Thursday, April 28, 2005

Poker Crackdown

The long and short of it is that rural Illinois cops have nothing better to do than bust golfers playing poker.

This article encapsulates my feeling quite nicely.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Drake Relays and Poker

The Drake Relays are this weekend in Des Moines. For those of you not from Drake, not a trackie or a native Iowan, let me tell you this is one of the premier sporting events in the world. I have seen great olympians such as Carl Lewis and Michael Johnson compete here. Joey Woody, Tim Dwight etc. etc.

More importantly the majority of the drinking I have done in my life has been centered on the last weekend in April.

Relays is Homecoming of a greater magnitude for the Drake Alumns.

Most importantly the Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino opened a card room. Whats that I smell? Fish frying up all night long. Now if I can just get the wife to go all with my plans.

We are going to go and visit my parents, attend the races and maybe see some old friends. I will be in town for for 36 hours. How can I get to the card room? Beg. Plead. Cry. Beg. Grovel. Write checks my ass can't cash I guess.

The sitter isn't a problem, the grandparents are all over that one. The question is what will Mrs. Chilly do? Sleep? Find some friends to hang out with? I might not be able to pull this one off.

But there's a brand new card room in the middle of the poker desert.
I just have to give it a shot, don't I?

A Gross Story from Des Moines

If this story doesn't make your stomach churn, nothing will.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Saturday Night Poker

Editors Note. The 4-4 hand details have been updated, thus the move to the top of the list.

The night started with a $60 buy-in charity event 47 people signed up. I finished 6th. On the bubble. Toolboy finished 3rd for $150 and a sweet trophy. Only hand of note was the one I went out on.

Blinds were 1500-3000 and I had 11000. I limped??? on the button with K9s. What? you did what? Yes I played poorly. I compounded the situation when BB pushed to 10k after the sb limped and I pushed all in. I took 3rd in a 3way pot. SB won with a flush and BB improved his pocket 10's to trips.

Me not knowing or remembering the structure of the payouts was crestfallen as my chips were raked away and Toolbaby points and yells "BubbleBoy". For those regular readers, Rebuy finished around 18th.

After Toolgirl picked up his trophy the fearsome trio headed to the boats. I played 2-5 NL while Tool and Rebuy blew their stacks on the 3-6 limit table. I pocketed a cool $272 on a $300 buy in over about 3 hours of play.

I should have walked out of there up $700.

(note: the next section has been edited for accuracy. I sobered up and remembered some details.)

Next to last hand I am dealt 4-4 UTG+1 position. UTG limps, I limp, UTG+3 limps, button limps, SB limps and BB limps. Pot is now $5*6 = $30. Flop comes down 9-4-2 with 2 spades.

SB Checks, BB bets $35, UTG makes its $135 to go . Pot is now $200. I have to make a decision.

Now I am in a predicament does he have the nut flush draw? Is there a set of 9's out there?Those are big bets into a small pot. Do I want to blow off all my profit chasing down a boat to beat a flush draw? I am on my next to last hand of the night. I am up $272.

I fold. The bettor and raiser go heads up.

Turn is a ....... 4. I stand up, find Tool (who is now known as Yo Lo Tengo) and steam.

9944 wins what turns out to be a very nice pot. UTG limped with 9-2 o. BB had a 9. BB had the kick.

Did I play it wrong or am I just beating myself up over not seeing my quads?

$135 was a raise to drive out the spade draws. Why didn't I recognize that?????? I could have slow played this to a huge pot. Two looooooooose players, each with top pair!!!!!!!!

Movies and Kool-Aid

My home town. Good times.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

WSOP Blogger Sat

Out in 31st. bad play at the end. 22 raised to 400 w/o thinking get 2 or 3 all ins behind me. No I am looking a a large pot that I have to call like 500 to stay in. Pot odds were good, but really who am I kidding? 2-2 vs 3 hands?


Oh well.

I like live games better. If I could have looked down to see that a 400 raise was 1/3 my stack I never would have pushed with 2-2.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Test email post

Okay here it is

You might be ignorant if....

Really? Jeff Foxworthy is the best selling comedian of all time? He is mildly amusing but offers nothing in the social satire that Carlin or Rock has.

Next thing you'll tell me is that Britney's fetus has major lable deal and a reality show that leads into the Ashlee Simpson Show.

Danger Zone

Danger Zone

A blog from the people I work with while at work.

Monday, April 18, 2005

More Poker Business

Click here for the article.

The answer. A professional poker players union that bargains and enters arbitration on behalf of the pro players as a group. This takes a lot of organization and solidarity. Just like the NFLPlayersUnion, the Screen Actors Guild etc. You take the 100 top pros out of the equation and watch how Steve L. and the WPT flounder.

Friday, April 15, 2005

"How you doin'?"

Originally uploaded by good43.

"You called me me down with the hammer?"

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"Dr. Evil has a cat. I have a Caterpillar."

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"Barkeep, another round for the boys!"

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"Are you bluffing me?"

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This Perfect World

This Perfect World

The Red Socks, stupid Bostonians can't spell, much less talk plain. Jimmy Fallon. The Yankees. ESPN. Disney. Does anyone know if Disney and co have a hand in Fever Pitch?

ESPN covers Red Sox v. Yankees because Bristol is like half way between. Can someone call Trey Wingo and tell him to stand up for the real baseball fans. You know the ones who applaud the accomplishments of other teams/players because of there historic value.

Jimmy Fallon potrays a wack job, not a fan.

The Yankees represent everything that is wrong with modern sports. The Red Sox represent everything that is wrong with modern society. Watching this collosus collision 16 times a year is worthy of over coverage on the worldwide leader, don't you think?

Besides that the American League is the 3-6 limit version of baseball. You play and play and play and in the end they guy who started with the most money wins.

I hate the American League. I hate the Red Sox. I think Edgar is a fool for cashing in. I think Curt Schilling could have been one of the best pitchers ever, but now he has Red Sox stank.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Little Kids

How do you keep your kid from ending up as that annoying ass at work? You know, that condecending jerk that just can't have any friends, or at least any true friends. The boss from Office Space, the bully from 4th grade, that idiot on your dorm floor blasting Freebird at 4 a.m. Who are the parents that let the fruit of their loins become complete asses?

So I have an idea of what I don't want him to be. What is it that I want him to be? Happy. Cool. Rebel. Smart. Happy. Confident.

How do you avoid one and achieve the others?

The business of poker

It is a old adage that he who sells the shovels will get rich long before the shoveler. In poker this is true.

Who is the only winner in each hand? The house with their long, deep reaching rake. Who's really profting from the poker craze? The Travel Channel, ESPN, Poker Rooms, WPT and a handfull of pros who suddenly saw the fertility of fish population increase exponentially (geometrically if you read Theory of Poker).

I know, I know, your friends cousin dropped out of school and made $75,000 playing poker. First did they really "make" (profit) $75,000 or do they have that much in credit on their profile. I have a friend who "made" $50,000 playing slots. His investment was somewhere around twice that. Second, for each of the Poker Success stories there are all of the fish that lost that money. This is at least a 10-1 ratio. Then there is the rake. You never get the full return on your investment due to the rake. I think you could consider this as a brokerage fee.

So you ask, "How do I get rich off of poker?" Well, its probably not by playing. I am much better than you are and I will take all your money. And if not me, then someone. How about ebay? You can find everything from tables to chips to shares in Dutch Boyd for sale on ebay.

Anyone want to buy a share in me for the Blogger tourney? How about you Rebuy?

Steve Lipscomb is trying to get rich with the WPT. He, along with casions everywhere are providing the shovels. Mike Sexton isn't playing, he is commentating. Doyle is writing books and kicking your ass. Daniel is kicking your ass and signing appearance/exclusive play deals.

Long story short, its too late for you to get rich playing poker. All the good ideas have been cashed in on. There are 1000's of players better than you. You missed the boat.

The good news is that playing poker is fun. You have a hobby that might turn into a little cash. How many people out there own baseball cards? How many people make a living trading cards, just a few.

The poker experience is like playing the lottery. You get excitment and entertainment value from the aniticipation of the the win. You might even win a little, but only a handful will get rich from playing.

So come on down and buy into the $500 NLTHE game at Harrahs. I'll treat you nice.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Up For Poking.....

Up For Poking: "gThis!"

The best blog on the internet.

The end

Last week was the first back to work. Grandma and Grandpa came and watched the boy for the week. Monday is the first day of daycare. The six weeks went by so fast.

Daycare was today and it went fine. Except that the little dickens had too much fun and didn't sleep. He had too much fun I guess. He is asleep now and has been for about an hour.

I took him to get his pictures taken last Friday.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


So I had a bunch of guys over yesterday for 3 NLHE tourneys. We played $5, $20, and $5 tourneys. Lets start by saying that yes I won all three. Poker went from about 2 until midnight. I think my take was $140 on $30 in buy-ins. This is in addition to the $470 I won in a 50/50 raffle Friday night. Not a bad weekend. This all paid for Vegas in June and for the supplies for PokerFest.

The set-up.

I bought COPAG playing cards for the event. I liked the way they played, but with the slight slant to my basement floor and the slickness of the cards and the fact that none of us are pro-dealers we had some dealing problems.

I bought a second chip set because I had about 18 guys who said they were coming. We had 8-9-7 for the 3 games. Thanks guys. Oh well JMC Automatic bought the set from me, a steal at the $38 bucks I got it for. I guess we did need some of the reds out of his set.

I bought a 72"x30" banquet table and borrowed another. I also bought a felt cover for one and a folding poker top for the other. The floding top was better as the chip racks and drink holders were okay. The felt cover pilled and we had little balls of table top everywhere. I can't reccomend them.

Chips, beer, wings and pizza were had for food.

Like I said before I won all 3 tourneys. Then there was Rebuy. Rebuy is our friend Dave who not only went out first in the three tourneys. He re-bought into the $20 game and was out first again. Then 5 guys played a $5 losers table while the $20 game was going on and he was out first in that one as well. He was out first 5 times in 4 tourneys. As good as I was running, he was running just as bad. Well lets face it, he finished behind several first time players, multiple times. Dave your Delta Chi name is Rebuy.

The play. My play was good. In 9 hours of play I reallly only got lucky twice. I sucked out all in by catching an Ace on the river. I did similar to knock someone else out. I felt like I was putting people on hands pretty well and that I was disguising my play really well. I was told a few times at showdown that they thought I was bluffing.

In the third tourney I was the short stack with 4 or 5 still in and I came back to win. I was lucky to catch a few cards and use those to steal blinds. I came back with about 5 or 6 all ins. I was ahead pre-flop in all but one. One hand I had A-2 vs a K-5. The flop came with a 2-5-x. But there was drama because the A showed on the river.

I might have more later...

JMC Automatic finished with 2 seconds and a third, so he had a very good showing.

The To-do's

Here is the list. I did everything on the list, all though the beard only lasted 10 days. I even did the more in #7. Not bad.
  1. Grow a beard (goes with my bald head)
  2. Paint the bathroom
  3. Paint the laundry room
  4. Hang shelves in laundry room
  5. Play poker (Thanks for the money on Saturday fella's)
  6. Work (I hope to bill about 20 hours a week while at home)
  7. More that I can't think of right now