Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"The Chilly" and My Best Lay (down) EVER!

34s is what I call the "Chilly Hammer" or even better call it "The Chilly", whatever. I play it like you "passé" bloggers play the 72o.

I won another big pot with it tonight. I limped and called a min raise pre-flop, hit 2 pair and made a nice score cracking AK's flopped TPTK. The last big hit was described here. LSS: If you are playing me and the wheel is missing a 34, you might as well fold, don't even waste your tme with the check. I am holding it.

I laid down the Hiltons preflop tonight. It cost me a little( $5), but I made the right call. I was up against AA AND KK. AA held on a J high board.

I raise UTG+1, AA in MP called. BB reraised the pot. I re-reraised the pot and AA re-re-reraised 3.5x the pot. BB re-re-re-reraised all in. I guess it was pretty easy to figure that someone had me beat. Thing is, I contemplated moving in on a good flop, (which it was) but I never made it that far.
Other than "The Chilly" scoring big it was a bad night. I busted in a 20+2 sng in 9th and only ended up with a 4.50 profit in the ring game, the QQ hand bleeding a lot of my money as I was up 13 at one point.

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