Monday, February 28, 2005

Poker today

I watched the ESPN coverage of last years WSOP events. I watched what I think was a $3000 buy-in NLHE event. Wow, the play at the final table was like a home game.

The hour that I liked the most was the 7-card stud limit game. I liked this because stud is one of the first poker games I ever played.

Now Tool of the Man (forever know as TOT'eM) took offense to my little barb about him lasting a few minutes in the Hollywood Home Game. But I have to say TOT'em sitting across from Lolita Davidovich, Mimi Rogers, Mena Suvari or Ben Affleck might cause some concentration problems.

Hey I make spelling and grammar mistakes. This is a stream of consciousness blog, feel good that I might run the spell check.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Jay, books, WPT and Hollywood

These days I play much less than I'd like, you know, taking care of the boy and all. I still need to improve my game. So where do I go to learn about poker anyway? What sort of entertainment needs other than playing can I fulfill in a poker related way?

For poker entertainment I read Jackpot Jay. Jay is a bad player with a bankroll and a reason to lose it. He is on a year long journey so that he can write a book. I say this is for entertainment because the articles mostly consist of Jay whining about his bad beats, whining about his bad play or, my favorite, describing the bad play of others.

For more entertainment and some lessons I watch WPT and most other telivised events thanks to the TIVO. The hollywood home game on the WPT is one I'd like to crack. Man, even JMC Automatic would take a couple of minutes to go broke in in that game. Of course I watch the Celebrity Poker on Bravo. Phil Gordon is my favorite pro, such a nice guy. All of the hollywood events show a lot of bad play.

The regular WPT events are good. You see a lot of styles of play. I'd like to see a few more play alonge at home hands like in CPS on bravo.

Books. I just startes "theory of poker" and have another in reserve. Since I just finished "The Las Juror" I had to find a new book to read. TOP is the first one I thought of (after watching WPT by the Book episode).

Long story short, I will be one poker knowing sob at the end of my 6 week hiatus. I hoooope to get in a couple of games too.


So we went through last week with the boy eating constantly Wednesday and Thursay. Friday was a different story. He slept for no less than 20 hours. Not all in a row, he still woke up long enough to eat and get clean pants. We think this is the growth spurt pattern. Eat for two days, sleep for one and all of the sudden you're 2 inches longer a weigh a pound more.

We go to the peditrician next week. I wonder how much he will weigh. 11-8 last time. My bet is 14-0.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

If you're going to vegas

Las Vegas Poker Tournaments

See These

The Boy Yesterday

So my son has been with us for 8 weeks and 4 days at this point. Up to now he has had a total of 3 things to eat. Breast milk, TriViSol which are his vitamins and Simethicone an anti-gas remedy.

We can predict large growth spurts by his volume of food intake. Yesterday was one of those days. It started with him not sleeping through the night. He was up 2 times to eat and then continued to eat every 2-2.25 hours all day long.

Thankfully he has slept since 5:30 and it is now 8:30. I think today he'll slow down a bit.

Oh and the volume of....diapers yesterday, matches the volume of food.

His Grandma and Grandpa Sarver came over last night. They attended a wedding in Cape Giradeu yesterday. I'll keep the participants under wraps for now. They will be back this afternoon after Jerry's doctor appointment.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ice Dracula

Ice Dracula
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Happy Birthday Schmekie

Day Care

Did you know that day care in St. Louis is $150-$250 per week or more. Nannies are like $2000 a month. I just found out today that there is a chance my parents will move to St. Louis because my dad may get a promotion.


How much do you pay your mother to watch your kid? Can you pay your mom to watch your kid and go play poker? Do casinos let you bring your infant to the table?

A Winner's Story(ies)

A friends article on poker made me think that in the poker world we talk way too much about bad beats. I want to talk about wins. First I want to comment on the Poker Brat Phil Hell-mouth and hockey.

I just watched the 1996 US Poker championship on ESPN (actually I TIVO'd it.) Phil is a brat and a mamma's boy (he goes and seeks comfort by hugging his mother to defend against a suck-out) I wouldn't be surprised if after this display it was revealed that in 1996 PH was still breastfeeding. To put this in perspective, this would be like Donovan McNabb falling back in the pocket and his mom stepping up with a wagging finger saying "don't touch my boy!"

Hockey. If you are HOCKEY starved like I am then tune into the ESPN families. They have been running versions of the 1980 Miracle on Ice. I have tivo'd 2 versions. One which is an edited version of the game and the other that is longer with current interviews with Mike Eruzione and Jim Craig. I am a novice hockey fan and I know who these guys are. But.....Mike was the 1980 team captain and scored the game winning goal with about 10 minutes left in the third period. Jim was the goalie who played the game of his life. Also don't forget, this was not a semi-final or a final but the next to last game in a 4 team round-robin medal tourney. After beating the USSR (not the Russians) the USA still had to win another game to clinch the gold. Also just a few weeks previous the USA lost to the USSR something like 10-3. This is also the USSR team that beat as many a 3 NHL teams.

Poker win story. I take down 3 big pots in a row from the same guy. Were playing $2-$5 no-limit. The guy is frustrated and leaves. Who can blame him, he had hands all but the last time, I just had him beat. In the last hand I had AA and he didn't show. The betting was gentlemanly until the river when he took a run at it. I had made a large enough pre-flop raise and post flop bet that he should have gotten out.

He took a stab on the river and made me contemplate that he had a set. The was all rags on the board. Everything under a 10, no flush and if he had the straight he was playing crap to start. So I called. He mucked without a showdown. I didn't have to show, but I did. No remember I just beat him heads up 3 hands in a row. He had just seen AA, AK and QQ. He got up tipped the dealer $5 and left.

2 hands later I am still stacking chips when I am dealt 89 clubs. I am in the big blind and it is folded around to the button who raised $15 to make it $20 total. I take a flyer and call, after all I am up $200 on a $300 buy in at this point.

Flop comes 88J. I bet 20 he calls. Turn is a ......9 BOAT ME Baby. I check, he bets 25 I call. River is a 4 I think. The pot has $132 in it now . I put him on trips (J) which means he flopped a boat or a pocket pair. I bet $100 which is about half his stack. I think that he might re raise me, but I also am trying to at least get a call. He calls and I turn over and show the boat. He flips KK.

His mistake was only raising $15 (a standard raise) with KK. I had just cleaned up and was looking to gamble. 89 suited is a great gambling hand. Remember, statistically suited connectors give you the best chance to beat a premium pocket pair.


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car seat smile

car seat smile
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Day 2 is about half over

Not much going on today. I actually was able to work for about 4 hours total.
The little man has a pretty set routine. Eats at 10, 12:30 and 3. Ready to eat again around 5:30, but most nights mom will be home.

I actually went to bed at 9:30 last night and slept until 7.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Poker post

So I played in a home game on Saturday. I took down the first tourney and busted out in the second. I went into the game with my new, aggressive style. It worked well. I can't wait to take it to the casino.

My friend the self proclaimed "tool of the man" kept saying that I was winning without showing down a hand. He was right. Aggressive play usually means no showdowns. Of course its easy to play aggressively when you have cards. The second hand of the night was awesome, and I almost got cleaned out. I had A5 off and was in the small blind but bowed out of a pot that been limped all around.

The flop comes A 10 10. The turn was a 10. I don't remeber the river. 3 all ins. 2 with 10's full of A's and onw with.....the 10. The guy with the 10 rode that triple-up all the way to the final heads up with your's truely.

In the second go around I was crippled when I bluffed a flop that was all diamonds. After about 20 minutes (we need a clock) DM reraised all in on me with his pocket Q's. I had A3 clubs. I folded.

Position, Pot odds and right sized betting. I see how important all of this can be now. If you bet $50 into a $500 pot, expect to get called or raised.

My other friend, the poker hoster

This Perfect World

B has the skills to be a player.

My friend the poker intimidator

JMC Automatic: I almost look like I know what I'm doing.

Things to do

Besides taking care of Owen I have several things around to house to accomplish over the next 6 weeks.
  1. Grow a beard (goes with my bald head)
  2. Paint the bathroom
  3. Paint the laundry room
  4. Hang shelves in laundry room
  5. Play poker (Thanks for the money on Saturday fella's)
  6. Work (I hope to bill about 20 hours a week while at home)
  7. More that I can't think of right now


Did you know that binkys (pacifiers) come in different sizes? I didn't. My son realized it. We went out to make some copies and buy light bulbs. I grabbed a binky and off we went. The binky kept getting rejected. I returned home and compared it to all the others. It was bigger.

The Nipple Malfunction

So Owen wakes up this morning, I do what every good dad would, I decide that he's hungry and would like a little mom's mild in abstentia. A bottle.

Fast forward 15 minutes he's crying and I'm doubting my parental esp. There is almost nothing gone from the bottle. Usually by this time it would be about half gone.

Nipple Malfuntion.

I try to squeeze the milk out and I can't. Usually if I hold it upside down the milk will slowly drip out.

Quick change and we're both happy.

Day 1

Today marks the first day of 6 weeks home taking care of my son. He was born in December and it is now time for his mom to return to work.

Enter DAD.

I decided to start a blog to keep a record of our time together. So here it is.

Friday, February 18, 2005



How did you get the name Chilly?
My real name is an illiteration. The first four letters of my first and last name are "will." My college friends started calling me Willy Willy and with in seconds it was Chilly Willy. Of course my friends are lazy so seconds after that it was just Chilly.

From whence do you come?
I grew up in Des Moines, IA and now reside in St. Louis, MO. In between I have spent signifigant time in Columbia, MO and Springfield, IL.

How long have you been playing poker?
The first real poker game I remember was in a hotel room in Chicago with my Uncle Stan. He drove me to Chicago over Labor Day to watch the Cubs play (the Padres I think). We went to the Brookfield Zoo too. We were back in the hotel an I was bored so we played five card draw for match sticks. That was about 1983. I already knew how to play five card draw so I guess I have been playing for about 25 years.

If you have been playing for 25 years why aren't you a better player?
Playing and being a player are two different things. I have only been a player for 18 months.

Whats the deal with all the talk about your kid? Isn't this a poker blog? kid is the most important thing in my life. Poker is something I do for fun and to throw a scare into the Mrs. This blog is mostly about my life, I just choose to share poker stuff because thats what I care to write about. So suck it. If you don't want to read about Lil' Chilly find another post or another blog.

Whats your wife like?
She's cool enough to let me go to Vegas and leave her at home with a 5 month old for 4 nights. Lets just say she's a tad bit smart as well as beautiful. She plays poker, but only for quarters with her grandma. When she was 6 she hit a Royal flush while in the bathroom. Its a true story, but you'll have to ask her for the details.

Your speelling sucks and so does your grammer.
Thats not really a question is it. However I will respond. I can spell, and I have a very goodly grasp of the english language. My typing sucks, I am lazy and I forget to use spell check. You are getting this wonderful blog for free so suck it.

What's the deal with "suck it"?
I like to tell people who disagree with me or otherwise piss me off me to "Suck it". Its an update to "sit on it".

Why did you start a blog?
My friend TooloftheMan said "Hey I'm going to Vegas in June, if you start a blog you can go and play poker with like some wicked cool dudes and dudettes."

What music do you like?
I like most music, except country. Right now I am stuck on Weezer. My all time favorites are Van Halen, Van Morrison and Blues Traveler.

What concerts have you been to?
Well, the list isn't that long and somewhat pathetic, but here you go:
  1. Peter Paul and Mary (twice)
  2. John Denver
  3. Barry Manilow
  4. The Cars
  5. Cheap Trick
  6. REO Speedwagon (What kid in the midwest hasn't?)
  7. Eric Clapton
  8. Van Halen
  9. Violent Femmes
  10. Smashing Pumkins
  11. Blues Traveler
  12. Paul McCartney
  13. Damn Yankees
  14. Bad Company
  15. Cowboy Mouth
  16. Big Head Todd and the Monsters
  17. Secret Cajun Band
  18. Mothership

and many others I can't remember.

What do you do for money, since you're obviously not a poker pro?
I am an independant consultant to a muti-national scientific and medical publishing company. I am the de-facto product manager for a new offering that will launch in 2006.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Boy