Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Poker homegame

Played 2 NLHE freeze outs on Saturday night. I won the first and went out first on the second. Total haul after buy-ins was $40.

Only hand of note was when it got to three handed. I was second in chips and had A 10 suited. The flop came down KQx. I was against a notoriously tight player. I knew that if he didn't have the K he would fold. I knew that if he did I had several outs, 4 J's 3 A's and a backdoor flushdraw.

The pot was rather large as I pushed to 3x BB pre flop and it was rather late in the game. I pushed all-in, once again knowing that he would fold w/o a K. Of course he had a K. turn was a blank and river was a A. I doubled up, leaving him doa and cruised to victory. My semi-bluff paid off.

Thanks to Tool for having us at his place until 4:00 am.

Did anyone else see Doyle Brunson run over the field at the Bicycle Classic WPT event a couple of weeks ago? If I am ever H2H v DB remind me to just push it in and pray.

No Surgery, for now

The boy doesn't need surgery yet. He might in about 9 months. He is however farsighted. So there is a 50/50 chance he will need glasses. Did you know that when you're an infant your eyes are like 1/2 to 2/3 tof there adult size? So he could easily grow out of his farsightedness.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Eye Doctor and dacryocystorhinostomy

The long procedure in the title is the name of the surgery my son might need. We go to the doctor tomorrow to find out more.....

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Free Poker and Daycare

The boy found a daycare today. I guess that means come April I actually have to go back to work. Daycare budget puts a damper on the poker budget. Today also was the first day of holding toys for an extended period time. He held one toy in each hand for several minutes.

On Tuesday I went and played a free poker pub tour at the Lemmon's. I was there with ToM Tool of the Man and Brian. The play was both unremarkable and expected, mine and the fields. There were 2 tourneys, one at 7 and one at 10.

A couple of hands to recount......

The first, ToM was dealer (free game so no house dealer) I was to his right. I raised enough to put BB all in. BB calls and we go H2H my AK vs. 77. Flop comes with an A. Of course turn is a 7. No big loss because...

A few hands later I am in BB with KK. I have a 2200 all in and 2 calls in front of me. I push all in for 3400 (starting was 4000). 1st caller comes back over all in and 2nd caller calls him. So now we have a $8800 main pot, my side pot with $3600 and another side pot with $4000 in it. How many of these guys had AA you ask? None. There was an 55 and an AK. I take it all down. Quadruple up!!!!!!

I go broke after our table breaks up. I am SB with KK. Blinds are 500-1000. I push to 3000, as it turns out, not enough. I get 2 callers on folds on the flop when I push it to 4000, the other calls. Turn is A, I go all in. Lose to AK. I lost $14000 that hand.

What were my mistakes. I should have pushed a little more pre-flop. Made it 5000. I then should have pushed all in after the flop, but I was being cute. The 4000 bet made the pot 15000. The AK had to put in 4000 to win 15000. Thats not all that bad. I think he had a BD flush draw too.

Basically I bet poorly and paid the price.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Back online, Baby

So I am back online having found a MAC friendly poker website. Not for money, just enough to see hands for free. Played to sit n goes and won both. I lost a Omaha Hi/lo, but hey i've only plaed that like 5 times.

Kickball started yesterday. The Fockers are 2-0. No more "Weapons of Grass Destruction" like last year.

The baby is in heaven. His one Gma and Gpa were here on Thursay and then his other Gma and Gpa were here all weekend, Friday-Sunday. He is sooo big. 13 lbs 3 ozs at last report.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Vaccination Night

4 shots = lots of sleep. He has been asleep since we got home with the exception of waking for 30 minutes for tylenol and milk.

Hopefully tomorrow will be okay.

Vaccination Day

Little man gets vaccinated today. Something like 4-5 shots. Should be fun!!! I am sure tonight will be a long night.