Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Splicing the Table - Playing your Opponent's Level

For those of unfamiliar with levels go read this article from Female Poker Blogger's Man of the Decade, Phil Gordon. I'll add to Phil's analysis something that he doesn't see much of outside of Celebrity Poker Crapfest. The Level 0 player. This is this guy looking to gaaaammmmbooool with any two distinctive for usually being all in preflop or on the flop.

I spend a lot of my time on Party playing at tables where I know that I am playing 0-2 Level 0 players, 6-8 Level 1 players and 1-2 Level 2 players. I like to fancy myself that I consistently play at level three. However I think when playing the fishy, low limits on Party I revert back to my days of high school and play at level 1 with a little level 2 sneaking in. Thats what this post is about, the fishy low buy-in NL tables.

I have started assigning values to my opponents. They are 0's, 1's, 2's and ever so rarely 3's. I use this information on how to play my hand against them. Here is an outline of what I do with the information.

First piece of advice I can give you: Don't give into temptation. Play very tight and very aggressive. If you think you can see a cheap flop with small pocket pairs or suited connectors do it, but always jettison that hand if you miss the flop. TP often means missing the flop. You need to hit straight draws, sets or better.

Level 0
Playing the Level 0 player is quite easy. The L0 is looking to have some fun and blowing 25-100 in buyins is a cheap night of entertainment. Or they are just clueless, it doesn't really matter.

You find someone willing to move in with any two crap cards you wait patiently for AA-TT and call. Pray they don't suck out. When people are all in pre flop with Q8 vs Q6 in a ring game I have no hope of even starting to put them on a range of hands when I raise and they re-raise me. Drawing hands such as suited connectors, small pairs and 2 paint really lose value pre-flop because I have no way of putting my opposition on a hand and I really can't justify racing preflop in a ring game. If they don't think at Level 1 I can't think at Level 3. Right?

Well not exactly. You have to think at level 2 and you still have to be disciplined in your hand selection. They may wake up with a hand too, you know? So be careful pushing with 22-99. They think in terms of pairs and sets. L0's think AA is the best hand ever. I have seen them baffled at losing with AA to a straight. Also be careful of this player limping, cold calling 3-5xBB raises. This is a sure sign of AA or KK. Basically play very tight, very aggressive with one of these guys on the line, find AA in the BB and pray they move in UTG, get called by the button and no one sucks out on you.

Easy, no post flop play, no bluffing. Sit, wait, push, pray.

Level 1
Playing the Level one player is more difficult if you think you are against a Level 2 or Level 3. You must accurately place a L1 label on the. The big difference is that unless they have the straight or the flush they don't see that its on the board. They certainly can't put you on an overpair or a set. Board paired, no chance they will lay down a mediocre flush now with the possibility of a better flush and a boat. You have no chance of bluffing the L1 off a hand. The only bluff L1's lay down to is overcard to their pocket pair on board, and then usually if that card is an Ace.

I can't bluff effectively. In addition, along with the level 0 player the L1 is likely to bluff too much. Playing against Level 1 players - Bluffing is out. You must make a hand and bet it. Betting with vulnerable hands to kill draws is out, the odds make no difference. The only real difference here against the L1 vs the L0 is that you can open up, play a wider range of starting hands and see a flop. You should jettison missed flops with no potential. You should of course be weary of Ax and Kx as they get played like the nuts and tend to river 2 pair more than I like to think.

Easy. Variance is the problem here. They will river 2 pair and they do wake up with hands once in a while. You still can't bluff and usually have to laydown missed flops to any resistance. The occasional continuation bet is effective about 1/4 of the norm. But you have to have showed real strength preflop with a strong raise or a re-raise, and the board must be scary as well. If the stars align the L1 will lay it down, once.

Level 2
These are the guys I actually make the most money against. They see the St8 draw, the flush draw, know that the pre-flop re-raise indicated a big hand. Quite frankly I can get them to pay off monsters when they make a second best hand and I can get them to lay down the best hand to a scary board. This is not "Rounders", the sharks (pirrahna) are allowed to eat themselves. I see them picking off the L0's, betting out on the L1's and laying down to my pre-flop re-raises. I see that when the L2's show down a hand they have a good start, suited connectors, 2 paint, etc. Weaker ones will play with less of an eye on position then they should.

Medium. You have to give them credit for a hand. You have to pay attention and be able to assign a range of hands to them. Disguising yourself as a L1 can help. Shown down a bad bluff cheaply. Know that they have at least rudimentary ability to read the board. If you get them heads up you can bet kill their drawing odds and bluff them off of big hands. Some are so aware of the hands that you might have that they will lay down to your shows of strenght all night, especially if they see you dumping hands post flop to the L1's.

Level 3's
These players along with the suckouts from the L0's and the L1's are where most of my chips reside. These guys, like me, should be playing a bigger game. I don't because I have a limited bankroll with which to dink around with. I feel that I am on par with many of them, but that they do something the others don't. They disguise who they are. They look tight passive, but are really quite aggressive. They play like I do against the L1's.

Medium-Difficult. They sniff out moves, and make moves of their own, but only against the better players. They are not opposed to the bluff re-raise against the right opponent. Luckily you will run into this player only once every 3-4 sessions. I reccomend a table change. Might as well be the shark in a differnt pool.

Level 4's and above
Yeah, and my mom is sitting at the table too, with a screen name of HotChillyMamma. This guy is not at your table.

Step on UP

CaptFreeman over at outted himself to me as a STL Poker Blogger. He enjoys the PBB as well. Funny, I write and write about poker but I get many more comments by calling G-Rob a name, insulting Shep or talking about my wonderful creation, The PBBTE (Pee-Bee-Bee-Tee).

Anyone else out there lurking, posting and not fessing up? Might as well volunteer before you're drafted. If we are to defeat the evil in our midst G-Vegas, we must have a full complement of ammunition. By defeat, I of course mean start putting together homegames on par and better than those of G-Vegas lore.

I said it once and I'll say it again here:

Uncle B busted G-Rob
That's funny.

New Casino

This just in from a very well placed official who was pivitol in the selection process. Yes thats right I have friends in high places other than ToM.

"Hey, punks. Pinnacle is breaking ground on the City casino on Sept. 7. So, approx. Sept. 7, 2007, you should be ready to roll big pimping style down there."

Thats right. Pinnacle is putting in a new casino is downtown STL complete with a Four Seasons and a huge poker room. This will be a mere 10-15 minute drive from my humble abode. Much better than the 25 minute ride I have to endure now. My only question is why must I wait 2 years? Can't they get the poker room finished and then siply build the rest of the place around it?

Fantasy Football, 25NL Ring Game Fish, BigMac

Last night was my Fantasy Football League draft. We were all sorts of high tech. We had a webex set up to keep track of picks and a conference call bridge so we could all bust balls. All this and most of us were within 10 miles of each other. We had one guy in Kansas City and another in Wisconsin, I think.

I had a 25NL ring game up on Party the whole time I was drafting, about 2.5 hours. I watched a guy drop 5 buyins. I watched a guy run up to 100 and then bust, another up to 80 and then bust. Me? I made 7. Why? CARD DEAD. I played 153 hands. I had AK twice, AA once, KK once and 66 once. The AA held up and won a nice pot, but I bled away most of my profit on straight draws and flush draws that I would see the flop on from the blinds. So frustrating, I watched guys all in pre flop with Q6 vs Q8. Thats right, both all-in preflop in a ring game. Not for there last $$ either, we're talking 40 to 50 dollar pots. I'll be back to that table real soon. I added a few names to the buddie list last night for sure.

Once the draft was completed I found BMac at a limit table. We got on the yahoo IM. He moved to a SNG so I sweated him while watching the fish eat each other. He started out on fire, moving to an early chip lead, but my card dead virus rubbed off on him. Sorry B.

I split after his SNG finished up. BMac, the final had of your SNG was a doozy. 88 vs TT. They both flopped sets on a board of 8TJ and turned full houses with the J. Would have been really interesting except they got it all in preflop.

So here is my FF team. You can start shaking with fear now.
QB M Vick ( R Mexico)
RB W McGahee
RB J Lewis
WR/TE A Johnson
WR/TE R Williams
WR/TE J Shockey
K N Kaeding
DEF Dolphins
DL Z Thomas
DB R Griffith
D D Brooks
BENCH R Johnson
BENCH A Brooks
BENCH C Chambers
BENCH E Holmes

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

April's Pot Sized Bet Quandry

April asked. I started to comment a response that ran on and on and on, so I thought I'd blog it instead because reading uber-long comments sucks.

I see the pot bet a lot and I use it a lot. I mix in the 1/2 pot bet along with the check raise to accomplish some of the same goals. I also like the odd figure bet. $1.75 into a $2.25 pot. This looks like its begging to be called.

When I use pot sized bet I am trying to
1.)Kill draws against my made but vulnerable hands. Usually bottom 2 pair or TPTK .
2.)Trying to isolate in a family pot situation. I like this with AK or medium pair preflop or 2 overcards to the flop.
3.)Or I have hit nothing but think I can take it down right there. This is usually checked around in LP or on the turn in MP/EP.

In most of these situations I am first one to act or at least the first to raise.

I don't do what I see happening a lot, which is bet the pot cause "Its only $2.50". If I made a set, st8, flush etc I will bet pot as a re-reaise or to act like a move. I will also feign weakness with the check call here. I will also check-call-lead out bet/reraise pot on turn. This move usually put people into the tank for a little while.

Betting the pot in these situations is an aggressive play. If you're playing a tight-aggressive game with at least 2nd level opponents it has a good shot at obtaining your goals. There in lies the problem. It is only $2, $6, $12 to call and you are playing 1st level opponents. They only know that TP on the flop or Flush draws are monster hands that they have been waiting at least 10 hands to see.

Lemons are good

I have been thinking about my poker play last night and it was truly awful. I was much more in the mood for action and for gambling than I was to play poker. I had pent up poker energy from the long dry spell. I came over the top all in with 99 in LP and got rivered by A10 ep raiser. I knew I was racing, why was I wiling to do it so early in the game? Thats not my style. I had pegged the guy as tight and I thought I could take it downpre-flop, but thats not how I ususally play. I actually showed weakness by making a stand there. It smelled like a move.

In my cash game I got rivered twice. Once by K5o and the other. I flopped TP OK K with KT on a board of Kxx. It was 4 way pot and check to me. I bet out 1/2 the pot and got 1 caller. I am worried about my kicker, a set and 2 pair. The turn is a blank. It is checked to me and I bet out 1/2 the pot. He calls. I am now only worried about my kicker. A set or 2 pair would have bet out, check raised or done something here. River is an innocent 5. He checks I bet he calls, and shows his rivered 2 pair. $*$&$&^^(@))&#^$^*#*^#*#)!!! Is what I have to say.

The second river came as I found AA in a blind. It is limped 5 ways to me. I bet the pot and get two callers to the flop. The flop has 2 clubs. I bet 1/2 the pot and get one fold and one call. turn is a blank, I bet the pot and get called. River is a club. I check call to see what I already knew, he made a weak flush with QT clubs. I wish I had more time to get him to draw to me. Another 100 hands I would have cleaned him out.

Overall I dropped 56 in buy-in last night. 2 SNGs and the cash game river of tears. No one to blame but my over-gambled, rust addled self and a couple of lucky fish.

Like they say, when life gives you lemons.... them until your mean mother tells your mean father to take them away. Then cry like someone stole your puppy.

Monday, August 29, 2005

2 SNG Bustouts and a new Sandwich

I hadn't played in over 10 days. The stars aligned and gave me some free time to play tonight. I sat at two 20+2 SNG's and busted out in 5th and 8th. The rust was thoroughly shaken and I am currently sitting in on a 25NL table. I am up 1/2 a buy in after about 10 minutes. My first hand was unraised and I hit trip 10's with 10-6o and when the BB comes around I get to see a free flop with K2 clubs. Flop is A7A with 2 clubs. I overcall a pot sized bet on the flop and earn a checked turn to river my nut flush. Of course the guy flopped 3 Aces. He should have bet the pot on the turn, I would have folded. He bets the pot and I re-raise he calls. Do you smell that? Its a mix of frying fish and rust.

I just layed down a hand J8 suited on a 10-8-8 flop, two of my suit. I would have turned a flush, but too many ways to get beat there. Besides is was limped to the flop with 6 callers.

Dinner tonight and why I'm fat

I invented a new sandwich tonight. The wife stopped at the store and picked up bacon and bread to make BLTs with our garden fresh tomatoes. I like BLT's, but back in my less sophisticated pre-teen years I didn't like tomatoes. When my parents would call "BLT" at the dinner table I would audible to PBB. That's PeanutButter and Bacon. Since the age of about 14 when I discovered that tomatoes actually tasted good I have vacillated between BLT and PBBT, yes that's right, I just added the T to the PBB.

Tonight I cranked it up a notch. I now have the official sandwich of Chilly. It is a PBBTE. PeanutButter, Bacon, tomatoes, and 2 eggs over medium. It stacks high, so when you put it together you must squish it down a bit. This causes the remaining runny yolk to squirt, giving you the PBBTE au jus. Pair with beer or Jones Soda Co. Sugar Free Black Cherry.

ARRRRRRR. My AA just got rived by a Q10s flush that called a 1/2 pot and pot sized bets. Donkeys always draw, but that kills my cash game profit for tonight, I'm even down now.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vacation Report

So the Clan Chilly is back from the great north. A mere 14 hours in the car each way and there you have it, a week in paradise. We fished quite a bit, although not as much as years past as we had to attend to the kid and do some kid friendly activities. We toted my 13 year old brother-in-law along for the ride. The best part of the trip was spending a solid week with the little guy. He really had a great time. My aunt spoiled us with food, as always.

Deserts alone provided enough calories for the week. Sunday we arrived and there were Ranger Cookies and molasses Cookies. Sunday night we had chocolate pie with meringue top. Next up was brownies topped with chopped and melted Ande's mints. We then had blueberry pie ala mode. Angelfood cake with ice cream and fresh berries was followed by another round of the Ande's mint brownies with walnuts this time.

Is there anything funnier in the world that a 13 year old boy? These creatures have no clue. I think Lil Chilly is better equipped for life than a 13 year old boy. Emotions are right on the surface. Problems are easily a magnitude of 10 greater than normal. Try razzing one for more than 10 seconds. You'll get fists of rage followed by tears. On the drive home Sunday I was driving and the 13 y.o. was riding shotgun. It was sunny and he was trying to watch a movie on his portable DVD. The sun was making it hard to see the screen. The level of frustration was mounting. I just started laughing. He knew I was laughing at him, but he couldn't prove it. God help me, in a mere 12 years and 4 months I will have my very own teenager.

On Sunday I woke up from a nap with a bit of a blocked sinus/nose. This worked its way into a full blown cold by Tuesday. Sorry to say that I played "Typhoid Mary" and infected most of the family by the end of the week. I still have a cough and chest congestion. This is also the reason that I sadly report that I didn't make it to the card room that was a mere 15 minutes away. I didn't really feel up to staying out late, forgoing my sleep to play. I could have went on Thursday night when it rained but the wife was under the weather with her version of the cold and I would have left her with the boy. Oh well, maybe next year.

I will let Lil' Chilly issue the rest of the report.

This is what the sky looked like when I woke daddy up every morning at 5:30. He was really happy, he jumped up got dressed and went and played boats with grandpa. They would leave at 6 and not come back until I finished my cereal and fruit.

Daddy had stories about fishies and how he was better at fish'n than grandpa. But grandpa gets to drive the boat, so he must know more about fishes.

After daddy and grandpa finish breakfast they would watch a show called "Price is Right" I don't know what it was about but the man kept talking about spayn and neutrn doggies. Its not nearly as good a show a Teletubbies. But I think the Tubbies know that man because they were fixed like the doggies.

After tv and naps daddy and grandpa would let me and mom and grandma in the boat. I have to wear a big coat that pokes me in the chin. The boat is fun and makes me sleepy.

When we got done riding the boat grandpa would let me drive it. It is really loud and goes really fast.

I usually take a nap and eat lunch after boat rides.

One time when I woke up after lunch mommy and daddy took me to a park with goats and deer and ducks and turtles and fish and bears and deers and goats and lotsa animals. There was also a swing that daddy pushed me in. Swings are fun.

When all the fun was over I had to have a bath. Daddy brought my bathtub in the "God damn mini-van" but my mom said I could just take a bath in aunt Betty's sink. Daddy talked a lot about why we need all the stuff in the "effing mini-van" I think daddy misses his car.

Then I would go to sleep. Daddy says that 5:30 comes early.

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Boy Has Moves

This is from brunch last Sunday. The boy puts a move on a single lady friend of Mrs. Chilly. Look out all of you parents of little girls. In a matter of years this little guy is going to be coming around.

Thats Mrs. Chilly holding the boy. You can see my arm in there too.

Have fun a BradOween everybody. I'll be thinking of you as I drive the 12 hours to get to vacation. Drunkards.

I think we'll have a "Missouri Love Company" bash sometime. Maybe this fall. I'll fry some turkeys, by some beer and open the doors to the general public close friends. I usually throw a turkey fry bash as soon as the average temp falls below 65 degrees. We'll probably throw some cards around as well.
Mandatory Poker Content

Local radio host and STL Blogger and Poker player Paul Harris interviewed Chris "Jesus" Ferguson yesterday. Here is a link to the entry which includes a podcast of the interview. Paul's show is afternoon drive, but the Jesus interview was first up so I missed it. I had plans to call and ask blogger related questions or yell out Bonus Code: IGGY, but I am lazy and forgetful so it didn't happen.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


If you're going to BradOween make sure you tell Tool of the Man congrats on his impending nuptuals!!! He pooped ;) the question last week. Or just wander over to his blog and say congrats!

Here are the details.

ToM proposed last week in between innings while watching the cards-cubs on the tv. I know cause I saw the webcast. He was in his boxers and a wife beater, drinking a Busch when Al Harbosky said "We'll be right back." ToM moved into position, down on bended knee.

Unfortunalty his ball sack fell out the leg hole of his drawers and upon tucking it back in he left a strange cheeto stain on his shorts. She was less than thrilled. But then she saw the gigantic rock, not a diamond, but a piece of gravel from the alley, and how could she resist. After all he is a furry man child, with a orange ball sack.

The ruffies worked and she said yes, Cheeto ballsack and all. As a result of this acceptance, ToM is going to the Robin Williams hair center for laser treatments. He'll be a furless Chihuahua by next month. Cheeto ballsack still intact.


Let me save you the trouble. I am fat, bald and suck at poker. I'd gladly take the hair they remove from you as a donation to my scalp. At least my ballsack is flesh colored. The only joys I have in my life are my family and driving my friends crazy with the ball busting.



P.S. Danger: He's not really engaged. You may actually incure furious rage if you run into him in a drunken monkey state. You also might tilt him if he's playing a hand against you.

P.P.S. BigMac is engaged too. ;)

Solo Dad

The wife is in Charleston, SC (plotting the destruction of G-Vegas). She left yesterday and will return on Saturday. That makes me Solo Dad for a few days. There is really no trick to solo dad. I just play wit him, feed him and throw him in the crib. Wake. Repeat. Tonight we'll get a bath going, and maybe go for a walk.

Yes thats right, I'm listening to Dr. Dre right now. Takes me back to 1993-4. You know, my white-bread gang bangin' days. Back when I was rolling with the boys laying down the frat on frat violence. "Never hesitate to put a Roo on his back. "

So what else do I do while the wife is gone? Play a little poker and pack for vacation. The last time she was out of town the boy crawled for the first time. Took off like a shot out of a cannon.

Last night when I was feeding him (Peas, Cereal and Peaches) I clapped to entertain him a little. Usually this is followed by smiles and cringes as this is my signal that I am about to tickle him. Last night he gave me a quizzical look, cocked his head to the side and STARTED CLAPPING. Thats right. He imitated my clap. Now of course he has clapped before, but this time it was purposful. He knew what he was doing. Next time mom goes out of town I am certain he will start talking.

He was a good boy last night. Went to bed about 745 and woke at 630. Of course I was up plaing poker and packing until 1. So I am wiped today. Glad I'll be sober this weekend. I sure wouldn't want to get all liquored up and attend some lame party with all the poker, the kegs, the SOCO and such.

Need a better outlook on life? Go read this. This is the blog of a guy who works in my company. He's a really nice guy with a great family, two kids wife etc. etc. He got a major kick in the junk. He has cancer. He is about my age. I don't know the specifics but I know its not good. He has sarcoma thats diagnosed about 25 times a year in the U.S. He's been out of work for quite a while. I started reading it today. I didn't see any "poor me". Just a proud dad. I don't know if I could face the posibility of my own mortality with that attitude.

Work sucks, caught a bad beat, car broke down, kid spit up on my dress shirt, BFD.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"The Chilly" and My Best Lay (down) EVER!

34s is what I call the "Chilly Hammer" or even better call it "The Chilly", whatever. I play it like you "passé" bloggers play the 72o.

I won another big pot with it tonight. I limped and called a min raise pre-flop, hit 2 pair and made a nice score cracking AK's flopped TPTK. The last big hit was described here. LSS: If you are playing me and the wheel is missing a 34, you might as well fold, don't even waste your tme with the check. I am holding it.

I laid down the Hiltons preflop tonight. It cost me a little( $5), but I made the right call. I was up against AA AND KK. AA held on a J high board.

I raise UTG+1, AA in MP called. BB reraised the pot. I re-reraised the pot and AA re-re-reraised 3.5x the pot. BB re-re-re-reraised all in. I guess it was pretty easy to figure that someone had me beat. Thing is, I contemplated moving in on a good flop, (which it was) but I never made it that far.
Other than "The Chilly" scoring big it was a bad night. I busted in a 20+2 sng in 9th and only ended up with a 4.50 profit in the ring game, the QQ hand bleeding a lot of my money as I was up 13 at one point.

A post about poker, autos and music with pictures

I am listening to this right now. I am trying a new trick on my ipod. I select shuffle songs and then go listen to the album that has been selected. So this morning I get The Ramones "Acid Eaters".

For the next ten days I am driving this. We are heading out on vacation on Saturday. So we borrowed the Mother-in-laws testicle crusher minivan. We're taking the boy and all his accoutrements. You know, bathtub, stroller(s), entertainer, toys, food, diapers, towels, clothes, playpen etc. etc. In addition to my 4 fishing poles, three tackle boxes, the wife's fishing stuff, her 13 yr. old brother and his fishing stuff........Did I mention that it comes appointed with a "support our troops" magnet ribbon, a "My kids an honor student" bumper sticker and a little compartment in the back to hold my testicles until we get to the hospital to have them reattached upon our return?

I am going to be catching a lot of these starting Sunday Morning. We'll also be catching a lot of Northern Pike and a few Walleyes.

I won T60 of this playing my first T20+2 SNG on party last night. I had two major suck outs to get there. Not my proudest moments but hey a wins (second) is a win (second). First suck out, I am short stack I have Q4 in the SB. I limp with one other, the BB minraises. We call. Flop is TT8. I move in and get one caller. I river a 4 to beat AJ. Four hands later I double dup when wired 4's flop a set. I then get my 77 rivered by AK to lose half my stack. On the short stack again I then double dup by cracking AA with the mighty T6o in the BB. I flopped a 6, moved in and rivered the second 6. Thats right. I hit the antichrist. Thats what you get for limping with Aces jackass.

I am now listening to this. I saw them live in 1996 or 7 in Carbondale, IL. Wish I knew who the opening band for that show was. They were good.

This is my primary reel. I have others that are ready to go, but this one is butter. I have been using baitcasters since I was about 12. I never got the hang of spinning reels.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Calling all Minnesota Poker Bloggers

Saturday I am on my way to the Land o'Lakes for my annual week of fishing fun. I'll be in the Hackensack area (hour north of Brainard) and minutes from The Northern Lights Casino. The wife may let me out of the cabin, off the lake and into the casino.

Anyone been there? What do they spread, how are the games etc.?



Saturday: Junk takes Kick after Kick

Saturday I played in the St. Chuck Fish Fest. A T25 buyin with 17 others in the suburban basement of Dimebag's friend. I followed ToM and BigMac to the game through torrential downpours, lightning strikes and malfunctioning traffic lights. I should have taken it as an omen to spend my Saturday night at home with the wife and kids.

Why delay the results? No suspense. In the tourney I went out in 11th out of 17. Three hands of note. AKo in cutoff. I open raise to 3xBB. BB calls board is ragged. I bet out and get called. I now have put about half my stack in the pot with a high card. I push on the blank turn. Kid goes into the bowl (Sharks live in tanks, fish live in bowls) and finally lays it down. I think my table image is good.

I find KK. Raise to 3 or 4 x BB. BigMac is the only caller. I immediatly put him on a good Ace. 10-K, I really thought AK. Flop comes out A high with two hearts. He bets and I fold. We compare notes later. He had A10 hearts.

I am at 10x BB, in the BB. I see 56s. 2 limpers including ToM is in the SB. I flop OESD. I plan on moving in but ToM pulls the trigger first. I tank it and finally decide he is making a move on a J high board. I call. He has TP. I don't improve. IGHN.

Thats it. Thats just about all the hands I played.

Later we move to the boats. A little $3-$6 at the casino. I lose $50. I get AA, QQ and 99 to stand up without hitting any sets. I run into a guy to which the deck is literally smacking about the head and neck. I flop TP OK K. He out kicks me. I flop Aces up, he flops Aces full. He plays a hand blind and flops the nut straight. $*(#)*&^%#@%^**^$&()^%##%(*#_$&)!!!!!!!!

Live poker is so rigged.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dr. Pauly Behind the Scenes

Super secret Chilly-Mic technology allowed me to have and record a live feed of Dr. Pauly as events happend in Las Vegas. The boys, FlipChip and PokerProf were nice enough to provide the storyboard to go with his dialouge. I am merely the vessle that brings you the truth. All pictures were stolen directly from This is my little way to thank them all for the poker coverage from the last coupla' months.

"So Jen, were those scenes in Bound real? How tight is Gina Gershon exactly? "

"Hey Phil, have you ever been with Gina?"

"Hey Baby, you ever been to the RedNeck Riviera?"

"Wow, Daniel I see what you mean. $250 for a haircut and NOBODY knows you're going bald. Hell I could afford that with just one less trip to the Crazy Horse Too."

A little later...

"JOPKE! JOPKE! Donkeys always draw!"

"Really? you saw them March 1990 at Nassau? Wow I heard that was a great show. Yeah I heard they closed with "Knockin' on Heavens Door." Hey, I got some good stuff back at my place, wanna' come fire up after you bust out?"

The Boy at 7.5 months

I haven't updated on the status of Lil' Chilly for a while so since my Boss and my Boss's Boss are at a meeting at the Ritz all day I thought I'd use this opprotunity to waste corporate $$$. How is this different from the rest of my blogging? Well its not, except the bitter part about me rotting in a cube whilst drinks and such are being sucked down in Clayton.

Today when I left the boy at daycare he waved goodbye to me. I almost cried. I stuck around and got him to do it again. This was the first time he ever waved with purpose.

Yesterday he bounded up the stairs. Yes his mother was right there behind him, but there he went, one right after the other. Mom chickened out after about 4 or 5. She scooped him up and brought him the rest of the way. Baby gates forth coming.

Yesterday he also climber right over me and up onto the couch. I swear the kid has no fear and no sense that stepping on my nose might hurt.

Mrs. Chilly admitted, finally, that SOME of his hair needs to be cut. Dad would prefer a #1 or a #2 on the Wahl trimmers. He's going to rebel at some point anyway, he might at well look decent now.

He has proved that he can sleep through the night. He has done so 3 out of the last 4 nights. Anyone who has seen "Meet the Fockers" may remember the Ferber Method. Thats us. It works. If you don't do it your working too hard. We started with 90 minute crying sessions before he'd go to sleep. Last night he cried for maybe 10 seconds and was out. Thank you Dr. Ferber.

In case you forgot how cute I am here is a little reminder. Thats not fair. He is only 50% me so I guess technically I am twice that cute.

Saturday Night Poker Plans

BigMac, ToM and I are crashing Dimebag's buddies place for a $25 NL tourney on Saturday. All reports are that this is a soft game and is easily beat. I am excited. But then this email just got dropped on my head.

...."By the way, if you are interested, I am going to Texas Hold 'em poker tournament on Saturday at a friend's house. The buy-in is kind of steep at $100. If you are interested in going let me know and I can provide the details."

Now I have to give you a little background on the source of this email invitation. My friend Bob is a good guy. I have gambled with him and his friends exactly once. Bob had a going away party for my friend Dave. Bob is a little older than I am, about 8-10 years I'd guess. His friends are about his age to 10 years older. At the going away party we played two blackjack tournaments that I won. I don't play blackjack. I understand the basics of the game. I understand how and when to press bets. But had we been at the boat these guys would have been dropping serious cash. The whole night they were telling stories about the tiime when this gy dropped a grand and that guy was up but gave it all back and when this gy cashed huge.

I can't imagine that this $100 homegame I've been invited to could be good at all. If there are 10 people there I'd bet blind that at most 2 of them know what the hell they are doing. I am more inclined to think that these are surburban semi-rich guys who drop $100 on a homegame like me and the boys drop $10.

This could be the opprotunity of my short poker career. I could be Mike McD in the golf pro game. Or I could be walking into the teeth of sharks. But I am willing to bet that I can take the game.

Now for the complications. The wife is on call this weekend. Both of these games are set for 15-20 miles from home. I need a backup child watcher for the wife so that I can go play. Grrrrr. It is even money at this point that I am going to miss both games. Can you feel it? Did you hear it? That was the sound of responsibility kicking my bankroll in the ass.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Waterski or Motorcycle

Fonzi used skiis, waterskiis to jump the shark. Bill thinks that poker? is doing the same based on the press release from crazy poker. Here are my off the cuff, unedited thoughts on the subject.

It is inevitable. The various rooms offer a product that mostly undifferentiated, other than celebrity endorsements and the software. They are basically commodities. The rake back is the next logical progression in price competition. The newbie player understands deposit and reload bonuses. The more sophisticated player understands rake back.

The goal in this scenario is to either:
1.) Become differentiated through real or implied product attributes therefore allowing your company to charge a higher price = bigger profit margin.
2.) Become a low cost, high volume provider.

If you take the following rooms: PokerStars, FullTilt, Party and Noble you will see a spectrum of strategies, or at least how I perceive the strategies.

Party is the low cost high volume provider their "stars" are Mike "The Furby" Sexton. PokerStars and FullTilt look to be trying to differentiate with better software, celebrity endosements (FT) and by being the everyman site (PS). Noble falls somewhere in between, no spokepeople that I've seen, but a better look than party/

What does it all mean?

The online poker market will either shake out to be perfect competition or to be monopoistic competition.

For perfect competion think crude oil, corn and soybeans. These are purchase decisons based only on price. This is the land of bonuswhores and rackbacks where the online player is chasing the lowest price site. Think long distance service providers. The low low cost providers such as CrazyPoker want to base all competition on price. That is the one attribute that win on.

For monopolist competition think atheltic shoes. Nike, Rebok, Adidas (spelling mnemonic anyone?), Skechers, Rockports, New Balance and Keds. There is some level of price sensitivity, you may be willing to pay $10 more for Nikes. This means that you choose a fovorite, say FullTilt, and you play there most of the time. But then offers you a 100% deposit bonus and no rake for a month, so you drop FT (like its hot) and go play for a while.

A percentage of you will stick to the CrazyNuts....and many will wander back to FT.

The online poker world will stay as monopolistic competition, mostly because you don't have to choose only one, you can use many at the same time. The long term winning companies will eeck out additional profits by differentiating their product, building a loyal customerbase and keeping their prices within the range of switching costs.

In other words they can charge more, just not too much more. The better differntiated they are, the more that they can charge.

We'll end up with the name brands and the K-Mart blue light special brands. You'll wear the nikes, but you'll buy the blue light special when the price is right.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Kill the Donkey?

There has been a lot of clatter and chatting out there about removing the term donkey from the blogger repertoire.

Al has suggested using the Ring Tailed Lemur, probably shortening to just Lemur.

Dr. Pauly's readers have come up with the Aussie term punter.

ScurvyDog has put forth the Emu, strange that we have two Austrailian suggestions.

Aside: Damn Aussies. First the America's Cup and now poker. I guess I'll have to make my return visit down under and check out the poker scene.

I agree. We have blown apart Donkey. Much like "the hammer", donkey has become too mainstream. We poker bloggers are nothing if not elitist seperatists that like to insult our competitors to their faces with terms they don't understand.

So I am creating a list of potential replacement terms for donkey. Here they are, in a very particular scientific order.

  1. Lemur
  2. Punter
  3. Emu
  4. Aardvark
  5. Achilles tang
  6. Barnacle
  7. African bush viper
  8. Alpaca
  9. Amoeba
  10. Purple-throated mountain gem hummingbird
  11. European May cockchafer
  12. Orangutan
  13. Yak
  14. Salamander
  15. Hedgehog
  16. Hairy long-horned toad beetle
  17. Habrobracon hebetor
  18. Meerkat
  19. Merganser
  20. Masked booby
  21. White-bellied bustard
  22. Jackass penguin
  23. Jindogae
  24. Osprey
  25. Kookaburra

Monday, August 08, 2005

Quiz Time...Which one is G-Vegas?


How to choose a table on Party.....

Wednesday was a good night. Friday was a good night. Saturday saw a little "variance" to the tune of a 5th in P10+1 SNG and my Hilton's getting cracked by the almighty 5s3s.

Lets review.

Wednesday can be read about in all it glory here and here.

On Friday there was a birthday celebration for FishNuts wife. She turned 33 and that called for a night out at a good restaurant and some drinking afterwards. Lil Chilly is going through sleep training. Any of you who have seen "Meet the Fockers" would recognize this as the Ferber Method. This is the first of many times that I will impose my will upon my offspring over the next few decades. Because this is going on we didn't want to get a sitter because sitters (especially of the grand-parental variety) don't seem to have the stones to let a baby cry. Pussys. It takes a real man to put a baby in a crib, shut the door, run down stairs, turn off the monitor and fire up the gamblin' machine. Yeah, thats not me either. I had to wait to fire up the 'puter until he was sleeping.

So this is how we work things in situations like this. I stayed at home while the wifey went to dinner. I played poker, P25 ring games with .10 and .25 blinds. Once she returned I would be set loose on the town for the drinking portion of the evening. She got $60 worth of tapas and I got left over pad thai with shrimp, and poker. I got to get drunk after. +EV for me.

I sat and decided to play uber tight. I was staying even or better. The table was a mix. I was the second "shark" one other guy was sitting there playing with a stack of P90. Everone else had P5 to P30. I didn't see a lot of cards for quite a while but enough to see flops and win P1 to P3 sized pots.

Then it happend. The donkey or lemur or punter or fish or dumbass came and sat. I was in the 1 seat, he was in the 5. BigStack was in the 8. This guy was a little more that your typical donkey. He liked to overbet pots pre and post flop to take them down. 2 P.25 limpers to his button? Here comes a P3 bet. The flop is raggedy? Here comes a 4X pot bet.

Is there a better hand than top pair? Not for this guy. Anytime a shorty would push in he'd call. More than willing to gambooool. By this time I had built my stack to P40. He was sitting at P46. I tightend way up while looking loose at the same time. I knew if I caught this guy with a big hand I could crush him. I started limping with all of my suited connectors and small to medium pairs and suited aces. I would fold to big re-raises and only see the flop if my limp got me there or if I had odds to call. Sometimes he would press, sometimes a lot , others just a little. Sometimes he would limp along. Many times his P1 preflop bets would get called 3 or 4 ways.

I folded AJo to his P2 bet, only to see the flop come down AJX. $*$&^*#&#$^($!!!!

I folded AQo to his P2 re-raise with a comment of "every time" as I did it. Then only to see that his J8sssoooooted made a smaller 2 pair than I would have. Still a "good" fold, as winner made flush with A3s.

Side note: Ever since I had AA cracked by A9o for $300 at the boat I have taken great pride in my lay downs.

At this point I have P46 and "TheBrat" has P77. He tilts a guy with P24 by pushing in for P70 on the river. Gets called a clown and goes into defensive chat mode. He is a little upset.

About 10 hands later I get black ducks in UTG+1. UTG makes it P.50 and I call. TheBrat calls as do 3 others. We're 6 to the flop of 7c, 2d, Qh. SB Checks, BB checks, UTG checks, I throw out P.50 into a P3 pot. TheBrat comes over the top for P3. The field folds and I reraise to P7.50. He calls.

Turn comes out Js. If that helped him it wasn't enough. I think he has Qx. I push all in for P33.35. He insta-calls. Hmmm. I think I have a read on this guy but the insta-call here has me a little worried. But there is no flush, no straight I am really only concerned with a higher set.

The river is a 4h. Here's my set, what you got? He shows QJo for a turned two pair. He called my re-raise with TPCrapK. He (I mean I) lucked out with the turn. He likely put me on a Q. But to call of all of your chips on the turn like that???? One of us is an idiot.
I go to P82 and he falls to P30.33.

I then proceed to rub it in. I am usually the strong, silent type online. But this table had been waiting for someone to carve this joker up, so I poured a little salt in his wounds.

Brat: Good Hand
Me: waiting you out all nite.
Brat: I had 2 pair you just had a set
Me: No, I flopped the set. You called a huge reraise with top pair pp kicker

He got all kinds of action on all his raises after that hand. He donked off, busted and left. Yes thats right over the next 10-15 hands he took a "bad turn" and lost it all. From P25 up to around P95 and busted in a couple of hours.

bigfooxxxxx: I'm going to miss that guy
Me: What? He left? I don't get the rest?
pacxxxxxx: Did he really just run thru 95 dollars in less than an hour?
bigfooxxxxx: unfortunately
bigfooxxxxx: wish he had more, I guess you ended with most it, you and (chilly)
bigfooxxxxx: pieces of the pie....
Me: ran up to 95 from about 40 then back down in 2 hours that I was here
pacxxxxxx: that is not good poker
bigfooxxxxx: he lost a huge hand to (chilly), with 2 pair vs trips
newguy(taking brats seat): When I meet a player like yr talking about...I put him on my BUDDY LIST !!
Me: Thanks for the advice. (I proceed to put the brat on my buddy list.)
Minexxxxxx: reminds me I ooughta check that list...twice

Sets truly are gold.

Saturday sucked
I went out 5th in the tightest P11 SNG I ever played. Not a donkey to be found. I was semi-card dead and finally my SB QJo ran into the BB's AA. He waited me out and I turned TP.

I went to a ring game (after searching for the brat). I blew P10 when my hiltons ran into the all powerful 53 suited that was played for a good sized raise. He flopped two pair. Jackass.

This was actually well played by me. The flop cam down 532. After the flop I had him on a wheel or wheel draw. That is the only thing I could imagine that played for that bet and then fired on the flop. I slowed down and lost the least possible on the hand. The river brought a 4 and I jettisoned. He proceeds to tell me all about his superior skills and how he wish he had had more chips as he bought in short. My comment: "I wish you had more chips t00."

Anyone playing 5-3s out of position for a raise is alright in my book.

This weeks result. +P127. To date I am up 111% on Party.

If you've read this far you deserve to get in on my sure fire method of selecting a table on Party.
Step 1: Pick your limit/game.
Step 2: Sort tables in numerical order.
Step 3: Sit at the first available table with number that contains a 7 and a 2.
Step 4: Crush.

Have faith in the Hammer.

BTW the 34 is officialy the ChillyHammer, or just the Chilly.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


The Official Poker Blogger Dictionary has hit 50 entries. Go check it out. Oh yeah, its 3:30 am and I'm drunk and blogging.

Friday, August 05, 2005

My SNG Strategy is Tight

So I did some indepth analysis of the 10+1 SNG I played last night. The whole thing lasted only 42 hands! I played/saw the flop in 16 hands, 5 of those were heads up. Of the 11 remaining hands 6 were in the small blind, 2 were in BB, 2 were on the button and one (#29) was in the cutoff.

If you follow along below, you see I don't get involved early. When and if I do I have a premium hand. You can't win it early, just lose. Look at these hands and tell me if you could have laid them down. I know it depends on the action, but many of these were limped/ raise 3-4xBB (#2, #8, #19, #24, #28). Even If I play all of these hands my tightness stats are still good. I saw 3/37 flops not in a blind or heads up. Thats 8.11%. If I see the flop with the rest of these hands I'm at 8/37 for 21.6%. My overall not including H2H was 12/37 for a 29.7%. including H2H it was 38%.

I thought I was going to run out of time as the field was busting so fast. I could have easily found my self INT or OTB with a very short stack. But I caught some good cards at the right time in addition to my tight play. The pivitol hand of the night was #22. I called putting all my chips at risk, something I loath doing.

Hands (folded preflop with no action given unless noted)

  1. 4h8d (T800)
  2. QsKc
  3. 4dQc
  4. 7dQh
  5. 5cKh
  6. 9s2s (BB, folded to raise)
  7. 7d6h (SB, saw flop for 5 10/15 level)
  8. Ah7h (Button)
  9. 9d4s
  10. 7sKs
  11. 5s9c
  12. 5c6s
  13. 8c3s
  14. 7sKc (BB folded to 900 raise preflop at 15/30 level)
  15. 6h3h (SB called 15 folded on flop)
  16. Kc6h (Button)
  17. 5h4s
  18. Qh5d
  19. JsKd
  20. 2s9h
  21. AsJh (BB, checked, missed flop and folded)
  22. AcTd (SB, raised to 3xBB or 150, BB pushed in for 510 more with 33. I called and won the race) T1320
  23. 2d2c (button donked off T400 here thinking I could get respect) T920
  24. 7h2d (would have played except last hand sucked)
  25. 9dKd
  26. 5c8h (BB called T65 all-in and rivered the 8 to win) T1060
  27. Qd4s (SB called 25 into passive BB missed flop and folded) T1010
  28. 8dJh (Button, folded preflop)
  29. 9s9h (pushed out by two overs on flop) T835
  30. 6cAh (BB, folded around to me) T860
  31. 4s3c (SB called and hit bottom pair, bet takes it down) T960
  32. 3h3d (Button, raised preflop w/ one caller, moved in on flop to win) T1285
  33. 6h8s
  34. 3hQd (BB flopped top pair Q, rivered 3 big stack BB put me all in on flop with 2nd pair) T2570
  35. AcQh (SB won preflop when I raised enough to put short stack BB all-in) T2670
  36. 4s5c
  37. 5s7s (BB Shortstack knocked out. Heads up my T2570 vs T5430.)
  38. Kd4d (SB I raise with K high and he reraises me all in preflop. I call he shows AsKs, I flopped two pair) T5140
  39. Ks3c (BB, folded to me)
  40. AhKd (SB he folds preflop) T5290
  41. 6c6d (BB I reraise preflop, but don’t put him in, he folds to my bet on a board of 3K4) T6390
  42. JsQc (SB he moves over the top all in of my preflop raise. I call and have his Qs2s dominated I flop the J and take it down.) He then proceeds to tell me he was bored. Bored after 5 hands of heads up? After only 42 hands of poker?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I found the Donkeys

I played a T10+1 SNG on Party last night. I won. We had 3 bust outs in the first 20 hands. Can you say ADD? When it got to Heads-Up I was at a 2-1 disadvantage. Heads up lasted 5 hands. I doubled through with K4 vs AK. I had the K4. Flopped 2 pair. I don't feel bad because this guy caught KK twice, AA twice and this was his third AK and that's the ones that showed down.

I won with Q2 vs QJ. I was ahead and flopped the J.

So I felt good and decided to go to the T25 NL ring game. First hand I post my blind in the cut off. UTG+1 limps, UTG+4 limps, I check my 3d4d, SB completes and BB checks.

Flop is a massive Ad, 8d, 2h. I have a straight draw and a flush draw.

SB Checks, BB, Checks, UTG+1 bets 1, I call, SB raises 1 to 2 (check raise), we both call. Down to 3 way action. I am in no matter the actual odds. The check raise tells me the implied odds are worth it.

Turn 5h. (Woo Hoo!)

SB bets 5, UTG1 calls and I call. I think I am trapping with my calls. Hmmm, in retrospect I should have pushed here, seeing that a better flush was easy to make plus the other flush out there now, oops.

River 6s

SB goes all in for 4.60, UTG calls, and I move in. UTG calls me.

UTG +1 had AsKd for pair of Aces King kicker
SB had AhJd for a pair of Aces, Jack kicker

UTG+1 then blasts me for "Playing any two".
I point out that I was posted in and it was UNRAISED preflop. I flopped a straight and a flush draw.

As I was getting ready to point out that any raise preflop an his AK is good, he apologizes.

Apology (and cash) accepted.

SNG plus 1 hand of ring game action = T73 in about 45 minutes. That is net of the T11 to enter the SNG.

Thank you's go to Bonus Code Iggy. With out his/her/its guidance I would be asleep right now.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Playing Cards ....I ramble on and on and on

The Background

I have talked here before about the card games I used to play. My favorite was pitch, before poker, pitch was the staple. TenMile has admitted to playing a little pitch. I don't think I have seen anyone else out there admit to it. Euchre is like pitch. Anyone play Euchre? I never did, I like pitch.

What is the difference between pitch and poker? That is really easy. Poker is gambling. Pitch is mostly for braggin' rights, although you play for points and you can proposition a certain pay scale based on the number of points won. Pitch is best when it’s a team game 2v2. In poker you're all on your own. You can't bluff in pitch. The cards get played out no matter what you bid. Pitch is like poor mans version of bridge. You have to understand that my only exposure to bridge comes from the one episode of MASH where they play bridge instead of 5 card draw, so I could be way wrong.

Hawkeye: "What d'ya have Radar?"
Radar: "Two pair"
Hawkeye: "What were they?"
Radar: "Fours."
Hawkeye: “Fours and what?"
Radar: “Fours and Fours."

The real question is not what the difference between pitch and poker is, but what is the same? This leads directly to why do I play cards?


My wife and I used to play a lot of cards. Different forms of rummy usually. We had to quit. I was way too competitive and I couldn't remember the damn rules from one version to the next. Our biggest fights ever have been over board games or cards. I would make a play and she would tell me that I violated a rule. The next time we played she would make the same play and when I protested she would tell me how that was the other version of rummy and how in this version that play is legal. I would pout and steam and call her names under my breath. We haven't played in a long time.

Then there was the great Scrabble game of Christmas 199?. Three of us were playing scrabble. Me, my father and my then girlfriend (now wife). I was getting killed. This really irked me, being the smartest guy in the room. My dad and the future Mrs. were battling for first place. I was in a distant third. She plays her last word on a triple word score. That word was "Zesty". The use of the Z on a triple word vaults her into the lead. I challenge the word. Yep. I shoot and angle and challenge, because if I'm not going to win she's not going to either. Sure enough our American Heritage dictionary does not contain the word Zesty. Dad wins. I can take that, after all Dads had been beating me at stuff all my life.

To this day, if scrabble comes up in a conversation her face turns red and she explodes the story on the poor soul who mentioned scrabble. In our little world scrabble = voldemort, that which shall not be called by name. She seethes with anger. You see, she is competitive too. She just has a heart as well.

Last night I played racquetball for the first time in 4 years. I lost three straight games in about 90 minutes. I played well, but I was no match for my uber-in-shape friend. He swims, he runs, he is skinny. I play poker, surf the internet and watch TV, I am fat. I saw glimpses of my racquetball game past. I hit a couple of nice kill shots from the back wall, but I can't get to his drop shots. I fade at the end of each game. It absolutely kills me. I know that I used to be better than this guy.

I was a fairly good pitch player in high school. The guys I played against included the Stud linebacker and fullback on our football team. You know, the one with the full ride to college. One was a great golfer. Two were good baseball players. Two were scrubs on the football team that never saw the field.

I was a soccer player and the kicker on the football team. My balls were constantly called into question. The fact that I lettered 2 years in football and 3 in soccer while my friends rode the pine really put me in the line of fire. Win or lose during the pitch games the kicker jokes ensued.

We didn't play cards in college. I don't know how that happened. Doesn't everyone play cards in college? I was like your favorite cousin that you never see. You knew someone was missing, you just couldn't think of whom. My college days were filled with Nintendo baseball tourneys, booze, chick(s) and a lot of booze. You see being on the football team at a small school gets you to a lot of parties. Being in a fraternity at same school gets you to a lot of parties. Having a bar on campus owned by a fraternity brother gets you a lot of beer.

Being a place kicker is truly a solitary life. You are on the team, but it takes a great deal of effort to be part of the team. You practice with the punter. Luckily for me my best friend was the all-conference Defensive End. He was my roommate on the road. This provided me with a bit of cover and some street cred, to get started. A “he’s a friend of mine” thing like in Donnie Brasco.

Even with that, kicker is loneliest spot on the field. What you do directly impacts the outcome of the game. Your job is to score points. You can’t win without points. The team has busted its ass all day, all week, all season, all year and now winning this game depends on the left footed kicker who runs a 5.0 40.


Kicker jokes only got worse when I went to college. My only defense was to not let the team down. I wasn't perfect, but three times in college I made kicks with less than a minute left that won the game. I never missed a game winner. You talk about pressure?

People talk about pressure in poker games. I’ve played a lot of poker in the last couple of years. I have never felt real pressure. No real stress. Stress is having the hopes of 95 others on your left foot. Pressure is knowing if you screw up this kick you will hear about it for the next 40 years. Where is the pressure on the felt? There is pressure but it is self imposed. Mostly pressure is there from a bankroll perspective, at least for me. I hate going bust. The times I’ve busted at the boat have just killed me. Killed me much more that the glee I get when I walk out up double or triple my buy in.

Expect to Win

I learned to embrace the solitary life. I was always involved in team competition. I played soccer starting in the third grade. This lasted all the way through intramurals in college. I played fifth grade basketball. I started football as a junior in high school. I played football all the way through college. I always wanted to win. It wasn’t until I was a starter in college that I expected to win. Win the game. Make the kick. Win the practice prop bets with the punter. I expect to win.

Expecting to win is why the wins on the wins on the felt aren’t as good as the losses are bad. Of course I won, that’s what I do. I still remember4 hands I played that cost me money. I don’t remember any that made me money. I also remember open raising on the button 4xBB with KJs into Hank’s BB. He pushed all in and I folded. It was a mistake. He made a move. I know it. I knew it as soon as my cards hit the muck. It kills me. That was two months ago.

So what do poker and pitch have in common? I expect to win at both.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My G-Vegas Love

Have no fear, I have nothing but respect for G-Vegas. I just think that the respect should flow both ways. Our burgeoning home games rock, no matter what you say. You couldn't beat this field. At least not the first game.

That said, anyone who thinks my last post and G-Rob's (now missing) response are anything but tongue in cheek, you should get a life.

G-Rob - I love you, even though you have ESP and can read me and TooloftheMan like a book.

BadBlood - You are not a pussy, no matter how many times G-Rb licks you. You just aren't a good left handed arm wrestler.

Otis - You rock.

Mrs. Otis - You should be sainted.

TeamScottSmith - You do have an uberpost long name. Bonus Code Iggy Dammit.

Shep Tiltstein - I hope you bust G-Rob.

Unfortunalty I can't be at Bradoween. I have my annual fishing trip planned. This is the first year for little Chilly. I already bought his life jacket. If I were there I would be sure to get piss drunk and laugh it up with all of you. I might even take some of your money.

Maybe next year.

In my absense, TooloftheMan has promised to drink my share and take all of your money.

As TenMile would say -

Aces to you.

PS. You really went to pro sports teams? When was the last time the G-Vegas NFL team made the Superbowl or the MLB team went to the series. If your going rebut, at least bring your A game.

News at 11: G-Rob's insults cause destruction of G-Vegas

G-Rob has insulted the honor of the STL Squad. I earlier made a brief mention that our (STL) game was strong and that G-Vegas could place a RedBoy where the sun don't shine. I later publicly apologized both on my own forum and on one that is a 2/3 G-Vegas. I bowed down in deference to the strength of the G-Vegas homegame.

All I can say now is


Don't insult me, my friends or my adopted hometown.

"Where I come from, when a man says come on,
you'd damn well better
come on"
The STL Squad is a legion of poker bloggers and players based in St. Louis of course. We are strong in numbers and strong in players. Gay-Rob "pokes" at us due to our small stakes. I've got news for you, Mr. Hair, this isn't G-Vegas where all the players are renowned television stars, world famous writers or professional bodybuilders. We are simple public servants, middle managers, associate lawyers, technical writers, contractors, stay at home dads and computer programmers (with a couple of professional pokers players rounding out the bench).

G-Robs has stated that the games in STL are AA compared to the chip flinging in G-Vegas. We in STL are not in their league, says G-Rob. If that league is "Ass Clowns" you actually have a point. We in STL are in fact not Ass Clowns.

First our line-up:

Our everyday players consists of:
Big Mac
Walt aka The Butcher aka Fat Jesus
FishNuts aka Matty the Missing
Little Nicky
Bald Dave
Ryan the Tall
Uncle B
The Commander

Our bench is our real strength. They are usually only available for road games, like a reverse Roger Clemens. G-Rob will protest the assertation that these players are on our bench. The rules to be a member of the STL Squad are "Born, Lived or imprisoned in the 'Lou", besides that, I called dibs.
They are:
Iggy aka The Blogfather
Felicia Lee aka Manslaughter

In addition, rumors in early June were that the STL Squad was making a deal for none other than:
Lil' Willie
As a post script to the listing of our roster: that deal we made for Otis a few years ago, we admit that was a bad play. He wanted to go so we relented and made the deal. You'd think our good will would get us some props.

Why PeePee-Vegas is inferior to STL
Players - Quite simply, you guys suck. Come on, our bench is twice whatever you're bringing in the starting line-up.

Nicknames - Once again those is PeePee-Vegas just suck. G-Rob, Otis, BadBlood? Don't get me started on the uber-post long TeamScottSmith or the ridiculous Shep Tiltstein. You guys sound like a bunch of pussies. except Badblood. I would never call BadBlood a pussy. Once again, for the record, Chilly never called BadBlood a pussy.

Games - Me-Vegas thinks that their hollywoodesque paychecks and bankrolls make their games better. No, it just make you more stupid. We take money from donkeys we don't know and keep our homegames friendly.

Drinking - OOOhhh. There was a bottle of tequila there. Let me tell you something. In STL Drinking is held in the highest regards. We don't dabble with the drinking when we play cards. We drink enough to keep the thirst away. The next night we strap up and put a hurting to our livers. The Commander is the AlCan'tHang of the midwest. In fact The Commander could drink all of G-Vegas under the table. Your lightweightedness comes from too many airplane bottles of schnapps.

More insults towards Queef-Vegas
Question: How many G-Vegas bloggers does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: 6 to blog about and analyze the decision making process in addition to the previous life events that make changing said bulb such a difficult task. One to get off his fat ass and just change it.

That's it. My rant is over.

I acknowledge the fact that my limited wit and writing ability have left me open to an attack from the mighty keyboards of G-Vegas. I am prepared for the onslaught. Just remember, your iambic pentameters and professional prose do not intimidate me on the felt.

Borrowing from the words of Bill and Ted:
"STL Poker Rules!"