Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A year in the rear view......

I want to express my triumphs and failures, my pain and joy. I want to impart the wisdom of all that I have learned in the past year. But I'm afraid its pretty simple:

1.) I wasn't as unprepared as I thought I would be.
2.) Anyone that tells you they know the "secret" is blowing smoke up your wazoo. The only secret is putting in the hours and the work.
3.) Books are a good place to start, but every situation is different and can't be replicated in a book scenario.
4.) I now know enough to know that I don't know nearly enough but that I'll am capable of learning as I move along.
5.) Don't try to get your way by asking a question. Questions raise more questions than they answer. Make a statement to move in a specific direction. Aggression is the better option most of the time.
6.) Line up as many potential sitters a possible, otherwise you'll spend New Year's Eve at home watching movies.

What? You thought this was a poker post? Nope. Little Chilly turned one year old on Monday.

One year ago today I was busily installing a car seat to bring Little Chilly home from the hospital. We had his birthday celebration on Monday. You know how when you're a kid (or non-driving spouse) and you fall asleep in the car and wake up sometime later to be seeminly transported 400 miles in the blink of an eye?

That was this year.

Only without the sleep part.

All ready the backchat and signaling has begun to start planning for LC#2. Good Gawd. If a blog says "Hey, what the world could really use is more of MEEEEEE!" Then what does spawning off a few chitlin's say?
Okay really with the poker stuff. My game has been stuck. Or I have been stuck with it. Or I am stuck in something. I'm not sure which.

The retrospective.

I started in the Casinos at 3/6 LHE. I soon moved to the $500 max 2/5 NL. I never really beat the 3/6 game and attributed that to the lousy fishy play of 6 to a flop no foldem. Thats what made me make the jump to NL. I figured the game would be tighter and I'd be able to actually play a bit of poker. Well in retrospect I was a NL fish, just not the fishiest at the table. I slowplayed AA. I saw everyflop with pocket pairs. I tried to manage my short term session wins to my long term detriment.

My NL game was really shitty, but I booked a good amount of wins and was up 500% on NL going into Vegas last June. I arrived on Thursday and sat at a $1-2 NL table at the MGM and dropped 2 buyins. One to runner runner (rebuy) and one to overplaying AK (dumb move). Then I lost another buy in a day or so later at the Excal when my flopped set got rivered by the guy chasing the flush that I didn't bet out of the pot on the flop, and then I didn't have enough left to get him out on the turn. Anywaaaaaay. I stopped playing NL. I was gunshy. The thought of casino NL made me sick to my estomago. Literally sick.

I have not sat at a NL table in STL since. Instead I have been on a steady diet of LHE. Oh I play SNG's and blogger tables occasionally but I don't really "play", you know what I mean.

I bought into party in June or July and started by donking around the $5 and $10 SNG's. Then the BBJ started to get high around September so I started to play the 2/4 BBJ tables. I crushered (wesleyed) those tables for a month. By crushered I mean I moved my Party bankroll up 800%. So I thought to myself, "self, all the cool kids play 15/30 and 20/40. If you read a bit and start pounding at this you could play there too."

Insert the 3/6 slide here. I droped 1.5 buyins at 3/6 over the course of a month and reverted back to 2/4 where I have lost one buy-in since October 1. Basically I am slightly stuck since I had my run in September. I have become much tighter and much more agressive.

Here are the stats from PT:
9/01/05-9/30/05 (September)
Hands - 2,255
bb/100 - 7.31
VP - 23.33
Saw flop all hands - 28.65
Aggression including pre-flop - 1.16
Aggression w/o pre-flop - 2.16
Raised preflop - 7.41%
Folded to river bet - 38.89%
Went to Showdown - 30.96
Won $ at Showdown - 52

10/01/05 - 10/31/05 (October)
Hands - 5768
bb/100 - (.22)
VP - 17.42
Saw flop all hands - 22.21
Aggression including pre-flop - 1.42
Agression w/o preflop - 2.51
Raised preflop - 7.59%
Folded to river bet - 42.06
Went to Showdown - 26%
Won $ at Showdown - 51.65%

11/01/05 - 11/30/05 (November)
Hands - 2344
bb/100 - 1.72
VP - 13.87
Saw flop all hands - 20.22
agression including preflop - 1.19
agression w/ preflop - 1.97
Raised preflop - 5.42
Folded to river bet - 36.67%
went to Showdown - 26.37%
Won $ at Showdown - 60%

Hands - 1482
bb/100 - (3.18)
VP - 14.31
Saw flop all hands - 18.49
agression including preflop - 1.12
agression w/ preflop - 1.95
Raised preflop - 5.53
Folded to river bet - 25.97%
went to Showdown - 24.82%
Won $ at Showdown - 48.53%

Okay never mind. I think I see the problem I started playing tighter and was getting more aggressive then I started to play like a pussy. I mean 7bb/100 can't last forever, but I have become a passive chaser that can't lay down AA. And here I thought I was killing it with the aggression. Thanks poker tracker. Thanks to the princess for listening to my unsubstantiated half truths earlier today. I guess I gotta get my aggression up a lot and my VP up a little.

After all you can't crack AA if you don't see the flop.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Gone Daddy Gone

Until last week the phrase Gone Daddy Gone only ment the title of a Violent Femmes Song:

Beautiful girl lovely dress
High school smiles oh yes
Beautiful girl lovely dress
Where she is now I can only guess
Cause it’s gone daddy gone
Your love is gone
Gone daddy gone
The love is gone away
When I see you
Eyes will turn blue
When I see you
Thousand eyes turnin blue
Tell by the way you that you switch and walk
I can see by the way that you baby talk
I can know by the way you treat your man
I can love you baby til it’s a cryin
Beatiful girl lovely dress
15 smiles oh yesBeautiful girl lovely dress
Where she is now I can only guess

So I give you this:
Snailtrax Google Cache


Screen Shot from such.

I hate hippys anyway.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas

It has come on gone. The boy is now in land of nod. He awoke and opened packages and played. He ate summer sausage, breakfast casserole, sweet potatoe puffs, bananas and mixed berries and drank milk and apple juice. He begged to take a nap, to recharge to spend the afternoon playing with his new toys and entertaining his parents and grandparents.

Best. Christmas. Ever.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

G-Rob had a point but so did I.....

Last Saturday night us nerdy nothing better to do trapped at home poker types were on the IRC supporting our fellow players and talking shit. I spoke out of turn and the Princess whipped it out and put me in my place. Yes I am still sore that she cracked my AAKK double suited with some crap hand. An no I don't want to play her heads up for reals.

I was sweating some fantastic tourney play and donking at some NLH. After what seemed like years G-Rob finally got connected to the new fangled IRC. He and I were both watching SNL. I was on Tivo delay and he was on real time. I didn't know I was on delay until much later. So he was commenting on suff I hadn't seen yet and I was countering with things from 30 minute earlier. Anyway.....

G-Rob stated that SNL had sucked for a long, long time and I agreed, with the caviat that for every 90 minutes there is one nugget of gold to be mined. Now why is the conversation the subject of a post? Well BMac from pokerblues emailed me this today. It is truly the 2 minutes of gold of which I spoke. Now if only SNL would ask Wil to host so they could produce this sketch.

"You can call us Aaron Burr from the way we're dropping Hamiltons"

Monday, December 19, 2005

San Dimas High School Football Rules!

So I went to the Rams vs Eagles game yesterday. Rams were +3 on turnovers (great) and had 15 penalties (8! false starts). Talk about two teams battling for a draft pick. The tackling was horrible from both teams. The only bright spot was Marshall Faulk who ran for over 80 yards.

Now my rant. I used to be a huge NFL fan. That was until about 2001 after I spent about 2 years living in an NFL city. Uhggggg. Its disgusting. Give me college football any day and any level. I much prefer going to my beloved Drake Bulldogs games than an NFL game these days.

Where to begin? The product. The mistake and sloppy play, the bad officiating, the lack of heart. Missed blocks and blocks in the the back. The prices. $14.50 for a hot dog and a beer. Commercials on the scoreboard at every break. The pace of a televised NFL game is not much better than a MLB game. Give me hockey (if real hockey was in STL this year anyway).

Now lets talk about the realities. Leonard Little for one. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. I can't believe that ownership is so self serving and uncaring about the community that they don't cut this guy. He's a great player, he just shouldn't be in STL anymore. Human decency dictates that. So where does this lack of team morals and ethics begin? I say its starts at the top and filters down to the rest of the organization. But I guess in that world money buys forgiveness. Yes I think the Rams are digusting. In every way. In their play and in the way they conduct business. The problem is that they are more the norm these days rather than the exception.

Friday, December 16, 2005


I am 1 hour and 52 minutes from the first of 2 HOLIDAY parties I have today and Monday. The first one today is a company wide binge and purge at the Sheraton up the street. I suspect that I will get buzzed and stuffed on the company dime.

Monday is our department party. The boss is taking us to, wait for it, .........Dave and Busters.

The best news about both of these parties? They happen during work hours. They don't force us to be social with each other on our own time.

Watching the Princess coast to victory in her Omaha tourney was something to behold. Watching Thomas1960 fold to 2nd was painfull. PokerStars needs to fix that little glitch. Or at least have a support person join the table and let all know that they know that there's a problem.

I miss the Excalibur. I think the 2-6 spread is the best game on the strip. 2-6 spread Vegas Holdem with a half kill is the best game ever.

Dear Trumpjosh: The trumpet only requires 3 fingers to play. How hard could that be? Now the clarinet uses 9 fingers. Thats much tougher.

Gamecock. Everyone watch out. With his combination of youth and free time (no pesky broads taking up his time) he could becme the king of the bloggers. Thats somewhat like being king of the sand people, but hey its something.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


I mentioned in my last post that 1.) I have no Christmas shopping done and 2.) My grandparents have passed away.

1.) is completely true, and 2.) is completely false. Upon writing up and researching my list of things to buy I managed to put my paternal grandfather on the list. This is a man I have seen twice in the last 8.5 years. He was at my wedding and he was at my parents house in February when the boy made his maiden voyage to Iowa. Twice in 8.5 years.

You see, when I talk of my grandparents I let my parternal grandfather slip from my mind. Why is it that I don't see him more? I really don't know anymore. I know there is this tension between him and my mother, mostly mom's I suspect. I know that when I was a kid he and his wife (not my grandmother) would skip out on my birthday parties by leaving notes/cards in the door or even better mailing cards with excuses about them having colds and not wanting to infect anyone.

When you're a little kid and you see one set of grandparents all the time and you hardly ever see the other set you kinda forget about the out of sight set. It is only compounded by your mother never saying a nice thing about them. I know they treated her poorly, and me as well, but I don't know if the actions match the ire. I was a little kid. I didn't really understand.

What I do know is that my Dad's stepmother was a real bitch. She treated all of her step kids like shit. My dad moved out when he was 16. I could barely dress myself at 16 so I can't imagine what that was like. I guess the problem was/is that my stepgrandmother treated her family like royalty and treated my dad and his siblings like shit. This of course extended to the spouses and grandchildren as well. My father's father stood by and let it happen. Shame on him. In his defense he has always been willing to help my dad out. He was a cement contractor and anytime my dad need flatwork (slab, driveway etc.) poured he was there doing it below cost. Small favors I guess, but still it was/is a connection. (Sidenote :The only time I ever saw my Dad shitfaced was when I was about 5 and they had a bunch of people over to put in a driveway. Also the most pissed I ever saw my mom. )

Now to the point. The bitch finally died a while back. I didn't go to the funeral. It would have been impolite to smile. My grandfather made my Christmas present list this year. Why? I have never bought him a Christmas present. I don't have a clue as to what month his birthday is in. I know he's not a great man, I know he is flawed. But who am I punishing by leaving him cut off? Him? Me? My son? Have I gone along with this charade out of respect for my mother's hatred? Was I pissed at him (them) for what they did or simply because they didn't hold up in the shadow of my other grandparents? Or, am a grasping at finding a relationship that is 10% of what I had with my maternal grandfather, a replacement for that huge void in my life?

I guess its all a mix of these things. So what do you get your ~70 year old grandfather for Christmas? I know he likes to fish, he's taken all the other grandkids fishing (never me once) He likes to camp (but not with me). I know he plays poker and likes to bet at the dog track. In fact the only time I remember seeing him in high school I was on my way to a marching band competition really cool field trip and our bus stopped at McDonald's. They were there on their way to the dog track in Omaha. Speaking of Omaha, the first time I ever played was with him, when I was less than 10 years old. But you see that's just it. I can pick out nearly everytime our paths have crossed in the last 32 years. Holy shit I'm going to be 33 next month.

This is much less about the times we did see each other and much more about the times we didn't. For crying out loud I went to high school and college in the same town he lives in. I played varsity sports at both. I don't remember him at one game. My other grandfather missed 1 game. 4 years of high school soccer, 2 years of high school football and 4 years of college football, one game. That's roughly 140 games. It was a road game in Indiana. I hadn't played all year, but got the call due to injury. I made the trip and didn't play a single down.

So yes I see I am a bit bitter with some reason. Was I justified to feel this way, slighted and unloved? Yes. Should I move on? Yes. Will I ever find what I'm looking for in this relationship? Doubtful. Should I look for it anyway? Yes. When it comes down to it my fear with my grandfather is that he'll fall over dead and it will be too late. I'll never know what is and what could have been.

Bored Drivel

I have not picked up a poker chip, real or virtual, since around 4 am Sunday at the Excal. I have continued reading my poker tomes.

I cashed out of the Vegas Holdem table up $160. I turned to the table and screamed "What a bunch of Donkeys" upon learning that I had crushed crushered Wesley'd (THAT's going in the dictionary, btw) the table for $166 after numerous lost prop bets to PokerGeek and Gamecock and a toke-a-down plus double tokes per pot I scooped AND a toke+ for every drink ( a lot!). I was shocked. I had stacked my chips up in a Castle like fashion with my nut buckeye and hand sanitizer on top. I just played off the top and re architected as needed.

The third person. I guess when I'm drunk I refer to myself in the third person. I really think that its annoying when others do it, but hilarious when I do it while drunk.

The WWdN tournys are rescheduled from Friday to Tuesday. No matter. I can't play in these anyway 'cause weeknights (everynight really) between 5 and 8 belong to the boy. The Thursday Warmup is still Thursday, but no longer a warmup. The Thursday Thrash perhaps? 'Cause thats what I'm going to do, thrash the left coasties.

Ann Coulter is a crazy chica. I think she must have cooked too long with the womb set on crazynutsobiznatch. On the other hand, at least she has an opinion. Her parents have got to be hippies and she's the female Alex P. Keaton, is there any other explaination?

While were on politics, other than the few hippie liberals among us is there any doubt that the views of the 107 people that played Saturday are mainly Libertarian?

I am doing a project with a vendor in India. Believe me when I say that non-domestic outsourcing (off-shoring) is not cheaper. You try to figure out what the three guys in Mumbai are trying to say while talking at once and worried that I'm about to pull the plug.

It is December 15th and I have completed exactly 0% of my Holiday shopping. (Suck it Bill O.) I am so screwed. Friday is the office holiday extravaganza, Saturday is the boy's swimming lesson followed by his obligitory 3 hour nap and Sunday the wife is throwing a baby shower while I take in the Rams vs Eagles. Gift Certificates for all I guess. Maybe a canned ham or a slab of bacon.

If I ever write a book that gets turned into a screenplay and then produced into a movie....I'd worry a lot about the casting. I would fear that Tim Robbins or Sean Penn would get a part. Then I'd have to boycott my own movie. No I'm not really THAT anit-liberal hollywood, but come on. Those guys are as undercooked as Ann C is over cooked.

I have an idea for a book, just not the drive, determintation, talent, time or creativity to pull it off. Maybe I should take a class or buy a book on how to write a book. But I still wonder if my movie could have cool action figures. You know that guy that made Rambo cleaned up on the action figures. How many pages/words is a screenplay anyway?

The guy I usually go to lunch with is visiting his parents in India. I ate at my desk today because my back-ups had plans.

My parents are coming to town this year for Christmas. This is the first time they didn't celebrate Christmas at home that I know of. A lot has changed in the 8 years I have been married. I have a kid who will experience Christmas a day short of his first birthday. My Grandparents have passed. My cousin had a daughter. Every Christmas for 20+ years I would wake up, open presents with my parents, get dressed go to my grandparents house, open presents again, eat breakfast, go to my aunts house, open presents and eat dinner.

The boy will be 1 year old in 11 days. The fastest 12 months of my life just passed. I have 23 photos of him on my desk. At this rate I'll have 426 by the time he graduates from high school. Thats a disgusting thought, still at this desk 16.5 years from now. I need an excape path. I just don't see one. I guess its time to grab a shovel and dig my own path. This place is basically a freerole, but it is crushing my sole. The grass is always greener-I have to be careful of that fallacy. Might end up in a better place that I hate even more. So Says I.

Meloncholoy if you couldn't tell. A mix of still strung out from vegas, post lunch food coma and the worst case of gas in months. Listening to The Shins is not helping.

The WSJ says that Quiznos is up for sale, Visto is suing Microsoft and BMW will soon be the worlds best selling premium brand.

Is it just me or have Mercedes and Volkswagen completly missed the mark and oblitirated their brand recogniction? Here's a quick business lesson for you hippie, arty and pro pokers out there. Honda built the Acura brand and Toyota the Lexus brands as entres to the luxury markets. Volkswagen tried to do it with the Volkswagen brand and Mercedes tried to do it in reverse. Okay, So it I have money that I can afford a Lexus, Infinity, BMW, etc, why would I want to take a hit with my monerati friends and buy a Volkswagen, the same brand of car that my secretary drives? and Mercedes, introducint smaller more affordble models to the younger crowd. I see that they are trying to build loyalty and get that early mindshare and loyalty, but their core base of consumers (directors, VPs etc) are going to split when they see newly christened managers driving the same brand. No status. Talk about donking. Nothing like killing 40 years of branding in 5-10 short years.

You can get a HP-Pavillion with 15" flat PANEL monitor for $398 at Wal-Mart. Thats Wal-Marts if you live in rural Illinois.

Sears is getting tough on returns this year. Damn. And I had soooo planned on scamming them ala "knives that won't cut through cans" style.

Better mood now. I switched to Weezer. Yes Iggy, I quit listening to the Shins so that I could listen to Weezer. I'm not afraid to admit that I have 56 different Weezer songs on my Ipod. So suck it. I also have 4 Styx albums. Careful or I'll have "Renegade cranked so loud you'll be able to hear it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Filling in Blanks

I have posted the facts and the timelines. Now I'll fill in a few gaps and reveal a few revelations I had while in el Ciudad de Sin.
First a few facts and figures:
I hit quads at the MGM on Thursday afternoon. Pocket fours with six people in the pot and I flop four fours. I was first or second to act after the flop and I bet out. The table whiffed. Of course nobody else had a four. I got one caller who I check called on the turn. I bet out on the river and he raised me. Freaking sweet! Oh yeah and I finally got to bust out my Radar O'Reily line. "Two pair, fours and fours" Man you should have seen the look in his eyes. He had my two pair beat.....I am an ass.

Quads hit at that table 4 times while I was there for 6 hours. 4's hit three times and 5's hit once. What are the odds on that?

107 people played in the tourney saturday and I finished in 25th (I think). Man do you guys suck. That was my best MTT finish (percentage wise) ever. If I hadn't gotten bad beat with the AK vs KJ I would have made a real dent. If I had not put it all in with AK like I promised myself I wouldn't I still might have made a real dent.

I drank a lot of beer. Most of it on Thursday to Saturday at 11. I didn't drink again until 10 am on Saturday. The shampoo effect was still on and I had to back off for a while.

I only ate at FatBurger once. That was not enough. I did not eat at McDonalds. The most I spent on a meal was $12. No super steak for me.
My thoughts.

The IP. I have been to Vegas three times and stayed there twice. I like, not despite, but because of its flaws. The dirt to cheap ratio is right in my wheelhouse.

Bloggers. What a strange mix of people. Am I the only one that thinks that poker and blogs are the only reason you know these people and also know that if it wasn't for that connection you would never be friends? Marty and I knew each other, but poker made us friends. Dimebag and BMac would have never of crossed that threashold in my life.

G-Vegas. Every bit a nice as I had imagined them all to be. I look forward to my first trip to G-Vegas. I guess its a good thing I'm not a chick or Blood may have thrown a chair or a punch at me.

NYC. I got to hang out with F-Train and Joaquin. You see I grew up in the midwest. I still live in the midwest. When you are born in the midwest a few facts are ingrained into you. You will be polite. You will respect your elders. People from NYC are assholes. My only other real experience with someone from NYC was a boss I had for about a year. She was a real bitch. No more far reaching stereotypes. Now if you're from NYC and not a poker blogger you're an asshole. See I can change.

Lets face it. Geek tries hard but he's an Iowa kid. I am still lifetime stuck to him.

I suck at NL ring games, mostly cause I don't play them that often.

I think Michael Craig is going to do an expose on the Hammer (Grubby) and Vegas Holdem (Grubby and BadBlood? or was it Pauly?). Bloggers will get the due they deserve. Next up is that SoCo sponsorship deal for AL and WPBT Medical and Dental benefits.

Soon enough we'll be a full blown pseudo-political organization. It will be like the model railroaders. (even the model railroaders discriminate against Canadiens) We'll elect officers and hold regional meetings and really fuck the whole thing up. There will be factions and friction and insurance/liability problems. On the plus side, when that happens we'll have enough leverage to get $50/night rates at the MGM so we don't have to walk so damn far to storm the castle. Can you pay your dues in SoCo or a transfer from your Party account?

I would really like to re-start reagular WPBT events. Even if its just once per week. Alternate between stars and FT or something. I think the leader board thing is a great idea. In addition we should be able to negotiate reduced juice. Maybe even a real "regular season" with a top 20 invitational at the end. Different types of tournies. Etc. NL Holdem, Limit Holdem, Omaha, O8, 2-7 3 draw, Crazy Pineapple Stud, Stud 8 Razz etc. One per month. Then the final tourney would be a mixed game event.

How long do we have to wait for team FT to write the code for Vegas Holdem? Git 'er done.

All of you guys are welcome here in flyover land. We have 2 card rooms here in STL with a third and a fourth on the way. The only problem is that max buy for all gambling in STL is $500 every 2 hours.

Iggy is. That's the only way to explain it.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Saturday and Vegas

Saturday was good enough and long enough that it is getting its own post.

Saturday started at midnight of course. I had awoken at 9 Friday night to a phone call from home. I made my way to the MGM. Phil Gordon was there along with Wil and PaulP and Money800. The room was buzzing for sure. Into a 9 handed 3-6 game I went. The table was tight and I managed par. Around 4 our table broke and me, Joaquin and Rini headed to the mixed game table for Crazy Pineapple, O8, 2-7 triple draw, Stud and Stud 8. Yeah. I didn't win a pot. Around 6 I made my way out and back to the IP. It was time for bed before the tourney.

At around 8:30 I heard Marty stirring and I decided to get up. We headed to the Monte Carlo fro breakfast. I don't exactly know how or why we ended up at the MC. We ate and walked back to the IP. Straight to the 3rd floor. The tourney started about an hour late, the delay was mainly to registration as anything else. Bloggers aren't prompt. We had a slated of very good speeches to start the day. I very much enjoyed Charlie Shoten's speech. I thought Michael Craig's speech brought a lot of humor into the game, especially his background about Barry Greenstein. Barry's speech was the straight forward and emotional piece that I would have imagined it being. I'm sorry that so many in the room missed what was being said.

Play started up. My table:
1 Seat - Michael Craig
2 - Me
3 - AlCantHang
5-Human Head
9-Landow (Al's buddy)

Hands of note. I caught 66 and stole from UTG+1. I caught KK and took down a nice chunk preflop after a bet and a raise in front of me. Michael Craig eliminated PokerKat with a Royal Flush that hit right before our table broke.

Then I was moved to table 1.
1. DonkeyPuncher and then Joaquin
2.???? and then BG
3. Aussie!
4. Dr. Chalko?
5. Me
6. ??? and then Hank
7. Wil
10. Someone originally from STL.

My memory really faded here. I sat with about 2-3 K in chips. I stole the blinds with 83 off when it folded to me on the button and I pushed. Next orit it folded to me on the button and I pushed with K10 hearts. Wil doubled me up when I out flopped his 44. Now I had enough chips to play with. I standard raised from ep with KK (tell: this was still 1/3 of my stack I wanted action). I got a raise and an all-in call. I moved all in and we saw a 3 handed flop. I held and was sitting at T9700. I took down DonkeyPuncher's wine bounty, sweet. This was tourney top ten stack. Then it all came apart.

I'm in the SB and it folds to the button who moves in with 44. I look down to find 10-10 and I move in. Hank is in the BB and moves in with QQ. LSS I turn a str8 and Hank rivers a boat. I still have T2700, but I could vaulted into the lead there.

An orbit later I get it all in in the SB with AKs. AKs vs KJ. I flop an A he flops a J and turns a J and IGHN. But wait. Whats that the deal counts it down and I had him covered by T100. Woot! Why Woot, you ask. Because CJ just infromed me that my Last Longer bet team of Me Dr. Jeff and Marty is the only one still intact and that if we stay that way through 9 more bust outs we win a cool $95 each. So I fold for an orbit. I fold AK and 44. By the time I posted my BB we finished first in the Last Longer.


Marty busted at the same time as me and Dr. Jeff went on to bubble out. Gracie won the G-Rob bounty.

Bring on the ring games. I dropped 3 buy'ins in about an hour. The last one I got it in with QQ and lost to a flopped A vs AJ. But wait I had a nut flush with the AK four flush on board. I just mucked the nuts. TILT!

I went back to the room, talked to the wife on the phone and contimplated returning home on the 945 flight. I got it together and made my way back to the third floor. The tourney ended and a bunch of us went to the food park at O'Sheas for dinner. I just remembered I hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast at the MC 8 hours earlier. So I got 2 slices and an Ice Cream cone.

Then we stormed the Castle. I sat originally at a new table with all bloggers. Then BMac came over to say that his table was ultra fishy so I moved there. The 9 seat max raised every pot and the 1 and 8 seats called every time. EVERY POT, EVERY TIME. I could not catch a card, much less 2. I won two pots. The 9 seat got up to use the bathroom and it limped to me in the BB and I turned a straight. The 9 seat busted and I catch KK. I get all of the 8 seats remaining chips on the turn.

So I moved to the feature table. You know, the one with Michael Craig, Otis, Marty, Wil, BadBlood, GameCock etc.? Princess sat for a while as did April and Poker Geek. G-Rob and Hank were there before I sat. We prop bet wheel spins we toked the dealer $10 ($1 each) at the start of a down, there were a few roshambo bets. We jammed pots and straddled and we (they) dropped the hammer. More importantly we played "2-6 spread limit vegas holdem with a half kill" . Heh. Vegas Holdem. I cashed out of that table up a bit (that was luck). But more important than the poker was the conversation and the good time. I know that I managed to stay off "the list" and managed to drink a lot. I had a blast. I think I even dropped my "Tilt Wil" line from this post. But he took it in stride. BadBlood punched a lady dealer. Thankfully he didn't hit her with a chair. Don't forget about "Poker Dude" who came and sat in the 10 seat when princess left and moved to Otissss seat when he left for NL. That guy thought he was playing a donkey table. Like I told Mr. Craig. That was the toughest 2-6 table ever at the excal. He was lamenting/wallowing/enjoying dropping 3 buy-ins at that table. No shame there. Especially when you drop the hammer 5 times like he did.

Finally around 4 I cabbed it back with Badblood, G-Rob and GameCock. Vegas was at an end.

Until next time, when Marty sacks up and gets engaged.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm Back Vegas pt. 1

I made it back tonight. Vegas was a blast. I enjoyed the whole weekend. Here's the quick and dirty re-cap.

Arrived at noon. Made a few calls and got the low down on the MGM as the G-Vegas destination of choice. I made the walk from the IP to the MGM, with a little stop at FatBurger. Who's there? Most of G-Vegas plus StB. I slam down my burger and head over. The 3-6 game was pretty good. I was there until 11:00. The STL boys rolled in and we all caught up with the Thursday mini-storm of the castle.

2-6 spread was the game. I played all night. The Princess was at my table along with Otis and StB and CJ and Marty and finaly Iggy sat. By the time Otis and the Princess left their straddles, and blind raises has loosened the non-bloggers to the max. I went into tight drunk mode. I folded for about 3 hours. Finally I sooped a $200 pot with a set of fives. Next thing I know the floor is coming and asking me, Iggy, Marty, F-Train and StB if we want to play in the 9 am tourney that was about to start. WTF? Its 15 until 9? Shit. Time to rack up and head to Sherwood forest for more booze. We had been running the roshambo side bets all night, so those continued. As did the warped conversation and childish behaviour. Joaquin showed up a bit later to catch the tail end and to see Marty run off and disappear. Thats a story only he can tell.

We cabbed it back to the IP where StB treated me to the IP Buffet. Thanks for the food and the gastrointestinal distress. It was now noon on Friday. time to sleep it off.

I woke up at 9 (pm) when the wife called. We talked for a while. I managed to make it to the MGM by 11. I played a 3-6 table with Joaquin. It was the tightest 3-6 table ever. I gave that up after a long while and made my way to the 2-4 mixed game. I made it back to the room by 6:30 am.

Woke up and went to breakfast at the MonteCarlo with Marty. Yeah, the MonteCarlo. Went to the tourney, played the $100 NL game at the IP, tilted, hit dinner with the boys and then stormed the Castle.

Full tourney and post tourney write-up coming.

Woke up, met Badblood in the lobby and cabbed it to the airport.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Bounties

I mentioned bounties in an earlier post, but I think they are important enough that they deserve their At the WPBT Winter Classic you will see many a busted soul reaching beneath their seat and pulling forth a bounty delivered to the fortunate suckout artist/luckbox that just busted them. In addition several of the more folical bloggers will have a bounty placed upon their heads by friends, fans or pseudo enemies. Typically this ranges from DVD's to t-shirts to books to booze to something that is a complete joke. Something. Last year I gave away slapper cards and an patch from an OB/Gyn conference, but I am sorta twisted.

That is where my bounty on G-Rob comes in. A while back G-Rob was waffling as to his attendance this weekend. I posted a note on the official such and such rini-gram that if G-Rob showed, I'd put a bounty on his head. He's says he's showing so I've got the bounty. Its not that big of a deal but I think its a cool bounty, but you'll have to wait until Saturday to see it not that I am keeping it a secret, I just don't have a photo and my 'xplainin' 'bilities ain't up to snuff.

Now I have to come up with some sort of bounty for myself. I can't have the G-Rob bounty be better than the Chilly bounty. I have a couple of ideas. I have a two pack of Copags that's a possibility. I also have some cards from now defunct Vegas Casinos that are kinda kewl. I could offer a lap dance to the winner, but I don't dance that well. I know, I'll shave my head. Oh, already did that. Hmmm. More thought is needed.

46 hours.........

Monday, December 05, 2005

More WPBT Research

I don't like being caught off guard. I like to be prepared. I have met a lot of the G-Vegas crew, but I have yet to meet TeamScottSmith. I don't know what he/she looks like etc. So I decided to do some research. Thanks to the fine folks over at Google image search I think I am starting to figure out this TeamScottSmith guy.

Step one is what does he/she look like?

I performed a search on "TeamScottSmith" and got this result:

So using this as a guide I set out to find a real photo. I had to use the above evidence and then search again on just "Scott Smith" and compare the results. I have narrowed it down to 11 possibles, ranked from least to most likely.

11.) An 80's rocker dude? Thats a distinct possibility.

10.) Took another bad beat from G-Rob, I guess.

9.) I hadn't considered this angle. Nice 'fro.

8.) Ponytail guy. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

7.) This guy has to be a Wil Wheaton FanBois. I don't get that vibe, but maybe.

6.) He really does blow.

5.) A figure skater? Not likely in the south. They usually drown around the end of February.

4.) I am starting to see a pattern here.

3.) Wow, what is G-Rob doing to him anyway?

2.) Hey, here's the whole team.

1.) Finally, the most likely candidate.

Chilly's Hammer Plates

I lived in the "Land of Lincoln" from June 1997 to August 1999. I was a resident of Illinois until 2000 when my wife finally graduated and joined me in STL. During that time I drove a 1991 Dodge Spirit, Lt. Blue with a V6 (the same V6 that was in the Dodge minivans I was told). That was an okay car with peeling paint but a lot of giddup and go. Anyway....

Illinois has this thing where you get free vanity plates if you have a number at the end. "Chilly" would cost like $75 extra. There is enough room for 7 characters. So only Chilly 0-9. Those were all taken. So I said "How about C-h-i-l-i?" Sure there are lots of those available. "Which one do you want?" The clerk with the crooked Sec. of State office asked. I ran through a list of numbers. My football jersey number-gone, birth year-gone, 69-gone, etc, etc. so on and so on. So I said "just give me the lowest number you have."

And she did.

Saturday, December 03, 2005