Friday, August 19, 2005

The Boy Has Moves

This is from brunch last Sunday. The boy puts a move on a single lady friend of Mrs. Chilly. Look out all of you parents of little girls. In a matter of years this little guy is going to be coming around.

Thats Mrs. Chilly holding the boy. You can see my arm in there too.

Have fun a BradOween everybody. I'll be thinking of you as I drive the 12 hours to get to vacation. Drunkards.

I think we'll have a "Missouri Love Company" bash sometime. Maybe this fall. I'll fry some turkeys, by some beer and open the doors to the general public close friends. I usually throw a turkey fry bash as soon as the average temp falls below 65 degrees. We'll probably throw some cards around as well.
Mandatory Poker Content

Local radio host and STL Blogger and Poker player Paul Harris interviewed Chris "Jesus" Ferguson yesterday. Here is a link to the entry which includes a podcast of the interview. Paul's show is afternoon drive, but the Jesus interview was first up so I missed it. I had plans to call and ask blogger related questions or yell out Bonus Code: IGGY, but I am lazy and forgetful so it didn't happen.

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