where is the auction for the live version of this software?

Dammit Dammit.

Oh well at least its official. Online poker is now self rigged.

Someone tell Rini to reconfig the RNG over at FTP. Otherwise I'm going to be crushering it later tonight.

If you don't believe me just ask these people:

User Testimonials

"Instant Download, Quick Install, GREAT RESULTS!!"
- Marcus Huley

"Satisfied with software. Thank you."
- Jimmy K. in Miami Florida

- Bernard Repan

"Very useful piece of software. I already won $300 since this morning!"
-Paula in Las Vegas

"I am still speechless from when I first started seeing opponents cards."
- Gerald Rogers

"Looks like I'm going to be playing all night!!! This is one slick poker cheat!!!!"
- Dave in New York

"I won a total of $1250 on Party Poker! Poker rng was the best purchase of my life!"
- Kyle Netle

"Unique and Handy"
- Jennifer Webber

"Up and running in seconds. Thanks for all of your help."
- Jasmine B.

"If it's not magic, it's some damn good programming!"
- Denis Jacobs

"Its like Snakes on a Plane!"

Thursday, January 19, 2006

"And not that there won't be plenty of flashing in Soulard next month."

What are you doing on Feb. 25th? If you usually make 'Nawlins your Mardi Gras destination of choice but are a bit unsure of the hurricane induced levels of increased lawlessness why not check out the Mardi Gras celebration in the 'Lou?

Oh yeah, we have 5 casinos and 3 card rooms too. In case the boobs and booze aren't quite enough for you. The Mardi Gras bars do close at 11 pm so you'll need to be ready to pass out or move the party anyway.

Thanks to TooloftheMan for the link. Talk to him if you get one of those pesky public unrination tickets.


I found an easy, dummy proof (if you can't follow these instructions ask your doctor about the Joe special) way to connect to a IRC channel.

Step 1. If you haven't already, download the latest version of Firefox. This is the browser you should be using anyway you windows using nerf herder. I didn't link to the Mac page because we Mac users are a superior breed able to navigate the web ourselves.

Step 2. Make Chatzilla your first extension. Install it.

Step 3. IM or email your favorite blogger and ask for the server and channel information. I will tell you that Chatzilla loads with a hyperlink to the correct server.

Step 4. Check out other extensions such as those for blogging like this and this one for you LJ users.

Step 5. Launch Chatzilla. Log in and brag about how great you are.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blog Fog

My posts are fewer and farther between as of late. Its funny, but ever since watching Finding Forrester I can never remember when to use further instead of farther and vice-versa. Its funny because up until I saw that movie I never gave it a thought and I believe that I was right most of the time. Once confronted with the real definition and proper usage of the words I doubt myself and have to resort to webster.com.

That is a pretty good analogy for my poker game as of late as well. Ever since I started reading the books and the instructional blogs I find myself playing a more mechanical game full of doubt. I fold AJ0 in late position to an open raise, why, well Im dominated of course. (And I broke G-Rob with my AK utg vs his 2 pair AJ and I can't have that happen to me.) I do see monsters under the bed. I don't make imaginitive or creative plays. Partly because I am playing lower limits where level 2 or 3 can be a handicap and partly because I know too much and I can fold KQs on the button to a single open raiser.

So what is the result? I play SNG's and MTT's and I constantly find myself shortstacked. I hold my breath, wait for good cards and end up pushing at the end with what ever crap I am dealt. As for imaginative or creative plays, I have made two as of late that stand out in my mind. They stand out because they made me extremly uncomfortable when I made them and they both paid off big time.

I call these creative/imaginative but you can feel free to lable them donkey/lemurish.

Hand #1. 2/4 BBJ table on Party. The Princess was there to witness this one. As the preflop betting closed I im'd her to say I was making a donkey play, but that it was my last hand.

UGT with A5 spades. I limp and it comes back as three bets to me so I cap it. Might as well try to represent as strong hand now. Three see the J high 2 spade flop. It goes around for one bet. I turn the nuts and it goes around for one bet again. River is the 4 spade on board so no extra river action for me. I do get paid by the guy with TT and one spade though. The pot was 12.25 BB's and I netted 7.75 BB's.

What I liked about this hand: The willingness to limp and cap pre-flop. This gave me instant credibility in the hand and earned me enough fold equity that a check raise later on might have induced a fold. I was unlucky with the 4th spade on the river or I think I could have extracted at least one more bet.

What I didn't like about the hand. Hand selection. I played A5s UTG and ended up in a capped pot. i would rather take 89s to war here than A5s. I also value called my nuts on fourth street. That is a questionable play, but the right one in the long run I think. If the 4th spade doens't hit I think I get 1-2 more bets on the river.

Hand #2. I am two tabling a MPS sng and a .50/1 table on Party. The hand is from the .50/1 table. I am on laptop so the tables overlap. (adjustable windows anyone?) I also have the irc open, which plays an important role. I have something of not happen and I go to click on the IRC window just as the PP window pops to ask me to act.

I make it three bets in the cutoff with A7o. Oooops. We are four to a flop of 267 (2 clubs). I am last to act and I have TPTK. Check, Check, Bet, I call, Call Call. Four to the turn, which is a beautiful 7 of diamonds. Check, Check, Bet, I raise, fold, re-raise, Call, I cap, Call, Call. Three to the river which is an 8 which I don't like as it completes the str8 out there. I have also been check raised on the turn. Hmmmm. Check, Check, I bet, Raise (check raised twice), Call and I call.

Check Raiser flips 74hearts, caller flips QQ and I take it down with my A kicker. The pot is 25.75 BB's and I net 17.75.

What I liked about this hand? Getting lucky and turning trips.

What I didn't like? Everything else. I was behind until the turn. I didn't cap on the river due to being scared of a str8 or a boat. (Is that reasonable?) Why the guy with QQ didn't cap it pre-flop I don't know.

What do I take away from these hands? Mixinup your starting hands once in awhile can be good for your game, I guess. What has it changed? Nothing, I am still a rockish dope that can't steal blinds. Yes I realize I am trying to apply lessons from limit ring games to NL MTT's and SNG's but I think in this case the theme applies. Rocks and maniacs are easy to beat. I have to lossen up my game if I want to get ahead.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pet Peeves

If you have 3.5 BB's left in a tourney and limp under the gun and then call my BB special AJo all in bet with K70 and then I flop a jack and you river a J high str8 I get peeved.

If you wear your cell phone and other extranious electronic paraphanalia on your belt I get to snicker and call you batman. A dorky version of the Adam West Batman, not a cool dark knight. If you are with your dorky friends with the same outfits on I will snicker and assign names such as Robin, Batgirl etc. to your entire dorky crew.

Stand outside my cubicle and inform me of why the decisions I make at work have been poorly thought out when you really mean that those decisions make more work for you.

Schedule a call or meeting between 11am and 1pm. That is my lunch window. I will be out of the office for 1 hour during that window. I need that one hour to make it through the skull drudgery of my day.

Schedule a call and not log in for it. Almost as bad as promising an agenda that never arrives and stammering through 30 minutes on the phone trying to remember why we're on the call.

Wearing a belt and suspenders.

Telling me that your piss water domestic macrobeer is better than my piss water domestic macrobeer.

Go to a dining establishiment and special order more than salad dressing on the side. Order off the damn menu or cook it yourself.

Informing me that I am fat or bald. Duh. I own a mirror.

Thinking that your life is anywhere as interesting as my life.

Telling me how great your kid is in that special "oh yeah, well my kid can do that plus infinity" voice. They are little kids. Lets wait to compare until they are 25. Whoever's kid isn't in therapy, dead or in jail wins. 'Kay?

Give me unsolicited parenting advice. Listen, I am way smarter than you. Just because Johnny has reached 4 years old without hospitalization or jail time doesn't make you an expert. If I want advice I'll ask my dad and his 33 years experience. If I happen to notice you are a qualified expert and I seek your advice feel flattered because that was hard on my ego.

Take a conference call in your cubicle and use the speakerphone.

Host a baby shower, wedding shower, birthday party, going away party or any other function with food in the conference room next to my cube and not a.) invite me or b.) shut the door so I can work.

Live in the midwest and have to ask what time it is in L.A. or NYC. Or vice versa. Unless you are/were trying to determine the time in Indiana in June from LA, not know what time it is any where in the upper 48 is not allowed, Doorknob.

Act offended when I pay you to perform a job and ask that you actually perform ALL of the functions I hired you for.

Flame bad poker players in the chat. If they suck, don't tell them, they might not know. If you chase my mark away I'll be pissed. Did you ever see a full time pro player flame a guy? It happens, but not often.

Yeah, but who among us hasn't?

Busted GRob
Originally uploaded by pokerstage.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I don't think this one qualifies

Rules are for games. There are no rules to blogs. (Well one, Don't Blog Like a Pussy) If you don't want to read it, click some where else. Here I'll make it easy for you:


With that said. I proceed to break them all.

1) Don't post bad beat stories
I got all my money in on the flop with AA and he hit a runner runner flush, no pair and two undercards to the board and he called. That's a bad beat.

2) Don't post hand histories
Here is one lucky hand history post.

3) Don't whine about losses
I went to the boat last night and dropped a buyin. I was soooo card dead. I didn't hit a flop in five orbits.

4) Don't post pics of kids or pets

5) Give your opinion
I think I am a better pitch player than Felicia. I also think that St. Charles, MO is the intellectual capital of the world.

6) Are you a poker journal, or not?
I am a blog with poker content. Like the majority of "poker blogs" out there.

7) Try to act serious about your play
If I play like a donkey I'll admit it. That doesn't mean I'm not serious.

8) If you are going to enable comments, actually REPLY when someone leaves one
Balls in your court.

With all that being said I hope the doctor appointment goes/went well!

This post was brought to you by Felicialee.blogspot.com. Felicia is the #1 name in St. Louis (Charles) poker! When you think St. Louis and poker, think Felicia, mostly because it drives her crazy.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Hey there is one

Pictures 021
Originally uploaded by joaquinochoa.
Thank to the Rooster there is a picture that proves I was at a table with a superstar and a movie actor.

In case you don't know......
Left to right:
Me in red hat.
Al (standing)
Hank (at table to my left, can you can fffffucccckkk?)
unknown female(standing)
Some dude from Gee-Vegas (standing)
Wil Wheaton
Donkeypuncher (Standing, those are his chips in front of me)

A step in the right direction

I posted about making progress in my tourney game. So since I actually see the progress I thought I'd post a bit more about exactly how I am progressing and where I need to do some work.

Tightness. This has never been a problem. In fact I am a bit too tight. I try to apply a tight early, loosen as time passes theory. But I find myself somewhat short stacked because I haven't won enough pots or stolen enough blinds to stay at par. If anything I need to be able to pull the trigger in LP with KTs and try to steal. Thats right. After reading the LGB I need to start stealing a lot more often. Hand selection isn't usually a problem, except with the lack of stealing thing.

Aggression. I have ramped it up. If I am going to be tight then I better give myself two ways to win most every pot I am in. Example. I am in the BB with KK and UTG raises to 3x and it folds to me. I re-raise to make it 7x to go. He smooth calls. A smooth call here sends of the warning bells. I immediatly put him on AK, AA, KK, QQ and maybe JJ. If he's an idiot he smooth called with AQ or TT or worse, right? The flop comes Axx no flush or straight draws. I scream "fuck" in my solitary hotel room and proceed to bet out 3/4 of the pot. He folds. Wow. I think "Agression is cool." Then he chats that he has KK so it was a really easy laydown. "First in to win". Agression is really cool.

Style/quality of play. Since I play tight (overtight) I try to build the pot as much as possible pre-flop with quality hands. I raise or re-raise constantly since my VP is only 10-12 anyway. I also try to pick out players that I think I can make lay it down. Here is where I really try to steal. In the tourney this week I find 55 in MP. I am sitting something like 21st/34 with a less than average stack. 18 pay so I figure I need to win a race to cash. I raise it to 3 or 3.5 times BB. Here is my thought process.
-The BB is a defender/ restealer. If I push all-in he may fold a hand he would defend with and this takes away my ability to re-steal if he's frisky.
Well he pushes all in and I call. AK vs 55. Just what I was hoping for.
I play much better pre-flop than I do post flop. Especially online I have a difficult time of putting people on a range of hands. I always think I am getting slowplayed and constantly check/fold or check/call scary boards. Thus the need to ramp the agression and to try to get it in as much as possible pre-flop against superior players. I mean come on, do you want to play AK against someone post flop when you whiff?

Lucky. You have to get lucky to make your way in a tourney. I lucked out twice in this last one. I got my shortstack 99 all in pre-flop against an open raiser I thought I could move off his hand. He had QQ, but I flopped a set. I got my TT all in against AQ. Flopped A was beat by rivered T. Even if its just winning races you have to do it to win a tourney. Important note, both of the suckouts above occured after yahoo! informed me that CJ was now online. Coincidence?

I read Phil Gordon's LGB yesterday on the plane. Very nice. I also watched final table poker last week when I was home sick. Phil's style is one I think I can emulate.

Biggest problem in my tourney game? I don't consider the tournys as one big poker match. I try to survive each of them instead of trying to win one. I have to consider the economies of scale in tourny poker and play more for practice and better suc(k)cess. I need to make the right decisions and wait for my string of right decisions to result in a big cash or win.

Glass Houses

Really? Brain damage from herpes aquired from having a "Blood sucking circumcision"??? So let me get this straight. You not only cut the most sensitive part of your son's body, you then let a herpes infected môhel suck on your infants penis? If I weren't so level headed I'd think a few charges could be brought as a result.

Child endangerment.

But of course this was an accident that came about as a result of a religious ceremony so there will only be a PR campaing to educate against the dangers. How about prosecution just like if the kids had been bitten by venemous snakes at the ceremony. Maybe the answer is to say an anti-herpes prayer at the end of the ceremony? It things like this that make me think I might start voting for democrats.

Good thing the parents weren't an atheist gay couple or the child might have been whisked away for a life of protection in foster care.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A bit of improvment

I have been working on my tourney game as of late. Finally I cashed. Nothing big, but still I am seeing real improvement in my game. I finished 12/134 last night. Not a big score, but perhaps a harbinger of things to come.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sweating PG

I'd reference this article from Wil but Phil uses his own references.
PlayPerfect (Observer): Phil, playing on the WPT in '06?
Phil Gordon: no WPT unless they change their film release
DUCKETTS (Observer): why do all pros hate the fiml realease
Phil Gordon: cann't get into itnow Ducketts... look at wptfan.com for details

Phil on a Famous Author/Poker Guy
swhogan35 (Observer): phil...waht do you think of lee jones low limit hold em"
Dealer: wahoo_will has 15 seconds left to act
swhogan35 (Observer): is it a worth while book to read
Phil Gordon: decent, though he's a tool personally

I see Phil suck out AK vs AK and 89 vs QT with a 96Q flop
Dealer: Phil Gordon shows [8h 9h]
Dealer: schoops shows [Qc As]
lynnagogo (Observer): do you ever go downtown?
fishybet (Observer): rigged.
wahoo_will: oh my
kurtissimo (Observer): uh oh
Dealer: Phil Gordon shows a full house, Nines full of Eights
Dealer: schoops shows two pair, Queens and Nines
PinotBuzz (Observer): lol
Dealer: Phil Gordon wins the pot (11,050) with a full house, Nines full of Eights
skik210 (Observer): hahahaha
kurtissimo (Observer): here it comes
Dealer: Hand #367517519
skik210 (Observer): ridiculous!
Phil Gordon: rigged rigged rigged riggeed
Bosox8510 (Observer): wow
philklitkiller00: lol nh
lynnagogo (Observer): jesus
skik210 (Observer): how does he make that call??
drcossack (Observer): Go phil
dookiebil (Observer): haha
Phil Gordon: rigged rigged rigged rigged

On Dave Foleys Sexuality
VegasGrinder (Observer): PHIL FOLEYS GOTTA BE GAY RIGHT?
drcossack (Observer): WTH?
Bosox8510 (Observer): haha
Altendorf (Observer): bubble coming up soon
lynnagogo (Observer): i couldn't help myself.. he was a sociology professor and i was young and idealistic
Phil Gordon: no not gayh

Phil Pimps Deo
Phil Gordon: try "DEGREE" for $5 off
Dealer: duval64 wins the pot (3,780)
ElBaum (Observer): ?
Dealer: Hand #367422684
MJSamp: gross
Stylopora (Observer): phil is there more skill in pot limit than no limit due to not being able to go all in pre flop
drcossack (Observer): I had it off for about 5 seconds to confirm the miners survival on CNN.
Phil Gordon: some say so
Stinger777 (Observer): ty Phil
senditbiotch (Observer): wow wtf was that E tyme???
fishybet (Observer): "degree"?
Dealer: duval64 has 15 seconds left to act
Phil Gordon: yes
Phil Gordon: DEGREE
poker147258 (Observer): PHil, can you send me an autograph?
saxtonRD (Observer): Nice Laydown E Tyme
Dealer: charlielips wins the pot (300)
Dealer: Hand #367424109
wahoo_will: PSU or FSU ???? whats your fav tonight... I think i go with PSU (But I am a Bama Fan)
Phil Gordon: poker, go to my website and you'll find info on that

Phil on his avatar
HojoMofo (Observer): how come your angry face looks like you are going to the bathroom?
Dealer: Hand #367538675
Reckless311 (Observer): haha
FB1417 (Observer): great play trips
Phil Gordon: no idea Reckless
PrincessNicki (Observer): What's it take to get that pic I want, Phil?
FB1417 (Observer): triple up the short stack
Phil Gordon: here is my constipated look

Phil on Jennifer Tilly
Antetime (Observer): How did Jennifer Tilly win??????
Phil Gordon: no idea
Reckless311 (Observer): seif x2
Dallas24 (Observer): jennifer tilly is hot
lynnagogo (Observer): take a number botox
Phil Gordon: channeled Chucky I think ;-)

Phil is just funny
Matador II (Observer): who wrote the NEW DEAL and the LITTLE GREEN BOOK?
drcossack (Observer): lol
fishybet (Observer): never heard of the new deal.
drcossack (Observer): FDR
wahoo_will: whatever
hobolynnagogo (Observer): wtf are bayou bengals?
Phil Gordon: NEW DEAL was Roosevelt. Little Green Book is my book

Sorry Ladies, Phil is spoken for
Fuel55 (Observer): when are you coming to vancouver?
fishybet (Observer): forgot about that.
Jack258 (Observer): I just purchased LGB
kurtissimo (Observer): LOL
PrincessNicki (Observer): lynn, did you ask me if I want to tag team?
Bosox8510 (Observer): anyone read any of hellmuths books
Dealer: HOBO TRIPPS shows [7d Ad]
Dealer: randypremier shows [2c Ac]
fishybet (Observer): american history and all.
Phil Gordon: soon, my girlfriend lives in Vancouver

Phil's next gig.
FT4OLSC (Observer): Are you hosting anything new now that you are not doing CPS?
Dealer: Hand #367567600
Phil Gordon: maybe FT4
DEALERMIKE (Observer): see that is so classy phil...
Phil Gordon: we'll see
DWMREP (Observer): does anyone know how tyo get to the graveyard in zelda?
Phil Gordon: I'm under contract but the show may not go

I don't know Andy?
Phil Gordon: how about everyone left pledging 1% to the Bad Beat on Cancer?
schreckdevil (Observer): u can use paypal
Andy Bloch (Observer): phil, speaking of jordan, did anything come of the gift idea?
Phil Gordon: http://www.preventcancer.org/, make your pledge online

Howard's in a dry spell? Poker or otherwise?
PlayPerfect (Observer): can you explain Howard's dry spell?
DUCKETTS (Observer): what up Andy
HojoMofo (Observer): Nassau is a dump though
ElaborateDream (Observer): Howard's a jerk. : )
Phil Gordon: his wife is pissed? ;-)
Reckless311 (Observer): howard is unlucky
wahoo_will: thats wrong... and funny
schreckdevil (Observer): i just did it
PlayPerfect (Observer): hasn't made a final table in forever?
Dealer: randypremier wins the pot (4,050)
Dealer: Hand #367575351
Andy Bloch (Observer): howard hasn't played many events
HojoMofo (Observer): St.Martins is the shiznit though
fishybet (Observer): and by forever, you mean last year.
GRS721 (Observer): not on nassau though
Phil Gordon: he's been busy doing stuff other than playing poker
Andy Bloch (Observer): he's been busy doing other tings

Phil Gordon: seriously, check out http://www.pokerstove.com/ and do these things yoursslf... more instructive that way
Andy Bloch (Observer): Hickok six card poker
Andy Bloch (Observer): http://www.andybloch.com/members/ to read story aobut hickok

Phil Gordon: no
Phil Gordon: i hope not

HojoMofo (Observer): Phil, did you ever just wanna strangle some sense into the celebs?
Phil Gordon: yes Hojo
flipstaznak (Observer): how about Rodman folding the trip Qs?
lynnagogo (Observer): i really got scared watching rodman play
king1978 (Observer): that was hysterical
Phil Gordon: he told me later he thought she had two pair

Phil on Privte lessons
pocketpair (Observer): phil... how much info can you pack into a private 30 min phone lesson?
Phil Gordon: Seth Meyer's final table was well played
Dealer: wahoo_will has 15 seconds left to act
VaStudForU (Observer): actually Howie mandel was pitiful..not just bad..lol
DEALERMIKE (Observer): how about dave navarro??
ChiSoxWhat (Observer): yeah but dule was clueless
kurtissimo (Observer): Or is that like asking which politician is the most dishonest?
Phil Gordon: how fast you can you ask questions pocketpair?
jcal52 (Observer): i thought the 6th championship was the best
ChiSoxWhat (Observer): lol
vegarmo (Observer): matt perry played a bit too tight
VegasGrinder (Observer): why does james woods believe hes so good phil?
pocketpair (Observer): good question
swhogan35 (Observer): hey anybody know of free poker databases for hand histories?
lynnagogo (Observer): oh oh.. was howie really a germaphone with those gloves?
flipstaznak (Observer): David Cross was best repeat player no?
lynnagogo (Observer): that was so odd
StxJimmy (Observer): He has 'em pretyped, lol
VegasGrinder (Observer): is he deluded or what?
FT4OLSC (Observer): what about that chick who kept kissing the old man!!??
Dealer: duval64 shows a pair of Jacks
Dealer: wahoo_will shows a pair of Kings
Dealer: wahoo_will wins the pot (48,200) with a pair of Kings
THEANSWER15 (Observer): on celeb i like mekhi phifer
Jack258 (Observer): Culkin was the best player on there
ChiSoxWhat (Observer): nah james woods
pocketpair (Observer): so, do homework first, then set up the lesson?
tadow0723 (Observer): Woods is good
kurtissimo (Observer): Howie claimed he'd never played before
Phil Gordon: sure
fishybet (Observer): duval, play so solid, then donk it off.
Phil Gordon: read LGB then set up the lesson
ChiSoxWhat (Observer): woods plays real well
lynnagogo (Observer): LMAO ft.. wendy pepper?
wahoo_will: hey they really did find the miners!
kurtissimo (Observer): Someone told me they saw a celeb fold the nut straight once
pocketpair (Observer): ok
kurtissimo (Observer): Anyone see that? I didn't
Phil Gordon: or you can play online and we can talk about the hands while you play.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Chilly in South Cakalacky

Thats right. I'm in the land of fishy poker and limited wit. Too bad I'm much to far from G-Vegas to make a big cash. But with $75 per diem and countless bars and dining establishments near I'm sure that I can make a healthy dent in the Charleston landscape.