Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blame and Poker

So Mike Brown was a scapegoat. See this story. You want to know why the Dems can't get it together in the blame game? They don't get their facts right. They ASSUME that someone is at fault and then run with it. If you put the blame on Chertoff instead of Brown then you take down a cabinet member. Bush can survive a department head resigning over a major f#ck up, but not his guru of HOMELAND SECURITY. The story has worn thin and our attention and taste for blood has been satisfied with the vilification of Brown. Chertoff is safe.

Well played liberals. You held the nuts and overbet the pot. Your opponent folded and lives to fight another day. BTW, don't forget to blame the mayor, the gov'na and the congressional delegates. And please don't forget all those people outside of Nawlins and Louisiana that had their lives destroyed.
End Rant.

I played on Party last night as the wife had a late night at work and the boy had an early date with his crib. I sat down and found a tourney I wanted to play in. Instead of registering I decided to play some ring games to win my entry fee. Okay, how about 16 big bets in 45 minutes? Yeah, that will cover my entry. Of course I have figured out at this point (3 MTTS later) that I really suck at MTT's. I don't steal enough, I don't reraise enough and I call off my chips (everytime) to lose. Last night I had a nut flush draw and two overcards to the board. I bet and got put all in by my opponent. I should have moved in. I had a lot of outs but the best out is giving your opponent the opportunity to fold. That's right, I slowplayed a draw and called of my chips with it. I told you I suck at these things.

Funny thing is I thing that I am a pretty good SNG player. I have also brought my limit ring game up a couple of notches lately. So what the difference? A lot. Good thing is that I know what I am doing wrong, bad thing is I keep doing it. I think that is the definition of neurosis.

So I busted out in the middle of the pack and found Dimebag and Bmac online. Dimebag was playing the .50/1 table. I convinced him to move to the 2-4. Sorry about that. He didn't catch any cards and lost a bunch of his stack. One hand to me, he flopped a set of T's and I flopped Top pair A's with nut flush draw. That pot got pumped with at least one other in there. I rivered the flush to win. I called it a night soon after, up 27 BB's. It doesn't hurt that I had AA 3x's and it only got cracked once.

Then I decided to donk around at the 25NL tables. Man do those guys suck. I was card dead and still managed to hold my own. Here's a tell dumbass. I know everytime you overbet the pot you have sqaut. Everyone else knows too, were just waiting for a hand. Unfortunately for me I was too late. He got cleaned out before I could get to him.

A couple of hands of note. I dropped the hammer! Oh yeah! I raised it preflop, hit a pair of twos and played it fast. Guy folded on the river when and A hit. Can you say tilt? While I'm on the subject...When someone plays 8-2o by cold calling 3 bets and then beats you QUIT CUSSING THEM OUT! I want to keep that person at my table! I want to take all their money. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Type N1 or nh or wow! and get them next time. If you berate them they will 1.) leave 2.) actually learn something. I don't want them to do either. Its called fish variance. Its long term good for your (my) bankroll.

This one shows how my game has improved. I identified a good player who was very tight. I am UTG with AK and raise. He re-raises me which in my mind puts him on AA-KK-QQ maybe AK or JJ. I smooth call. Flop comes down AJ5. I check call. Turn is another 5. I check call again. Why? Not because I am scared of AA or JJ, more because I am trying to look scared. Represent the J or a draw. I think that if I lead out and then call his raise it will kill the action. River is a 6. I check raise and he re-raises. Now I am a little worried so I just call. (Mistake? ) He shows KK. No way I would have made that much two weeks ago. I would have played the A fast and moved this guy off his hand. He was tight and good enough to let it go. Instead I got 5 BB's out of him.

Did I play this correctly? I know it felt good. I completely disguised my hand and took a nice pot off a solid player, the type I usually try to avoid in this game.


Chad said...

I think you almost could've bet out on the turn or even check raised him, and he probably would've raised you, as you showed weakness on the flop by checking. But other than that, I'm not sure how much more you could've gotten out(without capping it preflop) of him with the ace on the flop.

I need to play more limit though, because I would've check raised the flop to find out where I am. But that doesn't necessarily mean I'm right.

Brian said...

I think you played it right. If you raised him on the flop, he would have probably put you on the ace and bailed out of the hand.

The check raise on the river probably threw him off a little - and he had you pegged for a steal, since most players will hit the pot hard if they flop an ace pair, but I don't think you would have coaxed another bet out of him if you reraised.

In any case, nice hand.